Investigating Balcombe And Cuadrilla prepares for a new look

On Monday September 1st – to mark a year of Investigating Balcombe And Cuadrilla – we’re giving the site a new look and a new name.

The site will still publish independent, evidence-based reporting of Cuadrilla and its interests in Balcombe.

But a year on from the Balcombe protests, we think it is time to take a wider look at the onshore oil and gas business in the UK and the campaign against it. And we’ve chosen a new name – Drill Or Drop? – to reflect this.

New name
DrillOrDrop.com is named after the “drill or drop” clause in petroleum exploration and development licences, which requires an operator to drill a well within a certain length of time or give up the licence area.

We’ll be asking whether the UK should drill – “go all out for shale” (and other sources of hydrocarbons) as David Cameron believes. Or should we drop the idea because it carries too great a risk to climate change, environmental damage and an industrialised countryside, as many campaigners believe.

What we’ll be covering
DrillOrDrop.com will chronicle the events of the onshore oil and gas industry across the UK. We’ll follow the regulators, political decision-makers, legal developments and the opposition campaign. We’ll be looking behind the headlines to investigate what is driving the industry and the campaign against it.

DrillOrDrop.com will take a particular interest in any plans to develop oil fields in southern England and the reactions of communities to these plans.

But we’ll  also be making links with investigators in north-west England to bring good quality journalism from that region too.

New design
To make DrillOrDrop.com more useful, we’ve given the site a new design with menu tabs that take you easily to posts on different aspects of the subject, such as politics, the opposition campaign, the industry, regulation and law.

Old favourites
All the old favourites will stay on the new site, including Fracking Week in Westminster and the Timeline (now on the menu tab Daily headlines).

Finding the site
You can still use the address www.InvestigatingBalcombeAndCuadrilla.com to reach the new site. Or you can try www.DrillOrDrop.com  We’ll continue to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Groups to let you know when there’s a new post.

If you follow the site, you should still get email alerts of a new post. Look out for an email alert on Monday (September 1st). If you don’t get one, please get in touch by emailing me

Thank you for your interest and support over the past year.

We hope you like the new site and please let us know what you think.

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