Reaction to delay of Fylde fracking decision

This afternoon Lancashire County Council’s development control committee decided to delay a decision on Cuadrilla’s planning applications to drill and frack up to eight wells near Blackpool. The company had requested a deferral after planning officers recommended refusal of the applications for sites at Preston New Road and Rosacre Wood. Report of the decision

Campaigners vow to fight on

Friends of the Earth’s North West campaigner Helen Rimmer
We are disappointed that Councillors have granted a deferral when Cuadrilla have had several months to present their case, which Lancashire’s planning officers have found to be unacceptable. 

While a further delay is another setback for Cuadrilla – its manipulation of the planning system has created more uncertainty for communities whose health and environment are at risk from controversial fracking.

Lancashire council must resist Cuadrilla’s ploys to push fracking through and listen to the tens of thousands of voices of opposition and reject these plans. Failure to do so will leave Lancashire as the UK’s guinea pig for this unnecessary and polluting technology.”

Greenpeace energy campaigner, Simon Clydesdale
Allowing more time for Cuadrilla to tinker with their application is not going to change the fundamental fact that fracking is a massive gamble with low returns for the people of Lancashire.

Industry boost

Financial Times headline

Financial Times headline

Cuadrilla Resources
“The additional information we have provided on further mitigation measures will, we believe, fully address the noise and traffic concerns … There will now be an opportunity for the public to properly review and comment on this. We remain committed to the exploration of shale gas in Lancashire.”

North West Energy Task Force told the Lancashire Evening Post
We also recognise the frustration of those who wish to see decisions taken, including those who wanted to support the proposals. It is important that the new information on noise and traffic is now fully assessed by the Council and the public can have their say on the remaining issues around truck traffic and noise. The NWETF firmly believes the natural gas from shale industry can play a crucial role in the revival of the North West economy.”

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