Arrested anti-fracking campaigner explains why he believes ministers are guilty of misconduct

The anti-fracking campaigner and journalist, Paul Mobbs, was arrested yesterday under the highways section of the Terrorism Act for blocking the entrance to Downing Street.

He was trying to make a citizen’s arrest of members of the government because he believed they were guilty of misconduct in public office in the way they have dealt with fracking.

He was taken to Charing Cross police station and released last night.

In a video Mr Mobbs explained how he believed the Prime Minister, Chancellor George Osborne and the Energy Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey, were in Downing Street yesterday morning finalising the results of the 14th round of onshore oil and gas licences.

Paul Mobbs

He said: “I think there is an imminent danger of an act of misconduct in a public office being committed. … I have asked to address this imminent threat.”

He told police officers on the Downing Street gate: “Misconduct in a public office is an arrestible offence and I would like you to go and investigate.”

Mr Mobbs had compiled a report which, he said, explained why the three men were guilty of misconduct.

“I have spent 5-6 years researching this and I have written lots of reports and it has achieved absolutely nothing because they’re not interested. Which is why it is misconduct.”

“Politicians are required by their oath of office to abide by the law and follow procedure and that’s what they’re not doing. And the trouble is we have no way in this country of holding the executive to account. So all we have left is to actually turn up and arrest them.”

“If police do not respond it gives me a right to make a citizen’s arrest.”

At about 3pm, Mr Mobbs was asked to leave the Downing Street area. When he refused and said he would try to climb over the gate he was arrested for breaching a traffic management order under the Terrorism Act.

“There comes a point when you have to say ‘How much are we going to take?’ If not now, when? If not you, who?”

Mr Mobbs has released an update of what he calls his ‘frackogram’ linking the key players in fracking

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  1. Well, if you walk around in shorts in the middle of March you must be well ahead of Climate Change.

    Interesting character. He was handled very correctly by the police.

    I could imagine many will regard this chap as a total and utter nutcase. Still, he seems sincere, which has to be respected. Way better than the empty big mouths that generally protest against shale developments.

  2. A guy who has obviously done his homework. Very imaginative form of non-violent protest. I wonder if the police took his report and what they will do with it? Me thinks nothing much.

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