Decision date for Rathlin’s West Newton B wellsite

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is to decide on Rathlin Energy’s planning application for another well at West Newton in Holderness on Thursday 4th June.

The council’s planning committee will vote on the proposal for a site at Crook Lane, Burton Constable, at a meeting in Beverley starting at 10am.

Yesterday, a letter from the council informed people who had commented on the application that no more than 40 members of the public would be able to attend the meeting. Anyone wishing to attend must apply by telephone only and seats would be allocated on a first come-first served basis.

The letter also said the council was conducting trials to see if the meeting could be webcast live to the council chamber, which would allow a further 80 people to attend.

“Those who are unsuccessful in applying for a seat in Committee Rooms 2 and 3 will be provisionally allocated a seat in the Council Chamber”, the letter daid.

“In the event of the streaming trials being successful it will be confirmed with those who have been provisionally allocated a place that they can attend and take up the allocation in the Council Chamber.”

The letter also said the council “intended to implement security protocols for this meeting, which will include searches of the public prior to admission to the County Hall complex.

The phone number to book seats at the meeting is 01482 393207.

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