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May 2021 headlines

Keep up with May 2021’s news with our digest of daily updated headlines about the business, regulation and campaigns around UK fracking, shale, and onshore oil and gas.

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Rathlin Energy’s West Newton-B well site, East Yorkshire, 30 April 2021. Still from drone film, used with the owner’s consent.

Thursday 6 May 2021

Fossil fuel sector has greatest scope for methane cuts to tackle climate crisis – UN. DrillOrDrop report on assessment by the UN Environment Programme and Climate and Clean Air Coalition which concludes plugging leaks in oil and gas infrastructure would significantly cut methane emissions at little or no cost. It also says expansion of the use of natural gas was not compatible with climate targets without “massive-scale deployment of unproven carbon removal technologies”. Guardian, UN, BBC News

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Ineos fined £400,000 over Grangemouth gas leak. Petrochemical firm Ineos is fined £400,000 after a leak from a cracked pipe created a 17 tonne-cloud of flammable gas at its Grangemouth plant. BBC News, The Scotsman, The Courier

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Latest UK onshore oil production data – January 2021. DrillOrDrop report

Banks must stop funding new fossil fuel projects and phase out current production as fast as possible. In an opinion piece, The Independent says the failure to include a moratorium on all new fossil fuel investments in the UN’s new climate initiative is disastrous.

Poll: Two-thirds of UK savers keen to make climate-friendly pension switch. Business Green reports on a YouGov survey of UK pension savers, which found 61% wanted their retirement savings to help fight climate change. More than half said they would switch their pension if they knew it was funding oil and gas companies, arm production, deforestation or child labour.

Sunday 2 May 2021

Nine arrests in London as climate activists glue themselves to bridges. The Guardian reports nine people were arrested on Saturday, including activists who glued themselves to bridges in London in protest at a lack of government action two years after parliament declared a climate emergency.

The government’s embrace of ‘clean hydrogen’ helps no one but the fossil fuel industry. In an opinion piece in The Guardian, Richard Denniss, chief economist at the think tank The Australia Institute, says nothing captures prime minister Scott Morrison’s approach to climate change better than his embrace of “clean hydrogen” – “a BS marketing term that delivers nothing but obfuscation and helps no one but the fossil fuel industry”. 

UK university pension fund proposes net zero investment strategy. The FT reports the UK universities’ pension scheme has pledged to pursue an investment strategy consistent with net zero carbon emissions by 2050, but its plan has sparked criticism from academics seeking a rapid exit from fossil fuels.

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