Balcombe one year on – ballots

October 2012
Balcombe Parish Council delivered ballot papers were delivered to nearly every house in the village and could be returned to the village shop. The results were:

  • 234 (82%) said the Parish Council should oppose fracking
  • 30 that it should not
  • 16 had no strong views
  • 4 were invalid

270 respondents (95%) indicated that they had read a report by the working group. 125 out of 284 people completed this section about main concerns. The results were:

  • 46 traffic
  • 36 pollution of water supplies
  • 28 impact on the environment
  • 27 said there were risks but no benefits.

August 2013
No Fracking In Balcombe Society carried out a door-step poll of all houses in the village. Results:

  • 85% against
  • 6% against
  • 9% not sure

February 2014
Electoral Reform Services carried out a poll of all registered voters in Balcombe. There were three questions. The turn-out was 59.8% (901 votes cast out of 1507 eligible voters). The results were:

Question 1: How should Balcombe Parish Council respond to Cuadrilla’s application to flow test its well?

Support 309

Oppose 536

Make no comment 16

Unsure 36

Question 2: How should Balcombe Parish council respond to a future application that does or may involve fracking?

Always support 133

Always oppose 548

Treat on its merits 201

Unsure 16

Question 3: How should Balcombe Parish council respond to a future application that does not involve fracking?

Always support 198

Always oppose 463

Treat on its merits 221

Unsure 15

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