Balcombe resident with young children

[Name withheld] is a Balcombe resident. She has young children and is a member of the Frack Free Balcombe Residents Association. She followed the investigation by the House of Lords economic affairs committee into shale gas and fracking.

The past year

There have been amazing connections which is adding a different dimension to what my already interesting life was like. So it’s been plenty of it. Before I got involved with fracking, the life was already full looking after the family.

A different view of the community

[Fracking] put everyone under a light. You don’t normally look at your own community in detail but you can suddenly see everything. You can see people for what they worth.

You can see what they are made of, when you find out what they think about a particularly issue. You know them better than you did before. So that is going to be for better or for worse because we are in this village.

The democratic system

There was an assumption before that there was a mechanism in place to look after us and I realise now that that’s unfounded in many ways. I had disillusionment about writing to MPs, the kind of results you might get from that. We had hope from the House of Lords.

I was really excited about watching the House of Lords discussion, hearing points raised. It felt like a wet fish when they finally came out with their conclusions.


They shouldn’t have been there. I was just furious that they were there. I don’t care how nice they were. But I even mind about just the fact that they were there. It was not appropriate for them to be there.

The future

I’m optimistic.

Just the fact that there is this opposition to what is going on is a reason to be very optimistic about people and what they are made of.

I feel like we’re in a crazy situation with our energy. Things can’t go on as they have been. It takes this kind of crisis to change something. So I am optimistic that there is some sort of answer. We are incredible as a species in our ability to devote our technology to solving the problems that we have. This is our problem. I have every faith that we have the capacity to solve it.

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