Chris Faulkner accuses ASA of bias over censure

In September, we reported a ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority that claims about shale gas in an advert signed by Chris Faulkner were misleading, exaggerated and unsubstantiated. (Our report)

Mr Faulkner said shale gas would mean decades’ worth of natural gas that would lower energy prices, generate millions of pounds in tax revenues, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect Britain from “catastrophic” shortages and interruptions in supply from Russia.

The ASA upheld six complaints by a resident of Balcombe that the claims were misleading and could not be substantiated. The ASA ordered that the claims should not be repeated in an advert.

In an interview with Drill or, Mr Faulkner gave this reaction to the ASA ruling:

Chris Faulkner Disappointed. I thought that all of those claims that we made were true. I stand behind them today. I think the ASA was biased. I think it’s run by an environmentalist. I think the organisation is not a true third party. I think it has its own agenda. That’s on the record.

Drill Or Drop? What was your objective in placing that advert?

CF Education. Education

DoD And it did it backfire?

CF No I don’t think it backfired at all. I think it opened peoples’ eyes to the fact that there’s no one conversation here. The conversation in the United Kingdom has been until now that shale gas is bad. That this whole country is going to run on renewable energy. That is not going to be the case.  …. The ASA – by refusing to look at the data and making their decision to reaffirm each one of those points – I think it makes it more obvious that they are a biased non-third party that has an agenda. It is actually sad that they can run the advertising or make the decisions for a country like the United Kingdom, based on their own personal agenda.

Chris Faulkner also said UK targets for reducing greenhouse gases were unachievable and gas would be a bridge fuel for 100 years. More here

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