Updated: Frack free councils

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Frack-free motions and statements about fracking by UK local authorities

List shows the authority’s name, action, date and the party in power at the time. Councils marked with a * have new information added in November 2015. Please let us know if there councils that are missing.

Bath and North East Somerset Statement of concern by council leader, 15/1/2014, Conservative/Lib Dem

Brighton and Hove City Frack free zone, 24/1/2013, Green

Canterbury City rejected a motion opposing the principle of fracking and unconventional gas and oil exploration in Canterbury District. 27 votes against, 7 in favour, 5 abstentions, 27/11/2014

Calderdale Voted for a motion noting possible significant adverse impacts of shale gas, supporting Frack-Free declaration for the area and calling for a UK Government moratorium, 3/12/2014, Labour

Ceredigion  Became the first Frack Free Council in Wales, 28/12/2015, no overall control

Cheshire East Statement of opposition by council leader, 15/1/202014, Conservative

Cheshire West and Chester Statement of opposition by council leader, 15/1/2014, Conservative

*Cinderford Town Council Members approved a statement which said the council would be totally against hydraulic fracturing for unconventional hydrocarbons. Cinderford Town Council fully believes that the Forest of Dean does not lend itself in any way to this type of unconventional hydrocarbon exploration. 12/11/15

City of Bristol Statement of opposition by Mayor 13/1/2014, Frack-free zone petition referred to Mayor, 18/3/2014, Labour

City of York Frack free zone, 9/10/2014, Labour.

Deal Town Opposition to fracking, 26/11/2013.

Dover District Opposition to fracking, 7/11/2013, Conservative.

*Eastbourne Borough Council voted (15 in favour and 9 abstentions) to support a motion opposing fracking in the area “until satisfactory answers are scientifically proven not to have an adverse effect on the general wellbeing of not only the natural habitat directly affected by fracking but the surrounding plant life and wildlife in neighbouring sites.” 18/11/15, Lib Dem

East Sussex County Acknowledged concerns and required councillor briefing before fracking applications heard, 27/3/2012, Refused request for a frack free zone, 13/10/2014, Conservative.

*Forest of Dean District Council voted to register its concerns with the Department of Energy and Climate Change about the local use of unconventional gas exploration and extraction and inform DECC that it would not support fracking. 22/10/2015.

Glastonbury Town Voted in favour of a motion resolving not to support fracking in the Mendips or throughout Great Britain, 12/2/2013.

*Gloucestershire County Council sent a motion to its Environment and Community’s Scutiny Committee. The motion resolved to ask the Energy Secretary to “remove the licensing areas within Gloucestershire with immediate effect”. 23/10/2015.

Hampshire County Statement by council leader that the environment must come first, 13/1/2014, Conservative

*Hull City Council cabinet backed a policy opposing unconventional oil and gas using extraction techniques. Under the policy the council “will not encourage applications” that use fracking or mini-fracking technology. The council will also “take such action as necessary to protect the community’s interests where impacts of proposed unconventional oil and gas development pose a threat to Hull’s water resources, adversely affect traffic movements or require the movement of hazardous waste through the city.” 23/11/15, Labour

Inverclyde Motion supporting devolution of energy powers to Scottish Government and expressing concerns about drilling beneath homes without the owners’ consent deferred to meeting in 2015, 4/12/2014, Labour.

Kirklees Borough Noted concerns, agreed to develop policy on fracking, call for increased funding for renewables, 15/1/2014, Labour.

*Leeds City Council Members called on the government to withdraw fracking licences in the Leeds area until environmental and health concerns had been addressed. They also voted to demand the government reversed changes that could take away powers from local decision-makers. 11/11/15, Labour

Liverpool City Mayoral commitment to discuss concerns in council committee, 17/9/2014, Labour.

London Assembly Motion opposing any fracking activities within the boundaries of Greater London, agreed by 15 votes to 8, 5/11/2014, Labour.

London Borough of Brent Statement of opposition by council leader, 1/11/2013, Labour.

London Borough of Waltham Forest Statement of opposition by deputy leader, 15/1/2014, Labour.

Manchester City Frack free zone, 11/7/2012, Labour.

Mendip District Registered concerns, lobby government, establish working party, 30/9/2013, Conservative.

Newcastle City Opposition to fracking, 3/9/2014, Labour.

North Lanarkshire Called on the Scottish Government to implement an immediate moratorium on fracking, Labour.

Pendle Borough Approved unopposed a Lib Dem motion calling for the Scrutiny Management Team to report on the practicability, likelihood and desirability of shale gas exploration, 18/12/2014, NOC.

Preston City Frack free city, 13/12/2012, Labour.

*Ryedale District Voted in favour of a five-year moratorium on fracking in the area. Conservative. 8/10/2015.

Sheffield City Opposition to fracking and government policy, 5/9/2013, Labour.

*Torfaen County Borough Council supported a frack free declaration and called on the UK government to declare a moratorium. 20/10/2015.

Trafford Cross party support for motion to oppose fracking “until such time as it can be proven safe”, 12/11/2014, Conservative.

Westhoughton Town, Motion opposing fracking and changes to the trespass laws allowing drilling under homes without the owners’ consent, 11/8/2014

West Dean Parish Council in the Forest of Dean opposes exploration for and the llocal extraction of hydrocarbons and underground storage of hazardous substances. 16/9/2015.

Wirral Opposition to fracking, 18/7/2011, Labour.

Welsh Assembly Officers confirmed they have taken legal advice on declaring a moratorium in Wales, December 2014, Labour.

Scottish Parliament Scottish Green Party motion calling for a ban on fracking not successful 29/10/14.

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    • Hi Claire
      Thanks for getting in touch. Yes I will be updating this list. And apologies that it’s now a bit out of date. This would be a job for the quiet time over Christmas! Thanks for the prompt about Trafford Council.
      Best wishes, Ruth

  1. I wonder when the government and industry will finally understand the public don’t want fracking and it isn’t just about protestors! Local authorities know when an industry will be good or bad for their area. This list includes Conservative councils, the government has a complete disconnect with local authorities and the public.

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