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  1. Appreciation and Love to Ian Crane and his deep love of Mother Earth and thanks, Warrior Ian,
    for your protection and caring.
    May Divine Light and Unconditional Love hold you and carry you from this life to the next.

    Love and comfort and peace to you and all.

  2. Lets look back in time when the landscape was covered by huge mounds of coal and the slurry run off sometimes changed the colour of local streams.
    So lets now examine the effects of drilling for oil by these companies who are investing and taking on the risk of finding nothing.
    The size of these sites are small and are regulated to conform with looking after the environment.
    So I do believe if oil is found the impact does warrant tanker transport this is no different than fuel companies delivering fuel to garages.
    I don’t no of any community that as objected to a petrol station opening especially in there area.
    I think people who sit on committees look at this issue not in my back yard.

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