Cheshire East

15 January 2014. Council leader, Michael Jones, told the Crewe Chronicle that the shale gas industry was not right for Cheshire East.

Cheshire West and Chester

3 September 2009. Approved application 09/10639/CPO for appraisal borehole for mineral exploration.

15 January 2010. Approved application 09/02169/MIN for two coal bed methane appraisal and production boreholes at Portside North, Ellesmere Port.

18 January 2010. Approved application 09/11902/MIN for appraisal borehole at Cow Lane, Hargave, Chester

26 April 2010. Approved application 09/02568/MIN for coal bed methane appraisal and production boreholes at Plot 11 Ince Resource Recovery Park, Frodsham.

8 July 2013. Approved application 13/02180/EXT for an extension of time to implement permission 10/10146/MIN for drilling an appraisal borehole at Marsh House Lane, Kings Marsh, Chester

23 January 2017. Voted for a supplementary planning document which brings together policy, regulation and procedure for dealing with onshore oil and gas applications. Comment by CWAC councillor Matt Bryan

15 March 2017. Council cabinet adopts supplementary planning document on onshore oil and gas developments. Details


25 March 2010. Approved application 2009/15700 for two exploratory boreholes at land south east of junction 21 of the M6 adjacent to Thelwall Viaduct.

18 November 2010. Approved application 2010/16949 to drill two additional coal bed methane boreholes at land to rear of Four Top’d Oak, Farnworth Road, Warrington.

3 December 2014. Approved application 2014/24921 to discharge conditions of planning application 2009/15700 for two exploratory boreholes on land south east of junction 21 of the M6, adjacent to Thelwall Viaduct


Derbyshire County

28 February 2017. Ruled that an environmental impact assessment was not need for INEOS application for proposed shale gas well off Bramleymoor Lane, Marsh Lane, Eckington in PEDL300. Details and 2017-02-28-eia-screening-03-scrm-4-116-_tcm44-289467

6 January 2017. Received environmental impact assessment screening request from INEOS for a proposed shale gas well off Bramleymoor Lane, Marsh Lane, Eckington in PEDL300. Details and 2Derbyshire County Council response to EIA screening request (pdf)

Eckington Parish

24 January 2017. Voted unanimously to oppose shale gas exploration by INEOS at a proposed site at Marsh Lane. Details


Dorset County

4 December 2013. Approved application by Infrastrata PLC  PL\1546\13 for a wellsite and exploratory borehole at California Quarry, Swanage


Cinderford Town

January 2017. Declared a frack free zone

Drybrook parish

January 2017. Voted to object to minerals policy MW06 in the Gloucestershire draft minerals local plan

Forest of Dean District

23 February 2017. Unanimously approved position statement on hydraulic fracturing that would oppose fracking due to potential risks. Details (see p165-182)

8 December 2016. Supported a motion to become  fracking a frack free zone. Details and here

Gloucestershire County

20 November 2013. Rejected Green Party motion to allow drilling only if it could be proved it would not lead to higher levels of greenhouse gases. Details

Approved a motion by 22 votes to nil opposing fracking in the county, condeming payments to people in fracking areas and calling for a review of government policy on the issue. All 26 Conservative councillors abstained. Details

Mitcheldean Parish

January 2017. Voted to object to minerals policy MW06 in the Gloucestershire draft minerals local plan

Greater Manchester

Westhoughton Town, Bolton

11 August 2014. Motion approved to oppose fracking and changes to the trespass laws allowing drilling under homes without consent. Details

Manchester City

11 July 2012. Voted to declare a Frack Free Zone. Details

Salford City

17 June 2010. Approved application 10/58590/FUL by Nexen Exploration UK Ltd for two exploratory boreholes for coal bed methane appraisal and production, new access road, production and power generating facilities at land to the east of M62 N, off Barton Moss Road, Barton Moss, Irlam.


12 November 2014. Cross-party support for motion to oppose fracking “until such time as it can be proven safe” Details

8 October 2015. Approves IGas application 81446/RENEWAL/2013 for exploration, production testing and extraction of coal bed methane, transmission of gas and generation of electricity.

21 January 2016. 57 members of the 60-strong council supported a motion reaffirming opposition to fracking. Detailsfor two vertical exploration wells, lateral boreholes and testing at land next to the Davyhulme water treatment works.


Hampshire County

13 January 2014. Council leader, Roy Perry, said local authorities should not be bought off to support fracking and the environment must come first. Details 

Portsmouth City

Unanimously opposed plans by UK Oil & Gas Investments PLC to produce oil at Markwells Wood in the South Downs National Park. Details


Herefordshire County

16 December 2016. Overwhelmingly supported a motion against fracking and hydrocarbon extraction in the Wye Valley (one member present abstained, the rest voted in favour). Details


Canterbury City

27 November 2014. Rejected a motion by 27 votes to 7 and 5 abstentions opposing the principle of fracking and unconventional gas and oil exploration. Details

Deal Town

26 November 2013. Opposition to fracking

Dover District

7 November 2013. Voted to oppose fracking in the district. Details


Lancashire County

1 May 2015. Approved application LCC/2014/0047 by Cuadrilla for Becconsall wellsite (also known as Banks), off Bonny Barn Road, Banks, to retain compound and access track for a further three years to allow pressure monitoring, followed by plugging and abandonment.

21 May 2015. Refused application LCC/2014/0084 by Cuadrilla for Grange Road (Singleton) wellsite for a three-year extension to undertake seismic and pressure monitoring. Later overturned on appeal (Details)

25 June 2015. Refused application LCC/2014/0101 by Cuadrilla for wellsite at Roseacre Wood, Roseacre Road, Roseacre, for drilling, fracking and testing up to four wells. Details

25 June 2015. Approved application  LCC/2014/0102 by Cuadrilla for monitoring scheme at and around Roseacre Wood, Roseacre Road, Roseacre. Details

29 June 2015. Refused application LCC/2014/0096  by Cuadrilla for wellsite at Preston New Road, Little Plumpton, for drilling, fracking and testing up to four wells Details. Later overturned on appeal but that decision is subject to a statutory challenge.

29 June 2015. Refused application  LCC/2014/0097 by Cuadrilla for monitoring scheme at and around Preston New Road, Little Plumpton. Details. Later overturned on appeal.

9 February-16 March 2016. Defended decisions on Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood applications against appeals by Cuadrilla at a public inquiry in Blackpool. Details

1 March 2017. Approved application LCC/2014/0047NM1 and approved an amended version of application  LCC/2017/0016 for changes to conditions of  planning permission LCC/2014/0047  for plugging, abandonment and restoration at Cuadrilla’s Becconsall shale gas site. Details

Pendle Borough

18 December 2014. Motion approved unopposed calling for  the Scrutiny Management Team to report on the practicability, likelihood and desirability of shale gas exploration. Details (see minutes)

Preston City

13 December 2012. Voted in favour of declaring a frack free city.

20 August 2015. Voted against declaring a frack free city but in favour of doing all in its powers to oppose attempts to extract shale gas in its boundaries. Details


Lincolnshire County

19 September 2013. Approved application PL/0128/12 by Blackland Park Exploration Ltd, for wellsite and three exploratory boreholes at land north of Scotter Road, Laughton.

9 December 2014. Approved application PL/0203/14 by Egdon Resources UK Ltd for well site and exploratory borehole at land off Smithfield Road, North Kelsey, Market Rasen

16 March 2015. Approved application PL/0236/14 by Egdon Resources Ltd for wellsite and exploratory borehole at Biscathorpe 2 site, off High Street, Biscathorpe

North Lincolnshire

18 June 2013. Approved planning application MIN/2013/0281 by Egdon Resources UK Ltd for wellsite and exploratory borehole at Lodge Farm, Clapp Gate, Broughton and Appleby, also known as Wressle

13 January 2017. Refused planning application MIN/2016/810 by Egdon Resources UK Ltd for retention of Wressle well site for long-term production of hydrocarbons at Lodge Farm, Clapp Gate, Broughton and Appleby. Details


Brent Borough

1 November 2013. Statement of opposition by council leader. Details

London Assembly

5 November 2014. Motion agreed by 15 votes to 8 opposing any fracking activity within Greater London. Details

Waltham Forest Borough

15 January 2014. Cllr Clyde Loakes, cabinet member for environment, said he had “no intention” of allowing testing for shale gas because it could “compromise the safety” of residents. Details


Liverpool City

17 September 2014. Mayor Joe Anderson promised concerns about fracking would be discussed by the city’s regeneration team. Details


18 July 2011. Motion approved opposing fracking applications. Details


Newcastle City

3 September 2014. Motion expressing opposition to fracking. Details


Ashfield District

16 February 2017. Opposed the principle of fracking in the district. Details

Bassetlaw District

6 July 2016. Voted to object to IGas’s plan for shale gas exploration at Tinker Lane. Details

Nottinghamshire County

16 October 2014. Issued decision notice approving application 8/14/01479/CMA (also listed as F/3102) by Newton Energy UK Ltd for the retention until 31 October 2017 of Harlequin 3 wellsite on land next to the A52 Grantham Road, between Oatfield Lane and Spellow Farm Lane, Radcliffe-on-Trent.

19 January 2016. Approved planning application F/3321 by IGas for 12 groundwater monitoring boreholes at Springs Road, Misson. Details

15 November 2016. Approved planning application  ES/3379 by IGas for two shale gas exploration wells at Springs Road, Misson. Details


Bath and North East Somerset

15 January 2014. Council leader, Paul Crossley, said he was not interested in getting a business rates boost in return for approving fracking. Details

Bristol, City of

13 January 2014. Mayor George Ferguson said he would strongly resist fracking in the area, despite financial incentives offered to councils. Details

18 March 2014. Frack free zone petition referred to the Mayor. Details

Frome Town Council

2014. Voted unanimously to declare the town frack free and to support Frome Anti-Fracking to put frack-free signs on each of the roads into the town.

Glastonbury Town

12 February 2013. Voted by 8 to 3 with 4 abstentions in favour of a motion: “That this Council resolves not to support Fracking in the Mendip Area or throughout Great Britain.” Details

Mendip District

30 September 2013. Motion adopted unanimously to register concerns, lobby government and establish a working party.

Watchet Town

5 December 2016. Declared a frack free zone. Details


Surrey County

18 June 2007. Approved under delegated powers application 2007/0443 by Midmar Energy Onshore Ltd for installation and operation of a drilling rig on existing wellsite for workover programme and drilling a new well.

25 May 2011. Refused application SCC Ref 2008/0169 by Europa Oil and Gas for oil and gas exploration by Europa Oil & Gas Ltd at Bury Hill Wood, off Coldharbour Lane, Holmwood. Later overturned on appeal after a public inquiry. Decision notice

9 November 2011. Approves planning application 2010/0192 by Magellan Petroleum UK Ltd for a well site, one exploratory borehole and short-term testing for hydrocarbons.

10 July 2012. Contested first appeal by Europa Oil and Gas Ltd or oil and gas exploration at Bury Hill Wood at a public inquiry.

22 April 2105. Contested second appeal by Europa Oil and Gas Ltd or oil and gas exploration at Bury Hill Wood at a public inquiry. Details

23 September 2015. Approved application SCC Ref 2014/0082 by Europa for an underground drilling corridor, linked to application SCC Ref 2008/0169  for hydrocarbon exploration at Bury Hill Wood, off Coldharbour Lane, Holmwood. Decision notice

24 March 2016. Approved under delegated powers application 2015/0170 by IGas for retention for 15 years and extension of Bletchingley Central and Bletchingley 2 for the production of oil and gas at Kings Farm, Tilburstow Hill Road, South Godstone RH9 8LB. Details

13 July 2016. Approved application SCC ref 2015/0230 by IGas for the retention of the Albury wellsite for production of compressed natural gas and electricity for 15 years, at land east of New Road, Albury. Details

27 September 2016. Validated application 2016/0170 by Europa Oil and Gas for installation of perimeter security fencing, accommodation, offices and generator at Bury Hill Wood, off Coldharbour Lane, Holmwood, in association with drilling application SCC Ref 2008/0169

27 October 2016. Validated application 2016/0189 by Horse Hill Developments Ltd for retention of site, flow testing, drilling sidetrack and second deviated borehole, security fencing to extended area, additional equipment and buildings.


Brighton and Hove City

24 January 2013. Declared a Frack Free Zone. Details

East Sussex County

27 March 2012. Acknowledged concerns and required councillor briefing before fracking applications heard.

13 October 2014. Refused request for a frack free zone

South Downs National Park Authority

17 September 2014. Refused application SDNP/13/05896/CM by Celtique Energie for drilling a vertical borehole, testing and evaluating for three years at Nine Acre Copse, Vann Road, nr Fernhurst, Linchmere, West Sussex.

12 July 2016. Concluded that proposals by UK Oil and Gas Investments ltd for oil production at South Holt Farm, Markwells Wood could generate extra traffic, significant volumes of waste and release pollutants so it required an environmental impact assessment. Details

20 July 2016. Approved applications for variation of planning conditions SDNP/16/01672/CND, SDNP/16/01674/CND, SDNP/16/01677/CND, SDNP/16/01680/CND and SDNP/16/01681/CND at Singleton oil field, A286, Cobblers Row to Middlefield, Singleton PO18 0HL

23 August 2016. Approved application  SDNP/16/02229/CM for drilling two new oil wells at Singleton oil field, A286, Cobblers Row to Middlefield, Singleton PO18 0HL

20 September 2016. Validated application SDNP/16/04679/CM by UK Oil and Gas Investments Ltd for drilling a sidetrack and four additional wells to allow oil production for 20 years at Markwells Wood wellsie, South Holt Farm, Dean Lane End, Forestside, Rowlands Castle, West Sussex.

29 September 2016. Approved SDNP/16/02802/CM for export of gas by tanker from singleton oilfield

8 December 2016. Asked for more information on UK Oil and Gas Investments’ plans for oil production at Markwells Wood. Details

West Sussex County

23 April 2010. Approved under delegated powers application WSCC/027/10/BA by Cuadrilla Resources Ltd to upgrade site and drill exploratory borehole at Lower Stumble Hydrocarbon Exploration Site, London Road, Balcombe.

11 February 2013. Approved application WSCC/052/12/WC by Celtique Energie for exploration borehole at Wood Barn Farm, Adversane Lane, Broadford bridge, Billingshurst RH14 9ED

24 January 2014. Confirmed that an environmental impact assessment was not needed for planning application to flow test well at Balcombe.

29 April 2014. Approved application WSCC/005/14/BA by Cuadrilla Resources Ltd to flow test exploration well at Lower Stumble, Balcombe. Details

23 July 2014. Refused application WSCC/083/13/KD by Celtique Energie for a vertical and horizonal exploratory borehole, testing and evaluation for three years at land south of Boxal Bridge, Northup Field, Wisborough Green, RH14 0DD. Details

3 September 2014. Approved application WSCC/037/14/WC under delegated powers for security fencing, gates and cabins at Wood Barn Farm, Adversane Lane, Broadford bridge, Billingshurst RH14 9ED in association with application WSCC/052/12/WC

6-7 November 2014. Defended decision to approve application for flow testing at Lower Stumble, Balcombe, at judicial review brought by Frack Free Balcombe Residents Association. Details and links to other reports



3 December 2014. Voted for a motion noting possible significant adverse impacts of shale gas, supporting Frack-Free declaration for the area and calling for a UK Government moratorium. Details

East Riding of Yorkshire

18 September 2012. Approved application 12/02945/STPLF by Rathlin Energy for drilling site and appraisal borehole at Crawberry Hill, Walkington Heads.

17 January 2013. Approved application 12/04193/STPLF by Rathlin Energy for a temporary drilling site and exploration borehole known as West Newton A, fosham Road, High Fosham HU11 5DF

27 October 2014. Approved application 14/02622/STVAR by Rathlin Energy for an extension of 24 months to application at Crawberry Hill, Walkington Heads.

21 December 2015. Approved application 15/03056/STVAR by Rathlin Energy for extension of 36 months to application at West Newton A well site, Fosham Road, High Fosham HU11 5DF

16 June 2015. Approved application 14/04107/STPLF by Rathlin Energy for 24 months for a well site and exploratory borehole at site to be called West Newon B, Crook Lane, Burton Constable

22 June 2016. Approved a motion expressing concern about fracking and agreeing to take a precautionary approach. Details

Hull City

20 November 2014. Unanimous support for motion noting problems of fracking and calling for a council policy on shale gas and coal bed methane extraction. Details

Kirklees Borough

15 January 2014. Noted concerns, agreed to develop policy on fracking, called for increased funding for renewables.

North Yorkshire County

20 October 2015. Approved planning application NY/2014/0275/ENV by Third Energy for gas production, water re-injection, drilling a second borehole for water re-injection and construction of a 13.9km pipeline at Ebberston Moor South Wellsite, and installation of a gas reception module at Knapton Generating Station. Decision notice dated 8 June 2016

23 May 2016. Approved planning application NY/2015/0233/ENV by Third Energy UK Gas Ltd to hydraulically stimulate and test the KM8 well (previously drilled in 2013), at KMA wellsite, Alma Farm, off Habton Road, Kirby Misperton. Details

7 June 2016. Issued a decision notice approving application NY/2015/0307/FUL by Third Energy UK Gas Ltd for a change of use for the Pickering-1 gas production well to gas production and produced water reinjection well at Pickering-1 wellsite, Malton Road, Pickering YO18 8EA.

22 November 2016. At a judicial review hearing, defended decision to approve plans by Third Energy to frack at Kirby Misperton. The council’s decision was later upheld. Details

Sheffield City

4 September 2013. Statement of opposition to fracking and government shale gas policy. Details

2 November 2016. Approved motion to ban fracking on land owned by the city and criticising government shale gas policy. The motion also called for a moratorium. Details

York City

9 October 2014. Declared Frack Free Zone by vote of 23 in favour, 11 against