Breaking: Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road fracking plans refused

Opponents of Cuadrilla’s plans to frack at Preston New Road greeted the decision to refuse the application with cheers and tears of relief.

The council’s development control committee voted by nine to three with two abstentions to refuse the plans.

The planning officer, Stuart Perigo, had recommended approval of the scheme. Last week he told the committee there were no reasonable grounds to refuse the application. The committee was also warned that Cuadrilla was likely to appeal against a refusal and, if it won, costs could be awarded against the council.

But councillors argued today that the application failed to comply with local planning policy. They said it would have an unacceptable impact on the landscape and noise from the site could not be reduced to acceptable levels.

They also refused an application by 10 votes to four for a monitoring array in the Preston New Road area.

A previous motion to refuse the application was defeated last week when the committee chair used his casting vote.

Update: to correct voting figures

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What the application supporters said

What the application opponents said

What councillors said

Scenes from outside County Hall

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