“The community can breathe again”

Minutes after the decision to refuse fracking and monitoring schemes for Little Plumpton, Pat Davies chair of the Preston New Road Action Group said: “The community can breathe again”.

Pat Davies (centre)

Pat Davies (centre)

She said the legal aspects that came out over the weekend had reinforced the view of councillors. “We are delighted they
have spent enough time considering this”.

“I am delighted that Cllr Green was the voice of reason. We also owe a huge debt to Cllr Paul Hayhurst. We owe him.”

Supporters: “outrageous”

Lee Petts, managing director of Remsol, said “I think it is outrageous” that supporters of the scheme had not been able to put forward the opinion of the industry’s QC to the committee this morning, Opinions from barristers employed by Preston New Road Action Group and Friends of the Earth had been circulated. “There would have been uproar in the council chamber if it had been the other way round”, he said.

“But at least we have a decision”, he said. He said he was frustrated that there had been no complaints about the visual impact of Cuadrilla’s earlier rigs in the area. “We have a precedent and we have accepted this in the Fylde”, he said

Full story

What the application supporters said

What the application opponents said

What councillors said

Scenes from outside County Hall

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