Balcombe Parish Council submits objection to Cuadrilla planning application

March 21st 2014

Balcombe Parish Council has submitted a formal objection to Cuadrilla’s planning application to flow test its exploration oil well. This was agreed unanimously at an extra-ordinary meeting on March 8th. The final document is now on the council’s website. Click here to view.

In a statement, the council said it was entitled to make a statement on the collective opinion of the community. It had included in the response the results of the consultation ballot conducted by Electoral Reform Service, which found that 60% of people who took part thought the council should object.

The council said its Oil Exploration Working Group had been asked to identify all planning issues that could concern the community. The work began before the results of the consultative ballot were known and did not prejudge them.

Balcombe’s objection will be considered by West Sussex County Council, along with responses from other agencies and comments from more than 900 members of the public, 99% of whom objected. Click here for an analysis of public comments.

The decision will be made by the planning committee of West Sussex County Council. The next scheduled meetings are April 29th and June 3rd. Meetings are usually at County Hall in Chichester.

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