New look and new name

From today Investigating Balcombe And Cuadrilla has a new look and a new name.

We’ll continue to publish independent, evidence-based journalism  but we’ll be widening the focus to the onshore oil and gas business throughout the UK and the campaign against it.

The name
We’ve called the new site DrillOrDrop.com after the “drill or drop” clause in petroleum exploration and development licences. This requires an operator to drill a well within a certain length of time or give up the licence area.

The content
We’ll be looking for evidence to answer the questions: 

  • Should the UK drill – “go all out for shale” (and other sources of hydrocarbons), as David Cameron and others believe? Or,
  • Should we drop the idea because it carries too great a risk to climate change, environmental damage and an industrialised countryside, as many opponents believe?

DrillOrDrop.com will chronicle the events of the onshore oil and gas industry across the UK. We’ll follow the regulators, political decision-makers, legal developments and the opposition campaign. We’ll be looking behind the headlines to investigate what is driving the industry and the campaign against it.

The look
Regular posts appear on the Blog tab on the menu bar. To find links to posts on subjects that interest you, you can use the menu tabs for Industry, Legal, Opposition, Politics, Regulation, and Southern England.

Daily Headlines has an at-a-glance digest of the month’s news. You can also find links here to the news digest for previous months.

Finding the site
You can still use www.InvestigatingBalcombeAndCuadrilla.com to reach the new site or the new address www.DrillOrDrop.com

What do you think?
Please let us know what you think about the new site. You can use the contact page, email  or tweet @ruthhayhurst.

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