200+ UK campaign groups urge PM to ban fracking

205 anti-fracking groups from across the UK have signed a letter to David Cameron calling for a ban on hydraulic fracturing.

The letter, to be delivered tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday December 10th), urges the government to act on the findings of a report* on the human rights implications of fracking, commissioned by the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation.

This recommended a moratorium on all fracking operations until a full, transparent and independent human rights impact appraisal had been carried out and published.

The signatories include groups from all four UK countries. One group, Frack Free Sussex, alone has more than 10,000 followers, the organisers say.

The letter, to be delivered on UN Human Rights Day, says fracking endangers the rights to life and personal security, water, health and respect for home and private life.

Julie Wassmer, one of the campaigners who will be delivering the letter, said:

“There is a democratic deficit on the issue of fracking in this country: we did not vote for fracking and it is clear to us that the Government seeks to ignore the widespread opposition to fracking in the UK due its overriding commitment to shale.”

“This opposition is clearly evidenced by the fact that there are currently over 200 residents’ groups actively campaigning against fracking in the UK with Frack Free Sussex alone having over 10,000 followers”.

Mrs Wassmer, of East Kent Against Fracking, will be accompanied by Gayzer Frackman, a campaigner from Lytham St Annes in Lancashire. Last week, he highlighted the human rights report in a speech to MEPs in Brussels, at the end of a 14-day walk from London. Details  He said the letter’s 205 signatories represented “a huge amount of ordinary people – and electorate – right across the country.”

Anna Grear, of Cardiff Law School, one of the report’s authors, said she hoped the findings would “inform and support those concerned about the potential impacts of fracking on their lives, neighbourhoods, house values, health and the quality of the environment”.

“It is high time that this Government took its responsibilities to the general public more seriously and placed a moratorium on all fracking operations until a full, industry-independent human rights impact assessment is carried out.”

The 205 residents’ campaign groups plan to send a copy of the report and letter to MPs and councillors across the UK.

Letter to David Cameron including list of groups

* A Human Rights Assessment of Hydraulic Fracturing

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