Third Energy welcomes recommendation to approve Kirby Misperton fracking plans

Third Energy

In a statement issued tonight Rasik Valand, Chief Executive of Third Energy, said:

“We are pleased that the Planning Officer has recommended that North Yorkshire County Council approve our application.  Within our application, and throughout North Yorkshire County Council’s thorough assessment of it, including various stages of consultation, and through all the additional information provided, we have addressed the wide range of questions, concerns and comments raised by NYCC, statutory consultees and others.

“This work is reflected in the Planning Officer’s Report together with the planning conditions proposed.  We believe that this thorough report will enable North Yorkshire County Council to reach a positive determination on our application.

“Third Energy has been drilling wells and producing gas safely and discreetly from this site in Kirby Misperton for over 20 years and we will continue to maintain the same standards in the future.”

Campaigners urge councillors to overrule planners’ recommendation

Breaking: Planners recommend approval of Third Energy plans to frack at Kirby Misperton

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  1. yes, mild winters can reduce demand, but the statement began with ‘ a result of strong UK production’; ‘relatively muted demand’ does not suggest the primary cause.

    Interestingly NASA has said that this year temperatures are the highest on record, even taking into account El Nino and they are worried about the higher than forecast increase in climate temperature. It has been acknowledged that the burning of fossil fuel, including gas, has contributed to the increase in climate temperature, so to add another source into the mix would surely not be wise?

  2. Using UK shale gas or not will make no difference to global climate change. This is a red herring arguement. We need gas for a long time to come, it is replacing coal. It is just a question of where it will come from, and the market will determine this. If most of the posters on this board are correct and UK shale gas is very expensive, low calorific value etc. then it won’t happen.

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