Pictures from day 1 of Third Energy fracking decision

Pictures from County Hall, Northallerton as North Yorkshire Planning Committee meets to consider Third Energy’s application to frack a well at Kirby Misperton.  More pictures through the day.

yorks rose

11:55 Yorkshire sign made from white roses


11:30 Roadside outside County Hall


10:00 Pro-fracking area (left) and anti-fracking area (right) outside County Hall


09:30  Rally outside the front of County Hall


09:15 Demonstrators gather outside County Hall


This report is part of DrillOrDrop’s Rig Watch project. Rig Watch receives funding from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust. More details here

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    • Read the comments to this article. You will find some of these explain that Portugals 4 days does not explain what happens for the rest of the year.

  1. I’ve found these comments very interesting. It’s good to see comments from both sides. I am anti Fracking as I am anti nuclear simply because we can’t afford to be wrong as the price is to high to pay and on that basis alone fracking as a solution is a no go from me.

    • I agree – we have an energy investment problem we must move away from fossil fuels because of climate change. It will not be easy or overnight but we must and we can. The vast majority of climate change scientists state that fracking will not and should not happen if we are to meet our climate change objectives. Try telling your grandchildren we failed them through short sightedness, lack of investment and greed. We have to do better faster.

    • What it is Is a typical misleading guardian article. Meaningless and offering nothing to the electricity debate.

  2. This is very much an issue to do with climate change. Yes our climate has changed in the past but science has shown that we (humans) are heavily influencing the rate of change. This is already having dire consequences for many people around the planet. It is not acceptable to ignore this issue when deciding on our future energy needs and means of production. The decisions and priorities we make both locally, nationally and globally do matter and fracking will release fugitive methane, a potent greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

    We are spending huge amounts of energy finding more forms of extreme energy. For fracking to happen you need to clear, level and construct the pads, drill the wells, produce and transport the chemicals, mine and transport the sand, collect, pump and use large sums of clean water and turn it into a waste product, transport and remove the waste NORM products, “treat” and dispose of the waste, build pipelines and compressor stations to transport the gas. Repeat hundreds if not thousands of times over. This is not sustainable. Also how much energy will be used in building and storing uranium, hydrocarbons, gas caverns, etc and where should this happen? We have just seen a huge gas leak from underground gas storage facilities in the US and we know the history of nuclear.

    I think a lot more people have financial vested interests in maintaining the fossil fuel status quo than those involved in pointing out the agreed scientific consensus for change. The message is getting through though. Even the Oil and Gas Rockerfeller family see the benefits of investments to renewables

    • I am currently sitting in an air conditioned flat having just walked around the worlds largest shopping complex in Dubai. Air conditioned of course. Yesterday I drove past a huge indoor ski complex. The outside temperature is over 40degC. Not my cup of tea but in transit to Sudan, a very different country. People need to visit countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia to understand what I keep saying about the irrelevance of what we do in the UK and Europe.

      Out of interest, How many countries out of the 175 have ratified the Paris climate agreement with its voluntary targets? I read recently it is only 3 so far?

  3. Paul, here we have a conundrum….

    Replace as much energy generation with wind, solar and tidal/hydro as possible + reduction in energy consumption world wide (use, wastage and insulation) + minimize top -up with gas/oil (so it is used sparingly and resources conserved for the future minimizing impact on climate change) = you, your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and their children being given the opportunity to sit in that air-conditioned flat on route to Sudan.

    Carry on burning oil and gas, extracting ever more fossil fuels including shale gas; the planet heats up past 4 degrees post industrialization and we all die (that’s after mass migration, wars over food and extreme weather events).

    We all have a choice.

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