Cheering crowds at court as anti-fracking campaigner, Tina Rothery, avoids jail: full report



Anti-fracking campaigner, Tina Rothery, said this afternoon she was delighted to avoid a two-week jail term in Styal Prison.

A judge at Preston Combined Court discharged a ruling that she was in contempt of court and said she would not be sent to jail.

There were cheers inside and outside the court as the outcome became known.

The private hearing, lasting nearly two hours, followed a long-running legal dispute between Ms Rothery and the shale gas, company, Cuadrilla.

The company and several landowners had previously won more than £55,000 legal costs against Ms Rothery in a case dating back to 2014. She was judged to be in contempt of court when she refused at a hearing this summer to complete a questionnaire about her finances.

This afternoon, the company said it would not pursue her for the money.

Ms Rothery said afterwards:

“When Cuadrilla agreed they would not pursue me for the costs unless my circumstances significantly changed then I swore on oath that the financial information I had previously given was the truth”.

Ms Rothery told a crowd of around 300 people gathered outside the court:

“I see this as a victory for truth. I see it as a victory for honesty because corporations have a lot of power and a lot of money.

“I will walk away from here and Cuadrilla will no longer pursue me for the costs.”

Yesterday, Cuadrilla’s lawyers told the media that the hearing was about the contempt of court ruling and that it had been organised by the court, not by the company.

But today’s case was listed as Cuadrilla V Rothery and a lawyer from Eversheds represented the company.

Ms Rothery told reporters:

“It was a private hearing and I can’t tell you everything that went on. But I think that I am allowed to say that the judge drew attention to that misleading statement. As the court made clear, Cuadrilla’s lawyers were in there. Cuadrilla have misled you.”

Cuadrilla said in a statement Ms Rothery could have avoided the threat of jail and said its barrister had been requested to attend by the court.

Long-running case

The case dates back to August 2014 when anti-fracking protesters, including Ms Rothery, occupied a field near one of Cuadrilla’s proposed fracking sites at Preston New Road, Little Plumpton, near Blackpool.

Ms Rothery said today:

“I am really proud of what we did there. It alerted an elderly community to Cuadrilla’s proposals which they would not have known about otherwise.”

Cuadrilla and landowners sought an eviction order for the field and an injunction preventing trespass on sites across the Fylde.

Ms Rothery sought an adjournment to defend the injunction. When the case returned to court she gave no evidence and, as the only named defendant, a proportion of Cuadrilla’s costs were awarded against her.

She said today:

“The first time we were in court I could not match their solicitor.

“This time I had no solicitor and the judge allowed me to speak and to allow express my thoughts out loud. It was a different situation and I felt more in control.”

Asked what happened now, she said:

“Nothing changes for us. We will carry on as we always have.”

Asked if this was a victory for the anti-fracking movement, she replied:

“An anti-fracking victory looks like this country being left untouched.”

Cuadrilla response

Cuadrilla made a statement this afternoon:

“Having previously been found in contempt of Court, Ms Rothery has today attended Court and complied with the Court’s order to provide information as to her financial means, thus purging her contempt.

“She could have easily avoided this situation and avoided yet again wasting court time and taxpayers money.

“A barrister attended Court on behalf of the Judgment Creditors (Cuadrilla and the landowners) as the Court required him to do so.

“The outstanding costs were awarded against Ms Rothery in October 2014 for wasting court time by failing to submit a defence after asking for a time extension in order to do so, the debt will remain unpaid and we will not pursue costs whilst she clearly has no assets to make any payment.

“The position will be kept under review and revisited should Ms Rothery’s financial circumstances change.”

Asked by DrillOrDrop why the case was listed as Cuadrilla versus Tina Rothery, a spokesperson said:

“I do not know why it was listed as such – perhaps as the Contempt of Court issue was related to the original case in which Ms Rothery asked to become a named defendant.”

Green Party life-time membership

This afternoon, the Green Party granted Ms Rothery life-time membership for what it described as her bravery. She had stood for the party at the last general election in Tatton against the then Chancellor, George Osborne.

Joint party leader, Jonathan Bartley, told The Guardian:

“Today marks a great victory for everyone who believes in the right to peaceful protest and the fight against climate change.

“It would have been utterly unjust to jail Tina Rothery, who has shown exceptional courage protecting her community from the threat of fracking. It is an honour to give Tina lifetime Green party membership in recognition of her bravery in the fight to protect our planet.”


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  1. I wouldnt say a victim…

    Every substance in the world has its dangers if not managed properly.. God, even eating enough bannans will give you radiation poisoning.. Should we get all bananas of the shelf??

    I work in one of the busiest ports in the uk and am sure theres enough substances that come through there you wouldnt be happy about.. I know myself has had to wear BA for a substance that will drop you dead in 5 min which drifts off into the atmosphere….

    But because its been keeping the country going for ‘X’ amount of years its acceptable, just like fracking will in years to come..

    I understand people wanting whats best for thier family etc like myself.. But what for if the country becomes poverty stricken, starved for recorces because we’ve become so dependant on europe, middle east, russia etc..
    I read something the other day saying by 2025 if something dosent happen now we will be 50% dependant on outside recorces..

    All things considered i think fracking is our only option at present for our familys saftey and saftey of the nation for the next decade until reusable energy becomes a valid option..

    • Hi, onemightsay I hear what you say, i dont denigrate anyone’s experience, we all come across these events differently and i guess we all accept or reject risk as what we see as the best path through this crazy world in its crazy state at this time.
      I do worry for my children and now for their young families, i remember running through fields and woods in the bright sunshine, and i know my grand children dont have anywhere to do that, and even their homes, schools, future jobs and education are at risk now.

      I worked in the civil engineering industry for most of my life, i worked for a team that had some experience and expertise with cleaning up pollution and spills of fossil fuels. One of the projects was to decommission major oil/petrol depots here and in the middle east, many of those had a terrible history of accidents, tank and pipeline failures, many never declared. Like you we all had to wear full breathing hazmat suits and masks and had to shower immediately off the residue without touching the surface. Ever had a shower with a full hazmat suit and breathing mask? No fun! And then we had to have showers with a deep scrub that took our skin off, i still have patches of hard skin from that So i do understand what you say. My main fear is that as all these potentially dangerous processes spread and join together, there will be no where for my grandchildren and great grandchildren to play without hazmat suits.
      I look towards the future for that reason as i see you do, my objection to fracking is that money and tax cuts and benefits and government favoritism go to fossil fuel exploitation and potential pollution and alternative the development into renewables is stifled by lack of funding and refusal of the industry to change its focus. Also that local feelings on the matter are criminally ignored at the moment.
      So you see we are not that far apart in our views, we just see things from slightly different positions along the line of ‘where to go next’.
      Take care.

      • So if we justify things as they are to allow economic necessity then it’s fine. I’d rather see poverty strick the country and people seriously have to consider everything they do and eat before accepting the logic promoted by the commercial world. People in 1939 faced a stark choice and I see the actions of that era in the actions of today’s businesses, we are being given a blunt choice, be part of their greed or face persecution…

    • I would suggest you take some time and read back through the blogs, Onemightsay. Your fears for the world are unfounded as there are many options.

      If you read through history, wars are caused by greed; stripping the resources of other nations. It’s time to stop presuming we have a right to certain luxuries and start to share. That is what will create safety for our families. Stop pandering to these greedy business models where only one or two benefit.

      ‘I read something the other day saying by 2025 if something dosent happen now we will be 50% dependant on outside recorces..’
      What is this ‘something’? The problem with our energy future is to do with political will. We have the option to put up more clean energy generators, insulate our homes and use smart. Instead our government panders to business.

      You can start now: switch to something like The more clean energy generation we have, the less fossil fuel we need to burn. It’s a win win situation for our children. We reduce the pollution which causes early death, reduce the effect of climate change, particularly the effect of mass migration which is escalating from Africa and Asia, through global warming and land loss, to Europe.

      Remember, we only buy oil and gas from other countries because they buy things back from us; it’s called trade. We only need it because we waste energy.

      If you have a problem with trading with certain countries due to moral reasons, you need to be aware that the UK shale industry’s major investors are Chinese companies including state owned.

    • ‘because we’ve become so dependant on europe, middle east, russia etc’.

      Actually you are dependant on 375,000 experienced North sea workers supplying your home with nearly half of your electric and heating needs.

      You are also dependant on our long established energy trading partners, Norway, for most of our imports. Very secure, very cheap.

      As for the North sea is in decline.

      It,s a myth. Always was always will be. 20 billion plus barrels left

      The Lords were told this in 2013 by energy analysts.

      The Lords were reminded of this fact only a few weeks ago by the Vice president of Statoil

      “You can never say never but I don’t expect that. For us, it’s much more cost efficient, at least based on our own calculations, to develop offshore fields, our offshore Norway assets, and bring that gas into the UK by pipeline.”

      Now the Chief executive of BP

      North Sea ,cheap and plentiful.

      ‘i think fracking is our only option at present’

      You really are not understanding of the facts.

      The best for all our families is to use the minimum amount of fossil fuel whilst protecting the future generations and our planet from the catastrophic threat from climate change by moving rapidly onto renewable energy.

      Onshore unconventional shale gas has absolutely no part to play in the UK energy system

      • I was once told when looking into going on the rigs that there was more oil than professional people to get out the ground..
        But still your saying that only accounts to 50%..
        I also understand we have other countries where dependant on that are much more secure than the ones i mentioned..
        Regarding the grey area of climate change i have my own views on that.. The world has been going through cycles long before we arived and will carry on going through cycles and dosent care who it effects..
        The coditions jst happen to be right for us to survive for the last 100000 years or so..
        Theres also a rumor that global warming could be prolonging the next ice age..
        The fact is no one knows for sure whats going to happen or what to do for right or wrong.. Climate change could be prolonging the inevitable, wind turbines could also effect life to an even more detrimental effect.. Effecting the circulation of wind around the globe, solar pannels could jst skip the proccess and create the next ice age reflecting all the sun rays and not warming the rock we live on…
        Which every way our demise happens am sure the earth will be ok and will flurish again if the conditions are right..

        • Hi onemightsay its a minefield looking through the possibilities and the dangers I know, I have to re-evaluate every now and then or get drowned by all the information and disinformation out there.
          There are something’s I hold onto, and they are the fundamentals, food and shelter for my family, clean drinking water, clean environment for us all, a sense of a better future for all, not soiling our collective nest, community with others and a need to look after everyone’s future, not just my family, but everyone’s family.
          As you say the Earth has been through far worse than this the only thing I adj myself is why make it worse?
          There is a video I go back to occasionally to re focus, that is The Greatest Story Never Told (full) I don’t have the link on this phone but you might find something worthwhile in it.

  2. “This afternoon, the Green Party granted Ms Rothery life-time membership for what it described as her bravery.”

    Whilst in my opinion I would take this as an insult and refuse it, I expect Ms Rothery is pleased to accept it. But it is interesting that the Green Party are rewarding someone for committing contempt of court, albeit civil contempt.

    • Do you like anyone Paul? May I suggest you look at the links between the Clintons, the oil business, arms sales, corruption in all the hot spots in the world, illegal pipelines, terrorism across the world, the drug barons and theft of trillions of dollars through so called foreign aid, TCF theft of disaster funding and child trafficking in Hiati and so, so much more. And then all this corporate flack (frack?) about one lady who stood up to be counted? Of all the laws and morals and ethics being broken, why do you persecute one lady who entered a field and did no damage or harm in the face of all that?

      • I thought I was having a go at the Green Party? That was the intention. My views on “protectors” have been made previously. Not sure why you think I would have any views on the Clintons? I do remember a certain Monica and a cigar…..

        You certainly have a lot on your mind. Do you manage to sleep at night or do you just worry about “the oil business, arms sales, corruption in all the hot spots in the world, illegal pipelines, terrorism across the world, the drug barons and theft of trillions of dollars through so called foreign aid, TCF theft of disaster funding and child trafficking in Hiati and so, so much more.”

        Stop worrying and enjoy life. This is an irrelevant blog in the scale of things and it won’t change anything. But it does get addictive and often makes me laugh. Fortunately the world is made up of all sorts of people with lots of different views and objectives in life. You need to accept that there are hundreds of millions if not billions of people out there who aspire to the standard of living, consumerism driven life styles that we have, and they intend to get there. And why not?

        And do you think that we, or any other European Country, are squeaky clean on all the issues you have raised? If you do, you are incredibly naive. But I don’t believe you are. If you have worked abroad and lived in Africa / Asia / Middle East you will understand what I mean.

        • Interesting reply, yes I sleep well and yes I enjoy life as I am sure you do. Family friends and community, That doesn’t mean I turn my back and stare complacently into the log fire, though that is indeed a pleasure. My point is that there are bigger game out there, Tina is someone who stands up and says no further, and yet she gets all this frack as if she is to blame? I think you will agree she is not to blame. That is why I pointed out how much bigger games are going on you could concentrate on.
          I don’t think anyone is squeaky clean, many roots of corruption start right here in UK. As the natives in America say ” Walk in balance” meaning balance the dark and the light, like the yin/yang symbol. So I don’t turn my back on either, the trick is to see both without being one or the other. So yes I speak out when I see one tiny (Tina) aspect being thrown out of all proportion with a much wider aspect being ignored. I wont bore you with splinters and planks references, but that is what I see in these posts, so I said so. Do you object? PS I know nothing about the Green Party, indeed I have low regard for all politics, an increasingly distorted irrelevance in my view.

        • ‘Stop worrying and enjoy life.’- sounds distinctly Machiavellian to me. Of course people worry, and a good job too, otherwise companies like Cuadrilla et al would ride roughshod over everyone.

          ‘This is an irrelevant blog in the scale of things and it won’t change anything’ – I like to think a little gets through to those who are blinkered 🙂
          This blog is a good source of information and apart from the odd ‘strange participant’ provokes lively debate. After all, both sides have valid points; it’s more about myths being busted and access to latest information instead of dwelling in the past.

          ‘But it does get addictive and often makes me laugh’ – I’m really happy we are all contributing to your pleasant retirement. I must admit there are some very witty one-liners on here.

          ‘You need to accept that there are hundreds of millions if not billions of people out there who aspire to the standard of living, consumerism driven life styles that we have’ – and you need to accept that there are 10 times more who want to live a simple and planet friendly life; some of these being the most threatened by our ‘consumer aspirations’. But consumerism is just another tool for the few to take off the many. Marketeers and media moguls using psychology to encourage buying to ‘make you happy’. The good news is lots of people are waking up to the con and realising it’s family and friends who are important and you get a true sense of happiness when doing for others.

          ‘And why not?’ – indeed the truth; the planet has finite resources, so we are all going to have to learn to share.

          You don’t have to have lived in Africa / Asia / Middle East to see corruption. The first world is the most guilty, but it is hidden; it creates the conflicts in the Middle East to satisfy energy addiction; does not step into the genocide in Africa as nothing to gain and are likely selling arms to both sides; covers up pedophile rings until those involved are dead or beyond conviction; allows children the world over, including in their own countries, to go without food in order for bigger profits to be paid to shareholders and business owners who have so much money offshore that they can never spend it in their lifetime.

          We should all of us take a ‘worry’ and work to help. That way it’s not on the shoulders of a few…..

  3. I think it more of a chess game Paul than a morality battle. She is playing the long game (the longer the better) and seems to know what she is doing. Both sides appear to be probing the limits of the possible here and I don’t think it worth getting overexcited as some people do on these threads. Tina’s responses are always cool and measured (even after what she’s been through) – I’m very impressed – as she said there is no victory until we know the drilling isn’t going to happen. Similarly Cuadrilla’s move will be equally calculated… they won’t want any further escalation or celebrity endorsements (of Tina) at this stage for obvious reasons, and the last thing they’d want is for the case to attract more legal attention. or scientific attention for that matter.

  4. She got off because the party drop the case due to her financial circumstances. She didn’t win on her merit or legal argument. So what’s the hell she recommended for? Not something one should be proud of. No money break the law and then dumb enough to let her comrades use her as the single defendant to publisize their agenda that almost lands her in jail. I am sure she enjoys this limelight atm because there is nothing else she does that worthed to give it a 3 seconds.

    • You will blow a fuse in a minute! I see you handle defeat as gracefully as you handle victory? They are both illusions. What was it peeny said? Oh yes, “breathe into a paper bag”
      Relax, its all an experience in lifes rich tapestry. Have a nice Sunday

    • one unusual aspect was that the court made a barrister attend from cuadrilla, that suggests that he told them to stop wasting the court’s time with this vindictive and ultimately pointless action

      • Pure conjecture on your part hrb, no-one apart from those present at the hearing knows precisely the tone of the meeting.

        My view is Ms. Rothery came to her senses and furnished the Court, and in turn Cuadrilla, with the legal information the court requested in the first place, thereby removing herself from the threat of a jail sentence for contempt of the court for a second time.

        How you, and others have come to the conclusion that she won this battle against Cuadrilla beggers belief.

        The only thing she triumphed over was her ignorance in the first place.

        When her asset base was established, Cuadrilla informed the court that until such time as she could pay her debt, they, Cuadrilla, would not be pursuing her on this matter any further. A noble gesture and interpretation that any normal person would arrive at.

        Of course the interesting scenarios are about to play out once Cuadrilla, and others start with their respective exploration programmes that have been already approved for commencement. We’ll see how “peaceful” the anti’s are then, I’m thinking it won’t be corporate “toys being thrown out of the pram” as Phil C likes to say.

        • Beggars belief, That just about sums up this desperate clinging on to the last dregs of your lost cause, you just cant let it go and move on gracefully can you? Like an itch you cannot scratch, you go over and over and over trying to justify it in your own minds, because deep down, you just cant believe that the heavily armed Cuadrilla goliath was defeated by Tina with nothing more than than a defiant slingshot and a stoney determination? Perhaps you all had better burrow deep in the corporate pram before you are spotted. The shiniest plastic toys have all ready joined Woody and Buzz in the wastebin.

          • Phil C get a grip please.

            Can’t let go, let go of what?

            [edited by moderator]

            For the record, I am glad Ms. Rothrey came to her senses and supplied the Court with the information they requested, and I am equally glad she escaped from serving a custodial sentence she was facing if she hadn’t of co-operated. No normal, sane person wants to see the outcome she was facing. Prison for any elderly person whatever gender must be a stressful experience.

            Not for one minute do I think Cuadrilla executives are sitting in their offices wringing their collective hands at the turn of Friday’s events, I am sure they are far too busy preparing for the up-coming and exciting task of shale gas exploration. It appears from numerous posts by those on your side of the argument that Ms. Rothrey is some sort of god like hero, well the records, the legal records don’t see her as that, they define her a law-breaker, who came to her senses. Nothing more, nothing less.

            • You still don’t get it do you? You keep going over this Tina and Goliath issue and you cant believe it went against Cuadrilla. It will never get better if you keep picking at the Goliath scar, unless you can find a way of re-instating the corporate head with the corporate body. Integrity and credibility is lost. Aggression and victimisation will never succeed. Look at the world for a moment, we are in perpetual economic corporate war, millions of peoples lives are destroyed, millions are migrating away from the sarin gas, the. Barrel bombs, the child sex slavery, the rape and murder, the destruction of homes schools hospitals and whole countries. All for profit and furthering the aims of banks, oil and gas resources and pipelines, profit for arms manufacturing and corporate greed. You cannot make peace by making war, aggression simply creates more aggression. The only way to stop this insane race to racial suicide is to stop, take stock, change direction and move towards a better saner future. Tina is right, the tracking industry is wrong, we have a choice and some of us have made that choice. No more insanity, it stops here and it stops now. I offer you that choice, dissolution or a better world? The time is now, the place is here. Make your choice.

              • This spell checker does not like fracking either, it keeps changing it to tracking, never mind you know what it means

          • hrb I can’t answer your question sorry, I’m not a person who has any experience regarding the mechanics of courtroom etiquette.

            All I can say is the matter is now closed, well until Ms. Rothrey comes into any un-expected windfall that is, and then maybe this whole debate will once again take place.

            And at the end of the day one might ask themselves who really won here?

            Perhaps, and if the truth be known common sense, common sense by all parties has prevailed.

            • Michael, not for the first time you have placed the cart before the horse. It seems that Cuadrilla had to cave in BEFORE she made a statement to the judge. Oops!

              The sequence of events is important here – you can find out more at

              “one might ask themselves who really won here?” And one might reply to themself (eh) – “It certainly wasn’t Cuadrilla”

  5. Thought this was contempt of court, not contempt of Cuadrilla?

    Bad for Cuadrilla PR? Why? They have the PP they need, this will not change that. They get gas out of the ground now, will the public say “I will not accept any gas through my pipe because it may contain some from Cuadrilla?” Really? Missiles have already been directed at shipping from the Yemen, Trump will have no interest in controlling the Mid East (his focus will be the Pacific) so energy security will be increasingly important to UK. Will that come from fracking? Can’t say definitely as until test wells are sunk, nobody knows. What I do know, is that there is inadequate energy security available from alternatives for some years to come, and the gap will need to be filled. Don’t see that from the North Sea with oil at current prices. No UK government can afford to take the risk of being exposed when the next few years will need to see an expansion in manufacturing and exports. And easily forgotten, is our aging population needs more energy input over the winter, and the levels required are major.

    Locals complaining about potential disruption? I remember sitting in a hotel room in Blackpool at night and looking at the pretty lights-the ones from the gas rigs in the bay! Not too many protestors there-but that would have meant going too close to water!

    I lived in Newbury at the time of the by-pass and Swampy. All those trees being lost? The developers planted more than they cut down. I remember the grid locked bank holidays before where the only thing moving were the ambulances rushing to another accident caused by the inadequate road system, but similar arguments about the need to stop ruining the planet!. Newbury is now clean, and the environment vastly improved, and kids and parents can cross the roads safely. Red Kites have moved along the M40 and down the A34 so they are routinely seen now in Hampshire-that is while the bat/bird mincers are kept away. £50m just being invested in Southampton docks to assist exports of cars, which had problems to even get to Southampton because they were stuck at Newbury.

    Anyway, onwards! Just awaiting for the screams about the vast amounts of methane polluting Lancashire when the guy making the tea for Cuadrilla breaks wind. All great entertainment.

    • but why did the court make cuadrilla send a barrister, if a claim is excessive, which this one obviously was it’s quite likely the judge dismissed the whole thing as being a waste of time and effort

      • hrb my understanding is the judge didn’t dismiss anything.

        The excessive claim as you define it, was for cost’s, court cost’s, cost’s that were determined by a third party, i.e. a court of law, not Cuadrilla.

        Cuadrilla were merely putting into place some actions that they were entirely and legally obliged to follow.

        As for the judge dismissing the process due to it being a waste of time and effort, that may be the scenario your side of the debate takes shelter under, but that is not correct.

        The appearance by Ms. Rothrey was not an invitation, but a summons to appear, and for her to provide to the Court details of her personal financial position before a third party, i.e. a judge made any determination. If she didn’t then she would almost certainly be imprisoned.

        As such, when Ms. Rothrey provided the information they requested, the judge determined she would not be incarcerated due to her not being able to satisfy her debt, and Cuadrilla chose to not pursue her any further for the same reason.

        The judge left the case open for any future claim by Cuadrilla should Ms. Rothrey come into some un-expected windfall.

      • Hmmm breaking wind, yes that about sums it up. Seems to me the fracking industry are not satisfied with breaking corporate wind in their own kitchen, they are intent on breaking corporate wind in everyones kitchen. And therein lies the rub. Corporate Fracking Flatulence seems to be a whiff of corruption we are all threatened with, and that my dear friend pins the issue precisely where it comes from. Though i would hesitate to use a pin, just in case there is an explosive decompression.

    • ‘Don’t see that from the North Sea with oil at current prices.’

      Deirdre Michie
      Chief Executive, Oil & Gas UK

      Over 43 billion boe have been produced to date from
      the UKCS. Almost half again remains to be extracted.
      Maximising the recovery of our oil and gas resource
      will strengthen the country’s energy security, boost tax
      revenues, exports and the balance of payments as well
      as sustain high value activity and jobs in our world-class
      supply chain.

      Click to access Oil-Gas-UK-Economic-Report-2015-low-res.pdf

      the average operating cost per barrel of oil equivalant
      (boe) is also expected to fall from £17.80 in 2014 to £17
      this year and by a further £2-3/boe to around £15/boe by
      the end of 2016, almost reversing the last three years of
      consistent increases.

      25.8p per therm.

      Less than half the lowest price UK shale

      The recent words of BP chief executive

      “The myth that the North Sea is finished is absolutely that. It’s a wrong myth,”

      Vice president of Statoil, Norweign North sea operators for decades.

      “You can never say never but I don’t expect that. For us, it’s much more cost efficient, at least based on our own calculations, to develop offshore fields, our offshore Norway assets, and bring that gas into the UK by pipeline.”

      Facts presented by the leaders of the mighty North sea Industry giants.

      The North Sea is real Martin. A 375,000 strong experienced workforce made sure you and your family kept warm for the last 40 years.

      UK shale gas has not and never will keep the lights on.

      It can never meet our base fuel needs.

      If you think shale gas could compete with one of the UK’s largest established industries you really need to research a lot more.

      ‘Don’t see that from the North Sea with oil at current prices.’

      Complete hogwash

  6. Yes, the north sea is real John, but existing fields are depleting and whilst other reserves are still there they will be more expensive to extract. You are obviously within Queen Nics economics class, but the current maths. are against you.Why do you think investment is being cut back, companies are selling existing assets and Ineos invested hundreds of million £s to bring gas from USA? (That is shale gas competing with one of the UK’s largest established industries, is it not? What happens when Trump increases industrial output in USA, will their shale gas be available to Grangemouth then?) It could just be that some of those 375,000 strong workforce might welcome the job security that shale gas could provide. They certainly will not get a job making solar panels as most of them will continue to be made in China ie. we have exported the carbon emissions to China to allow us to feel greener!
    Quite simply, the worlds largest importer of oil no longer imports it. Production shows a massive over capacity, attempts at limiting production have failed dismally. Your economics will simply mean the UK would add a further large subsidy bill to the north sea, in addition to the huge subsidy it has wasted (would not call it investment) in alternative energy.
    Climate change is a gravy train completely out of any form of proper control and is supported by poor science and too many organisations and individuals that see it as a way to make an income and have a great time in Rio. PR stunts of getting ships trapped in ice in the Antartic as the wrong pole was picked really shows the stupidity which has spread through the whole issue. False advertising of “information” will not win the public for ever. Activists talk about Big Oil, and then quote “200 climate change scientists opinions” and do not see the conflict.

    Would be off to wash my hogs now, but can’t afford to heat the water!

    • I will pop an email over to BP and Statoil and tell them that someone called martin collyer has said they have it all wrong.

      They will probably pull out the North sea when they see what you have to say.

      When you next take a bath or shower using North sea gas powered hot water, save some of it for your hogs.

      Energy experts telling the Lords that North sea is cheaper by around 30% than UK shale

      More experts who know nothing.

      ‘Climate change is a gravy train completely out of any form of proper control and is supported by poor science’

      You do realise you are a voice in the wilderness with this

      Have you seen ‘Before the Flood’?

      If so you obviously don’t believe NASA, Obama, and the Pentagon know what they are talking about.

      They make it up you know. Keeps them in work apparently.

  7. Same Obama that said a trade deal between USA and EU should be completed by the end of 2016?? Shame he decided at the start of his time in office he was content for his legacy to be “the first black American President”. That’s all it will be, so I suppose you could say he has fulfilled that.
    BP-pretty expert in the Gulf of Mexico!
    Energy experts can cost UK shale gas? Pretty good going as none has been extracted yet. Think that is called speculation, and is certainly not good science.

    If you want to quote “experts”, perhaps you should include the following,

    £300bn largely wasted in the UK since 2008 on alternative energy.

    How much social care could that have afforded?

    The UK needs a sensible energy policy based upon security and true cost effectiveness, with proper account of the environment. Too many experts claiming flooding from global warming when it is clear that diches, drains and rivers are blocked from inadequate maintenance and new houses are being built with no gardens to absorb rainfall and many having to be piled to stop them sinking into the swamp that has been selected.

    Of course there is a level of climate change. There always has been, much of it nothing to do with mankind. Yes, it needs addressing, but the current attempts are spending huge amounts of money with very little impact apart from making certain organisations a very rich living.

  8. Some unexpected things happened under Obama. It’s only when you realise how much control the republicans wielded at congress and senate levels, and in the judiciary, that you realise how much/little power he could really exercise. They’ve been hammering nails into the Environmental Protection Agency for years now … and are likely to kill it off completely under Trump.

  9. That should have read.. ‘hammering nails into the coffin of’
    … wish we could edit our own typo’s (web admin take note! – it’s easy to allow contributors to edit their own content in WordPress)

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