Protest outside Third Energy fracking information event

KM8 170831 1

Gathering outside Third Energy meeting in Kirby Misperton, 31 August 2017. Photo: Frack Free Ryedale

Frack Free Ryedale said about 250 people opposed to plans by Third Energy to frack a well in North Yorkshire gathered outside an information meeting organised by the company today. 

Proposals for a test frack of the KM8 well got planning permission in 2016, despite more than 4,000 objections from across the country.  The company still needs final approval from the government. The BBC was reporting tonight that Third Energy said it would “definitely” begin fracking before the end of the year.

The company said:

“The KM8 community drop-in session at Kirby Misperton Village Hall has been an opportunity for members of the public to have their questions answered and to learn how we will be protecting the environment and ensuring safe operations.”

Many people remain firmly opposed to Third Energy’s plans and some have said they will try to stop the fracking taking place.

KM8 170831 2

Sue Gough at gathering outside Third Energy meeting in Kirby Misperton. Photo: Frack Free Ryedale

Sue Gough (pictured above) from Little Barugh, who lives two miles from the site of the test-frack, joined the gathering outside the event. She said:

“How dare Third Energy force their way into our villages? They have no community support for fracking here, or anywhere else in Yorkshire.”

Steve Mason, who lives locally and owns a business, said:

“I am far from reassured about the whole process and the effect it will have on our local community. I feel we are being railroaded into accepting an industry that we don’t need in the UK.”

Jon Magers, who attended from Beverley in East Yorkshire, drew attention to the wording of an exhibition board which said: “The statement ‘All Wells Fail’ is totally untrue”. He responded:

“How do they know? Do they have clairvoyance into the future?”

KM8 170831 3

Panel from the Third Energy exhibition

Mr Mager also raised concerns about a panel which said: “Water will be treated and eventually processed for release to the water cycle”. He said:

“I wonder where: the Derwent catchment area? The North Sea? Re-injected into the aquifer?

Bishop Graham Cray and Rev Jackie Cray, who live in Kirby Misperton, said:

“As the clergy taking services at St Laurence Church, while we await the arrival of a new vicar, we are horrified to hear that Third Energy have avoided the need to establish a baseline survey of our listed and much loved church building, just to evade responsibility for any damage they might cause.”

Third Energy said this evening:

“We welcomed a number of community members who object to our plans to discuss their concerns with members of my team.

“Third Energy fully respects people’s right to lawful and peaceful protest, we trust that those who do object to our plans will also respect our rights, and the rights of Ryedale residents, to go about our business lawfully and peacefully as operations continue in the coming months.”

The company said any questions should be emailed to northyorkshire@third-energy.com.”



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  1. You guys need to read about the demand for water from fracking operations in TEXAS (when oil cos say they are not fracking, they are still going to use the same amount of water)… where will they get the water from in Surrey? Which councilors will FREEZE the cost of water for the next 10 years to ensure the public do not have to pay for increased price due to increased demand?

    Forget the crops.http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/texas/article/Fracking-related-water-issues-draw-attention-in-11727124.php

  2. incidentally I was reading an interesting article that potentially harmful emissions in the USA have declined by 14% since 2006. It is due entirely to Shale gas. As for Cindy . I don’t think that the UK is short of water, too much of it maybe. The problem we have with water is storage and it costs the water companies a lot of money. So instead of building new reservoirs they blame the customer ‘instead’ for wasting water… Did you ever hear a bakers complaining that their customers eat too much bread ? Incidentally water is not absolutely necessary in fracking, perhaps it is present in the drilling mud, but not in great quantities, just enough to keep is flowing around the bit. It is pumped back up and reused.
    Instead of water, fracking can be carried out using high pressure gas, such as methane. The advantages of using a gas is that it is recoverable and is re-useable and it cannot be contaminated by radio activity. A lot of wells in the USA are fracked using gas. After the drilling is over they can resell the gas, or compress it back into tankers to re-use elsewhere

  3. 250 protestors? These figures are pathetic. Just shows the idea that large scale numbers are opposed is a myth.

    • So Mr. GottaBKidding, please tell me what a Community has to gain when the frackers come knocking?
      We live near PNR and the only new jobs in the area are a couple of dozen security staff to secure the site and the farmer landowners house! Other technical staff have been imported. All these posts are temporary because they will become automated and monitored from a remote location due to the toxicity of the environment as the police, the protestors/protectors and other staff are finding out now drilling has commenced.
      The actual shale gas recovered is forecast by industry experts to be far less than the investment salespeople at Cuadrilla have been promising and will cost a lot more to recover than predicted due to the English weather, determined 24hr protesting and very high legal claims from people, businesses and landowners damaged by the fracking process imposed in Lancashire against our Democratic will!

      • What’s with this ‘community’ nonsense. You simply live in an area that potentially hosts underground gas. From the photos I see these ‘communities’ could do with some new faces.
        The world population is rocketing, times are changing and rural life will be a thing of the past. Enjoy it whilst it lasts.

        • [Edited by moderator] GottaBKidding says rural life will be a thing of the past. Where does he/she think that farm products will come from?

          • [Edited by moderator] Small time rural farming is inevitably dying to make way for super farms.
            Don’t get me wrong I like being able to go to the countryside like anyone else but I am also aware that cities are rapidly expanding and more and more green belt is being built on. It is simply a product of dramatic population growth and it’s not going to stop.

        • I hardly think that the fracking version of nihilism and fearmongering will win any votes GottaB?

          Doomed! Were all Doomed! Doomed i say!

          “Stop rolling your eyes GottaBFraser!”

          Anyway what do you have against communities? Do they dare to stand up to totalitarian fracking invaders? Like farmers and protesters and Green Party members, councillors and anyone who writes to dare to criticise the precious oh so frackers from desecrating and carving up and contaminating the entire country?

          That list is getting longer and longer every day isnt it? eventually the only ones who will be supporting fracking will be crowded behind razor wire cages and police cordons? And then what? Maybe even the government will disown fracking and claim they were fooled by promises of money and honeyed words.

          Why would you ever object to the ever growing list of those who oppose the actions of the pernicious invaders just as we have opposed every other invader into this, still, green and pleasant land.

          Perhaps these new faces you talk of are the ones who intend to invade our communities and seek to live and drink and feed in those communities from the very clean land and water they intend to pollute and desecrate? i wonder what we can do about that?

          Perhaps you are referring to immigration? Do you think that people coming here escaping from conflict war and murder in their own country will be any less against totalitarian regimes when they find them here too? isn’t that what they are escaping in the first place? Do you think they will not recognise the same activities greed and avarice here and do nothing to prevent it? more likely they will stand up and be counted, just as we are doing. Compromised Police aggression and corrupt government, corporate invasion and desecration?
          That is nothing to what they are escaping from?
          I say welcome, and stand with us here and now to protect our land and our water and our health and all our future with us to stop it here before it gets like those corporate war zones.

          Our parents and grand parents lived through two terrible world wars, many wars have raged across the world since then, it seems we left a lot undone after the last ones, and the legacy comes around again.
          When these insanities stop, or hesitate for a while, we discover what happened on all sides. We always say:

          “Never Again, and Never Here”

          Well its seems the totalitarian imperative has changed its spots, now it works from within, divide and conquer, corrupt and replace, it is all coming around again, right here, where our parents said “Never Again”, perhaps subsequent generations forget what it was like for their predecessors with a bit of peace and easy living for some, but it goes on all over the world, and the movement for force to crush reason rises out of its hiding place once more, and now we have to go through it all again.

          We never asked for this, nor did any previous generations, but it is here and it is now.

          Well, So Be It.

          Never Again, and Never Here.

  4. What bizarre arguments Vernon. I tried various combinations of search terms like ‘USA shale fracking using gas’ and couldn’t find a thing. What are your leads on that? How does the gas combine with the slurry of sand and frack fluids to carry it into the target zones?

    Water catchments are not identical in the UK. Wales, Scotland and NI get a lot more rain water than other areas – areas which dry out more quickly. You can get hosepipe bans in summer in the drier parts for instance. It’s not a ‘fungible’ commodity as one pro-fracker tried to argue.

  5. If in doubt about the damage done to the Community when the frackers come visiting, just Google, fracking health, in the top line of the search engine. What comes out will horrify you!
    Also if you want to see how the Constabulary enforce fracking on a Community that resists, just search for PNR violence on You Tube. Again you will be horrified by the coverage of violence against peaceful protestors and bystanders. Often the weaker members of the anti-fracking movement are targeted, in particular look for the assaults against wheelchair bound folks, against a peaceful elderly gentleman with walking sticks and lady just out of hospital following brain surgery! Truly sickening!
    At PNR our local schools are due to return soon, the nearest being Weeton St. Michaels Primary which is less than one mile downwind from the fracking pad. Will this be evacuated when the flaring or cold venting starts? Who knows, perhaps the parents and teachers attending should find out quick!

  6. Just about explains the absolute depths some have sunk to with their constant fake news. Keep it in USA cindy, we don’t want it here. KM is in YORKSHIRE not SURREY. No plans for fracking in Surrey, one small test planned for Yorkshire, within an existing gas site, an attempt to prolong the life of an existing facility, currently owned by a bank who I suspect would like to increase the value of their asset that they want to sell (UK banks continuing to dispose of non core assets.)
    We already have oil wells in the south of England, indeed Europe’s largest producing oil site is in the south of England. No problem from them with water demand-the water demand problem is from a huge increase in house building, most of which will have two cars to take them to the two expanding international airports in south of England ie. an increasing demand for oil and gas.

    Another Inconvenient Truth.

    • The concept of inconvenient truths are further buried by the industry prospecting for convenient lies where fracking is concerned.
      The anti anti howls that o€$¥£&g exploitation of fracked gas in UK being vital for the continuation of civilisation is just another convenient lie. An investigation into the true purpose of fracking reveals that it is nothing more than profiteering at the expense of the environment and the British tax payer.
      That is the real inconvenient truth.

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