Green Party leader to quiz Cuadrilla about emergencies at fracking site

pnr 180614 Jonathan Bartley

Jonathan Bartley (second left) in the entrance of the Cuadrilla site at Preston New Road, 14 June 2018. Photo: Green Party

The Green Party Co-leader, Jonathan Bartley, said today he would be raising community concerns with Cuadrilla about what would happen in an emergency at the company’s fracking site.


During a visit to campaigners outside the Preston New Road site, he said:

“Local people are not being told what to do in the event of an emergency.

“Anywhere else, in any other site or public building, you would have these procedures in place and people would know what to do.

“This is not happening here and it is simply unacceptable.”

He also said people wanted to know about the future of fracking at Preston New Road.

“Are Cuadrilla going to be here five years, 10 years, 20 years.

“Are they going to make this, as I think has said, the fracking capital of Europe.

“If so, local people need to know about it. If they’re not, the investors need to know about but someone doesn’t seem to be telling the whole story.”

Mr Bartley is due to meet Cuadrilla executives at the site tomorrow. He said other community concerns included the impacts of fracking water and what would happen to the waste.  

pnr 180614 Jonathan Bartley Tina Rothery

Jonathan Bartley at Preston New Road, 14 June 2018. Photo: Tina Rothery


Earlier, Mr Bartley had accused Cuadrilla of “bully tactics” and “curtailing dissent” in seeking an injunction against fracking protests at Preston New Road:

“The frackers have tried to stop peaceful protest in Lancashire – but we will not be silenced. Fracking is a dying industry and it is time the Government finished it off for good.

“Across the country we have seen injunctions rolled out in a bid to curtail dissent, from the fracking site at Preston New Road to the tree campaign in Sheffield. But we will not give in to these bully tactics.

“Fracking for gas will wreck our climate targets and risks contaminating local environments. The community in Lancashire said no to fracking here and it is an honour to join them on the front line of this fight.

“Instead of pursing the dirty, dangerous fracking industry the Government should be investing in cheaper, cleaner renewable energy for the future.”

Francis Egan 9 Lancashire for Shale

Francis Egan, Chief Executive of Cuadrilla. Photo: Lancashire for Shale

Cuadrilla issued a statement this afternoon responding to Mr Bartley’s comments. The company’s Chief Executive, Francis Egan, said:

“Our recent High Court injunction has had, and will have, no impact on legal protest. It is in place to protect the legal rights of our workers, suppliers and the people of Lancashire who have been impacted in going about their daily business by an extraordinary level of unlawful protest at Preston New Road over the last year. Illegal protest, peaceful or not, should not be allowed to prevent law abiding workers doing their daily job. The right to work is as important as the right to protest.

“Mr Bartley has requested to visit our Preston New Road site and we have gladly agreed to that and look forward to showing him how shale gas will be safely and responsibly explored for and produced.”

The interim injunction, which was awarded by Judge Pelling QC on 1 June, prohibits obstruction of the Preston New Road Highway or the shale exploration site entrance and also prohibits direct action such as blockades, lorry climbs or against named suppliers to Cuadrilla. Breaching a High Court injunction carries very serious penalties for those found guilty.”

Legal papers on the injunction, including the court order, are online at:


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  1. “See, sometimes my normal good humour finds it difficult to forgive the real consequences of some other’s activities.”

    That is our line martin, and has been all this time, glad you finally see it our way…….

  2. You mean altering course into a Tesla iceberg, Philip.P? Check your FACTS. There is a very good centre you can visit in Southampton-UK that is. The answer was to slow down, so that the speed was such that any iceberg was seen in time to alter course in the RIGHT DIRECTION. But that’s the antis for you-no practical solutions, just head off full steam ahead in a different direction without knowing what is over the horizon!

    Sorry, Jack. Once again your grasp of investing needs some homework. Do you honestly expect many investors invested in Igas for the long term? Most will have invested to ride the waves, sell at the top, buy back in at the bottom and keep that going. Just take a look at the share price history of most of these companies. That is the way investors make their money UNTIL the company strikes big and then they probably hold on, or sell out if the price rockets. Do you seriously think the majority of investors don’t recognise that? With on-line trading it is a different ball game. Just take a look at UKOG yesterday. Investors may have sold and made a 50% return, recognising they could buy back in today, or shortly, at a much lower price-either ending up with a greater number of shares or the same and a pocket full of dosh-as these traders refer to! These are not the sort of companies where many shares are bought and stuck away in a drawer for years. Sorry to burst your bubble, but most times there is a process delay and the share price drops, the hungry hoards load up with discount shares to sell on again when it rises-as long as the fundamentals remain the same. I think you are confusing Igas with M&S!


    In response to your above post…..

    YOU are WRONG, WRONG once again.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, for ANYONE wishing to confirm 100% what I say…. I ask that you Google search , IGAS SHARE CHAT .

    In doing so you will notice when scrolling through the Private Investors webchat from 2015 to the present day, that there is a clear and present tone of desperation and anxiety,. As on the one hand they try and talk up the share price , but yet on the other they panic as they watch the share price collapse ….

    Because a lot of them are down by as much as …. 98% on their original investment. THEY ARE BY THEIR OWN WORDS MARTIN , holding on LONG TERM to their investment in the hope it will recover with the introduction of widespread Fracking being impossed on an unwilling public in the UK.

    I WONDER HOW MANY of these IGAS Private Investors are on here trying to TALK UP Fracking.

    MARTIN YOU SAY , quote ” Most will have invested to ride the waves, sell at the top, ”

    WRONG ……. MOST have rode the waves to the bottom and they ARE STILL THERE .

  4. How is it Jack you fail to realise that what you see on chat sites, is not necessarily the be all and end all of a situation? Perhaps you believe DOD is representative of peoples opinions around on shore oil and gas? Bless. I hope you don’t believe everything else you can find on the Internet.

    Mathematics homework Jack. How many appear on Igas chat sites on a regular basis, and how many of them are genuine? How many shares are in issue? Is it then likely small factors will bounce the share price around and some may then take advantage of it? If they did, would it be in their interest to share that on a chat board, to alert others? Try the common sense test, but don’t try trading these sort of companies yourself. It could be costly.

    If they are doing what you say Jack, why didn’t they top up at 75p and sell a short while later at 125p to reduce their pain? Why didn’t they then buy in again at 100p or below as further mitigation? You can check the facts. They are there on the Internet so must be true. If they missed all these opportunities and are down 98% then they should be sectioned. But I know there are a lot more than two thirds who knew what they were doing.

    • MARTIN

      YOU ask WHY ???

      The ANSWER is simple , when you have done in ALL your CASH and common sense tells you that after gauging and watching the steadfast, long term public resistance to Fracking. Why would any SANE person with more than two brain cells in their head throw GOOD MONEY after BAD by investing more ????

      When a company has reached the bottom and has skirted along there for so long , why would people invest more money ????

      If you NEED any more confirmation about the IGAS shareholders commitment to the company , I suggest you Google and look at the IGAS SHAREHOLDERS ACTION GROUP .

      Long Term suffering , SORRY I mean long term commitment to the company is in their own Resolutions Contract for which a number of big Private Investors agreed to .

      • MARTIN ,

        WE HAVE ALL been burnt by bad investments in our lives..

        Investments……. you pay your money and take your chances ….. SOME YOU WIN and SOME YOU LOSE .

        The smart investor NEVER throws good money after bad …… Fracking has and will continue to be a bad investment for as long as their is NO SOCIAL LICENCE from the general public..

        The smart investor WILL ONLY come back in if he/she is lucky enough to sense a wind of change and in doing so invest at the beginning of such a change .

  5. Is “rizalino” real Jack?

    Or lithium, Sherwulfe. See Savannah. Or Poly 4. See Sirius. These are two exceptions (not a lot more) where long term holders on AIM can have made good returns. Most other situations, investors look to buy when they think price is low and then sell when a return is available. Letting go is not a crime on AIM but should be viewed as pretty necessary. The majority of AIM companies need to repeat their financing regularly and for some time, which usually dilutes the PI value. If you ignore that then there will inevitably be problems. Most investors at UKOG will have noted the comments from the company and knew finances were about to be raised and acted accordingly.

    I know the antis like to ignore the realities and claim success where there is none, but all it does is prove to others they are unaware of the facts and therefore resort to fiction. Only works if the others are equally unaware.

    But for a real gamble, how about Tesla? I can imagine a few thousand sacked employees might give that one a miss, whilst they look for an “alternative” job. Perhaps Mr. Musk will cut back on his “perks”?

    • MARTIN,

      I have looked at ” rizalino ” on the Igas share chat webpage and I am of the opinion, that that particular person is NOT an investor …

      JUST someone trying to get a laugh from getting under the skin of the REAL investors on the IGAS share chat page..

      If ” rizalino ” is reading this , I would urge he/she to direct their energy in to educating the public about the possible dangers of Fracking and not try and re-educate the beleaguered IGAS investor as to the error of their ways .

  6. Fracking Jack? I thought Igas were not fracking yet? Strange that. No fracking but an investor could have turned £75k into £125k within three months. Was the bottom 75p or 125p Jack? What are the fundamentals that have changed between 75p and 125p?

    More maths homework needed.

    Yes, I’m sure some made a mistake when they bought and sold Igas. That’s life. MANY more will have done just the same with M&S. And in that case, it will be within quite a few pensions and the pensioners had no direct control over it. They will probably be unaware of it and don’t therefore whinge. Maybe a few Igas investors made the wrong decision/timing and they whinge. It’s what it is, not what you would like to think it is.

    All investments come with multiple warnings that you can lose as well as gain. People still spend their money and go and watch football. If they spend more money than they can afford, that is their choice, it’s not compulsory.

    • OK …… LET’S split the hairs again MARTIN ,

      They have NOT YET conducted Fracking or CBM extraction in the UK , BUT they want to , oh boy do they want to .

      STRONG HEAD WINDS from a determined public is the only thing that has held them back .

      YES , you will have little jumps in the share price and a LUCKY investor or someone in the know will jump in and out , just at the right time .

      OTHERS will have jumped in at £1.24 thinking it’s on the up , just to see it slump to £0.98 today ….

      Look at the 5 year share price graph on the company ….. Look how low it has gone and how low it has continued to stay .

  7. Ahh, at last we agree (your 6.07pm post.)

    But whilst two thirds of the general public HAVE NOT withdrawn their social licence for test fracking, your central point is just poor maths. Might be the same problem some of the Igas investors had as well-in which case they should have stuck to something they understood. $70/barrel can feature quite heavily within some equations.

    (By the way, I don’t hold any Igas shares. Too bouncy currently for my modest tastes.)

    Must get back to the garden before the strawberries get “fracked”.

    Have a good weekend.

    • Always a pleasure debating with you MARTIN and I do genuinely mean that in a nice way ….

      Speaking for myself , it’s good and sometimes educational to see things from an different point of view .

      BEST WISHES for the weekend .

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