Sailing governing body urged to oppose Ineos sponsorship of UK America’s Cup team

181010 Ineos letter hand-in Talk Fracking2

Joe Corre, of Talk Fracking, hands in letter to World Sailing opposing Ineos sponsorship of the UK America’s Cup team, 10 October 2018. Photo: Richard Hillgrove

A group of campaigners, academics and environmental organisations has called on World Sailing to oppose the Ineos sponsorship of the UK America’s Cup team because of the company’s involvement in fracking.

In an open letter to World Sailing President, Kim Anderson, the signatories said the presence of Ineos Team UK undermined the governing body’s “commitments to respecting and safeguarding our environment”.

Open letter to World Sailing president Kim Anderson on Ineos sponsorship of UK Americas Cup team

The letter, written by the human rights lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, said:

“The ongoing presence of Ineos Team UK in World Sailing’s headline event single-handedly shatters these endeavours, bringing both World Sailing, and yourself, into disrepute. This is not ‘very environmentally aware’ behaviour that World Sailing claims to embody and promote.”

The signatories, which include Greenpeace, Break Free from Plastic movement, anti-fracking and climate action groups, Food and Water Watch and other human rights lawyers, called on World Sailing to end its silence about Ineos’ sponsorship of the UK team.

They said the America’s Cup competition should not be associated with a company which, they said, was “known for its environmentally destructive practices and ongoing assault on the democratic right to protest.”

Ineos holds the largest number of shale gas exploration licences in the UK. Last year, it was granted an injunction against protests at its shale gas sites in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire. In central Scotland, Ineos faces prosecution over failing to limit pollution from gas flaring near Grangemouth.

The letter also suggested that the Ineos sponsorship was incompatible with World Sailing’s commitment to address the crisis of plastic pollution in oceans. It said:

“Ineos is about fracking, plastics and pollution of our climate and oceans – not about the ethical and environmental standards of the World Sailing Association.”

The letter was delivered to World Sailing’s headquarters in London by Joe Corre, founder of the campaign group, Talk Fracking. He was accompanied by a 6ft tall model penguin, dolphin, fish and seagull with plastic bags over the heads.

Mr Corre said:

“World Sailing entertaining the greenwasher INEOS as a sponsor of the America’s Cup entrant Team UK smacks of total hypocrisy. They must make a stand on behalf of our oceans, drowning in plastic”.

“Sir Ben Ainslie should be ashamed of himself taking US$153 million of Jim Ratcliffe’s dirty money to enter the America’s Cup. Ben Ainslie turning a blind eye to what Ineos really are doesn’t cut it”.

Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director and Founder of Food & Water Watch said:

“Plastic production wreaks havoc on people and the planet—from the fracking wells and pipelines in Pennsylvania to the beaches and oceans across the globe that are polluted by plastic manufactured in Scotland and elsewhere.

“We are literally drowning In plastic, and companies like Ineos are making billions with the destruction of our climate and oceans. It is time to unite and stop them once and for all.”

World Sailing’s chief executive, Andy Hunt, said

“World Sailing does not sanction or otherwise approve sponsorship of competitors or teams. Advertising by facing boats must comply with World Sailing’s Advertising Code within the Racing Rules of Sailing which includes an obligation for all advertising to meet generally accepted moral and ethical standards.

“World Sailing has laid out its own ambitious commitment to help create a better world through sport through Sustainability Agenda 2030 and we have no reason to believe that the 36th America’s Cup will not comply with World Sailing policy.

“World Sailing’s Sustainability Agenda 2030 outlines how the sport will contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. The Sustainability Agenda 2030 is split up into World Sailing’s six main operational areas with a total of 56 different targets. The targets range from participation to gender equality, water quality to single use plastic.”

DrillOrDrop invited Ineos to comment. This post will be updated with any response.

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  1. Isn’t this bullying and coersion and intimidation to achieve your political gain. INEOS has all the right to believe or invest in a ligit business like fracking. These mob just can’t go and tell other people to gang up on another just because of their personal view.

      • So if you ‘believe’ in the business, even though it will pollute the planet and will contribute to the death of billions through climate change, it’s okay? Bollocks to that TW!

    • You are desperate to control the narrative but that’s not your privilege in ethics, as the bully boys of Frackworld use mass force.
      Force eliminates ethics. Transparency and enquiry sponsors the necessary humility for it.
      Check out Socrates and the ethical influence of Truth that he had on Athens’ naval captains, in their smashing of the statues of the Gods prior to being forced and failing to triumph ( deliberately) in Sicily.
      Oh you great innocent defender of choice that you wish to be. Try a course in teach yourself influencing others by example instead.

      The IPCC report declares the facts in the service of Truth in this contemporary age of a loss in faith in Man as the redemptive servant of the Divine. So the Fracking is known seen and understood as War by other means….. as you cannot defeat the Truth, in its sacrifice above all else, whatever semantic distortion you throw at it, but refuse to feel the impact of.

      Smashing the mirror of self congratulation takes away your drilling pride and vanity .. obtained by flaunting Ineos’ drilling machinery mindset …as success and credo.
      You and all the other pupeteering mouthpieces of the dystopian Frackworld on here and other blogs.

      Until and unless you are stopped. That is your sub text definition of Truth. Those whom you espouse use it all the time to bomb , drill or frack.
      Truth is not self evident in this industrialized Trumpism, it only exists if and when ‘you grab ’em by the pussy’, off the internet in reality.
      And then it ain’t truth, it’s just his little Oedipus drill that he wanted for his amoral, pleb, poverty-stricken, desperate mamma to love. In a time when the USA welcomed refugees.And so it goes with all the big little boys on their rigs, playing God to their gormless mammas and pappas.

      Now just 71 petrochemical companies together with their military industrial strategist friends create refugeees even in their own, others and our own countries.First Yorkshire then Surrey then anywhere… even under retreating ice sheets in Greenland.

      First you disempower people, then you give them hope.
      Lastly , you offer them choice, once they have lost control of their divine lives in the service of a machine led false God mentality that is at permanent war.

      English frack and kill atheist version available.

  2. I think Sir Jim is quite used to it TW. He will continue to support good causes with his money that he earned himself, and if others want to sneer at that and criticise the source of that he can easily identify that he is doing his bit to try and increase the health of the nation. That’s why he is Sir. Not too sure the fashion industry is too smart at that, but of course those with profit gained out of that can always dish it around to good causes.

    I’m afraid all the contestants will be in the buff, as there is not much suitable clothing left once you remove any “contentious” source. Now, that would be a photo opportunity.

    It is a very poor attempt at a PR photo opportunity. If you looked at the sponsors of the other teams the same silliness could be applied.

  3. Rarely serious Sherwulfe, but always researched!

    You could join me-very easy. All the information is out there, the rest of us have found it quite easily.

    Monaco? Bit like the South of France I suspect. Might be a little different to Switzerland, London or Hampshire (probably missed one or two). Each has it’s merits.

    • ‘Rarely serious Sherwulfe, but always researched!’ -Yes I am; maybe you could follow?
      ‘You could join me-very easy’ – now let me think……………nope 😉

  4. Fracking is the western cor-pirate response to maintaining the imposition of 19th and 20th century energy models through their stockmarket, thieving buccaneers.

    All forms of elite sponsor-ship defines the mutual backslapping of those who are prisoners not captains of industry and its bastard child , war by economic or military means.

    Ineos and all of the fracking western industry, the coal industry of China and the global petro-chemical industries are out of time but still playing ‘petropoly’ like bullying brats.

    But the definitive conclusion is : Will you divest into and promote leadership across industry for change or do you want and choose war by other means ?

    Fracking sponsorship of cor-pirate events is the equivalent of putting yesterday’s naked models on expensive cars…
    It’s designed to make you equate image with success.
    Except this time the machine drilling penis is fracking the life out of our planet that Ineos is pissing on with their scurvy -filled, pox- laden brew.

  5. I think Jack the comment is within the context of the two thirds majority who are NOT saying no to fracking. Some of the one third minority who are saying no have been a bit naughty in doing so, as can be readily established by the numbers of arrests to date that this minority have clocked up. Perhaps the hard working, decent etc. should have been a bit more careful about who they were getting a helping hand from, as their hands held the tar brush?

  6. Nope? Well, we could tell that already Sherwulfe.

    Good job I am rarely serious. Leandre rather spoils the lure of that, but then I am no longer a member of the NUS and I might just identify what INEOS does apart from fracking, which they are not even doing-yet.

    Yesterday’s naked models? Hmm. When I was working in agricultural marketing we did use some models (not naked) in shots with livestock. I remember we always had more complaints about the appearance of the livestock than that of the models. I suppose it just proves a farmer will associate the appearance of the pig with his idea of success, rather than the model. Maybe that’s agriculture, and in metropolitan areas they are more easily diverted? Now that could be a really interesting topic for a university debate.

  7. I see the anti point quite clearly, no problem at all…

    Just remove plastic boats from the race and replace with wooden, problem solved…

    • Arent floating gin palaces named after Bachus? Cant get the red diesel engines out of third gear? Ooops! there goes the jetty! And the naked models!

      Left hand down a bit Jim…..

      Everybody down!

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