IGas signals start of drilling at Tinker Lane

Conductor rig at TL IGas1

Conductor rig at IGas site at Tinker Lane. Photo: IGas

The shale gas company, IGas, has given notice to local people that it is ready to start drilling at one of its sites in north Nottinghamshire.

The Tinker Lane shale gas exploration site, near Blyth, had been expected to be drilled first, followed by Springs Road, Misson.

IGas told residents:

“As per our requirements under the planning permission, we have written to Nottinghamshire County Council to inform them that we intend to commence Phase 2 (drilling). We are required to do this between 7 and 14 days before we intend to commence Phase 2.

“Please note, the commencement of Phase 2 does NOT mean the immediate commencement of drilling but, rather, the allows us to undertake final preparations ahead of the arrival of the drilling rig.”

Site construction work began at Tinker Lane in November 2017 and equipment for the pilot hole began to be delivered in May 2018. In August, the company told investors there had been some delays in final preparations and the first well would be spudded (initial drilling) in the final quarter of the year (DrillOrDrop report)

A spokesperson for Frack Free South Yorkshire said:

“Despite completely failing to gain social licence, against thousands of objections and continual protests, IGas is proceeding to drill for a gas that we do not want and we do not need.

“Last week’s IPCC report made it clear that we have to stop using fossil fuels in the next 12 years. Therefore, the last thing we need is a new source of fossil fuels.

“But IGas and government are not listening. In fact energy minister Claire Perry seems to think we are reliant on gas from Putin when, according to her own department, less than 1% of the gas we use is of Russian origin. If our energy minister’s understanding is so flawed then no wonder poor decisions are being made.”

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  1. A good week for all – Cuadrilla fracking at PNR, no earthquakes, I Gas ready to go at Tinker Lane and three imprisoned protestors released on appeal.

  2. Soon to be two sites, then three then four and so the story goes.
    No earthquakes, no contaminated water (go and study chemistry) but probably a few benefit bustas locked up (showers mandatory).

  3. Sadie Love fracking protester has been sectioned under the mental health act and is being forcefully medicated.
    “We see this as a political ABDUCTION. UPDATE: Friends have visited and#Sadie has been force medicated already. She is held under Section 2 for 28 days.”

    • Thanks Liz, Ruth and Paul, can you perhaps look into this?
      It just goes to show that we can never be fooled into being complacent for one second. The growing Stalinist sanction of sectioning individuals if they disagrees with the state is becoming a greater problem than arrests.

      • PHIL C

        You are correct and these type of actions will continue whilst the people allow it.

        As John F Kennedy said in one of his 1960s speeches .

        ” The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.”

        • Jack
          Sectioning people under the mental health act and so on is not specific to those who are against fracking.

          Should we not wait for more information on this prior to saying that the NHS is sectioning people as they disagree with government policy?

          Or is it just enough to say one thinks that is the case for it to be factual?

        • Hi Jackthelad,

          Of course it has nothing to do with the NHS, its just a Stalinist strategy initiated by the courts with a compliant psychologist or two? There is another case when a woman mentioned the 5g dangers to her GP and got sectioned even though she provided scientific evidence.

          There is a growing strategy in government to label people with dementia and mental health problems, that was the pre cursor to labelling everyone who disagrees with government as mentally ill. Blatant Stalinist gulag strategy. There is also the recent Teresa May speech declaring the strategy of “official propaganda” which basically means lying, disinformation, obfuscation and the burying of anything dangerous to the state behind diversions and false flag events.

          Someone said “if you tell a big lie often enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually believe it and repeat it to others as if it was the truth”

          It is interesting to see the reaction from the industry hot deskers isnt it? Whenever a potentially dangerous subject crops up there are always a number of types of responses. One will try to bury the subject by saying “nothing to see here, move along please” and the other is simply rabid screaming insult, sort of “good” frack bad frack, of course there is only bad frack really but it is always heavily camouflaged?
          The third is interminable irrelevant meanderings about anything but the subject that was raised as if that has anything to do with the subject, which it hasn’t.

          The fourth response is no response at all, simply silence and immediately change the subject and answer some other post as if that was important.

          Look at any reply to really important subjects and you will notice those strategies at work, some here may think they are talking to real independent people with individual views, but any long term association will show that the strategies are always the same.

          The use of the mental health act to silence objectors to anything, is obviously a three on the response scale, try to close down the subject using the nothing to see here, move along please, verbal insult and the third is interminable irrelevance.

          You can always tell when you really hit their nerve endings when they refuse to reply and immediately make a quick cover up move to change the subject or fill the page full of nonsense to move it to the next page, then spout more irrelevant nonsence, preferably antagonistic, subject safely buried.

          Fascinating isnt it?

      • I’m pretty sure that simply disagreeing with our powers that be will never get you sectioned (in othr countries, possibly). Crazy actions that demonstrate questionable mental health, and whilst in a public place, on the other hand (yes, the one that’s not locked onto a heavy object whilst you lie in the middle of the road obstructing lawful business and people from doing their thing), well…

      • The Mental Health Act is complicated but if I remember rightly (long retired from Mental Health services) the process of Sectioning requires the agreement of a Consultant Psychiatrist, another doctor, usually the GP, and an independent Health Professional, usually a Social Worker. And the nearest relative has the right to appeal to an Independent Tribunal against detention. The Police do have the right to detain a person they consider mentally disturbed in a public place and take them to a place of safety for a few hours until they can be assessed as above. Anyone who has spent time in an inner city will know the reasons for that Police power. Take it from me the Police & the Mental Health Services have enough to do working within their very limited budgets without getting involved in Fracking issues. [Edited by moderator]

        • Shalewatcher et al
          There is a fair amount of comment about sectioning said lady on Reddit, which is quite interesting.
          Quite a few from the NHS comment on it.
          It seems ( from the chat ) that Sadie was let out after 6 hours.
          Maybe Liz can confirm this, as we only have a fraction of the story on here.

    • Liz

      I have a relative who works in mental health, and a challenging job it is.
      I asked her about this case and she thought it was a bit sad that others would seek to make political capital from the unfortunate circumstances of another ( it was more colourful language ).

      Maybe the said lady had no past history of mental issues, never had any discourse with the NHS and has been plucked from the street forcibly, sectioned and medicated against her will out of the blue.

      Hard to tell as there is no context or background to the assertion that this is political abduction, something that the accusers have to hand I guess.

      But perhaps the thought that the NHS has abducted someone is interesting in itself.

  4. Well FFSY, tell you what, as you don’t want it and you don’t need it, suggest you don’t use it -paying the extra for a green tariff, and we will do so.

    I remember exactly the same false arguments for the Newbury bypass. Was a nonsense at the time, and proven to be a bigger nonsense over subsequent years. Of course, those who protested are welcome to avoid using it, the majority utilise it whenever necessary, pollution is reduced and local and national income eg. taxation income, is increased.

    • Martin why don’t you put you money where your mouth is a move into one of the areas where fracking is due to occur. Very easy to criticise others when you are no where near, but that is standard for you.

      Comebacks about housing developments that may or may not be near where you live, tankers sailing past and Newbury bypass are unrelated guff that you think will somehow validate your opinion. They don’t, and just go to prove that you out of touch with the communities affected and do not have a clue with regard to local opinion.

  5. The NHS can help with your “addiction”, crembrule. But, only if they receive the money via taxation of UK industry.

    How do you know what contact I have with such communities? I certainly do, and know many within them are not only unsupportive of the antis but are very much against their activities. Yes, in terms of social media etc. they are not interested to spread their opinion. If you want to feel it does not exist that is your choice, but when the tracking survey shows that two thirds are not against fracking it is impossible to reconcile.

    But keep on fabricating a narrative when others views don’t match your own. Mind you, your posts rarely seem to have a content of your own views. Quite informative on how you think you can “advance” your cause eg. tankers sailing past????!!!! Sailing past where? Tankers I have referred to are oil tankers steaming (with emissions) not sailing, to a refinery from thousands of miles away to deposit oil to be processed for current UK use, whilst protestors try and stop UK on shore oil being produced to mitigate against that. You may or may not think that happens, but DYOR and you will see it does. You will probably not, but others have and will do so. They may find out another on shore UK oil well has been declared commercial this am., which will do a little bit of that.

    I have asked this question before, and found it was so uncomfortable no one could deal with it.

    What will happen if current and proposed fracking tests are successful, and without significant issue, and then production sites are established feeding SIGNIFICANT income to those communities? All quite possible, but something the antis have avoided so far with scaremongering and alternative stories of zero production. The reality might be quite different. Local “opinion” would react accordingly-it always does.

    • GAME FOR A LAUGH ??? ……… The caring Pro-Frackers, HAHA

      FIRST ladies and Gentlemen may I ask you to Google IGAS share price and then click share chat . You need to be aware about the extreme child like bitterness that boils within some of these shareholders conversations.

      As you will clearly see , this is nothing to do with , jobs for British people, Tax revenue for the government, support for the NHS, care for the elderly, warmth for the poor .

      This is plain and simple greed in all its raw and nasty form. Remember a lot of these will be heavily down on their investments .

      These people don’t give a monkeys about your community , or you or your families health . It’s all about MONEY and to try and claim differently is laughable.

      Don’t take my word for it , click on the IGAS share chat webpage and decide for yourself if these are the MOTHER TERESA types or greedy bitter investors.

      You will also note that some openly admit they read and post on the Drill Or Drop page.

  6. And you still think those who post on chat sites are representative of the population, Jack???


    Chat sites for “investors” are no different, except they include a high proportion of posters trying to manipulate the market for their own ends, some even paid to do so.

    Therefore two thirds on DoD should not be against fracking? Hmm, and JacktheLad falls at the first fence and all bets are off, investment lost.

    Shock, horror-people who invest in companies do so to make a profit. Maybe one day you will enjoy a pension-but enjoy may be the wrong term if those investments make a loss.

    Perhaps a bit of homework on Capital Gains Taxation would help you out?

    • Sorry MARTIN, your of target again ..

      We’re all, very clearly aware as to why people invest money in to a company.

      It’s the desperation, anger , bitterness towards all others who oppose the Fracking industry that’s quite an eye opener on the IGAS chat page.

      Its also the blind ignorance and total denial concerning the dangers of Fracking which is quite shocking .

      To coin a word from one of your later posts , it really is a place where ” Unicorns ” can roam freely .

      There are a number of people identicle to yourself on that chat forum , you woukd 100% fit in .

      Why give yourself stress and high blood pressure trying to convert forward thinking , educated people on here, that have already done their own research on Fracking…. On here, you’d have a better chance of trying to convince them the Moon is made of Swiss Cheese .

      • I am one who openly writes on both sites. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. I see some of the “anti” comments on this site as full of “childlike bitterness”. I suspect I resort to such comments sometimes myself. I am an an investor but I BELIEVE that fracking is the way forward for energy provision in this country.

  7. Actually, Ladies and Gentlemen, please refer to the same conversation Jack and I had on this subject some months ago, when he admitted, having checked, that the IGAS chat site was dominated by one particular individual who had their own agenda, and was playing a game of some sort. That individual was filtered by many and then appeared elsewhere doing exactly the same thing.

    Now, I haven’t revisited the IGAS site recently Jack, to see if an “attempt” to manipulate the price down to a fraction of it’s current level, is still being attempted but find it strange that Giggle now tells you something different than what you admitted to seeing a few months ago.

    Actually, it won’t. It is just that you think some may have forgotten, so time for another go. No, we have not forgotten.

    • HAHA , MARTIN ,

      Please clearly explain exactly what you are trying to fabricate / insinuate ????

      YES , I fully admit that I do from time to time check on the share chat pages/price of shale companies and other shale associates, SO WHAT ????

      It always pays to keep your finger on the pulse . To know how a company, financially has performed in the past and present, can give you an indication as to how it may perform and where it’s going in the future ….. I’m sure many other people on here, also do the same .

      As we’re talking about Oil and Gas chat forums MARTIN , what I can tell you for nothing , is that you get a far more leval headed, down to earth , rational thinking investor on the Angus Energy share chat page

  8. Ahh, I know when you are struggling Jack when you try the higher intelligence angle!

    Not sure constant Giggling demonstrates that, but if it makes you feel better, why not.

    Perhaps you might check what your intelligence level is perceived on other sites? Good way to avoid anything to do with facts, but other than that a little desperate, and hardly representative. But I will leave you to intelligently master English spelling.

    Bit of advice-if you are challenging IQs, make sure your challenge has sound foundations.

  9. This is the same Scotland SNP, who based independence on oil at $110/barrel and then it dropped to around $40/barrel? Who wished to use another’s currency without any support agreed? The same SNP who wish to give up the Barnett formula, and hope (in vain) it might be replaced by a Merkel formula? Who want full control of Scottish fisheries to put them back under Brussels control?

    What do I think?

    A bit more, than they do. I have a lot of good friends in Scotland who also think the day job failures indicates wider aspirations are just a diversion away from those failings. Cart before the horse doesn’t work. They might find out companies like INEOS can operate anywhere they chose and that makes them welcome.

    Yes, those who post on the Angus chat seem a good bunch, whilst the IGAS chat site has had it’s fair share of twerps but it is very simplistic to represent that those who appear on such sites represent the totality of the investors. Last time I looked at IGAS there were only a handful who were posting so simply demonstrated there was a large silent majority. For all you know Jack, they could all have been too busy at a Mensa meeting to post!

    By the way Jack, there are none on the IGAS site who are identical to me-I am unique! Actually, I have told you I am not invested there, so I will leave it at that difference, but there are others. Including, testing of fracking in UK will determine what issues there might be, and what benefits. Until then, there is speculation.

    • MARTIN ,

      Your above post , on that note .

      I suggest we both give our Warrior Keyboard Fingers a rest and call a truce for the evening .

      I will of course be back for more sparring .

      Regards , Jack

  10. Isn’t this pleasant, there seems to be a little club of joint LSE & Drill and Drop readers who have nothing better to do with our time than banter about energy policy. It’s Last of the Summer Wine all over again (with Vivienne Westwood as Nora Batty). Take care.

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