DrillOrDrop comment policy

Thank You For Speaking Out

29 May 2016

One of the aims of DrillOrDrop is to provide a forum for sharing information. It’s great to see so many comments, representing a wide range of views. Thank you for your contributions.

If you would like to share information with DrillOrDrop in confidence, please contact us here.

I want to ensure that the comments section of DrillOrDrop is safe, constructive and legal. In response to concerns from some contributors, I have appointed an independent moderator to monitor comments that are posted. I have also established a comment policy, which you can read below.

Ruth Hayhurst

Why moderate comments?

DrillOrDrop aims to ensure that the comments area is safe and legal.

First, we will seek to remove comments which break the law.

Second, we want the comments area to facilitate healthy and open debate.

In football, “playing the man not the ball” is discouraged, and we feel the same should apply in DrillOrDrop.

Comments which seek to attack a contributor personally rather than tackling the issues they raise can create an intimidating atmosphere which may inhibit others from posting.

Comment moderation

When you post a comment, you are asked to include a name (which can be a nickname if you prefer) and a current email address.

The first time you post, your comment is not displayed until it has been approved by one of the blog editors. This may take a while, so please be patient.

Tip:  When you first post, you will be asked for a user name.  Choose a name with 4 letters or more – this reduces the chance that your comment will be marked as spam by the system.

After your first comment has been approved, any future comments you submit will appear immediately without intervention from the editors. This helps to promote interchange of arguments and ideas between contributors.

If your comment has more than five hyperlinks it will be held for moderation. This is a measure designed to reduce spam comments.

Please contact us if you see a comment on the blog which you feel is inappropriate or if you are having problems posting your comment (the blog employs a spam filter and genuine comments are occasionally marked as spam).

Moderation policy

All comments, including those published on the blog, are reviewed by the blog editors and we reserve the right to remove or, occasionally, edit a comment after it has been posted.

We will seek to remove comments which:

  • Risk breaking the law, including comments which may be defamatory or could be in contempt of court
  • Promote commercial products or services
  • Are personally insulting, threatening, offensive or disruptive

When we remove a comment, we will seek to email you, (when you have provided a current email address) to let you know our reasons for doing so. If there are repeated problems, we may also remove your right to post without moderation, or block your contributions.

We may occasionally edit comments to:

  • Correct factual errors which could cause misunderstanding – for example if someone’s name or job title is incorrect.
  • Remove personal information such as phone numbers and addresses

Where possible, we will email you with our reasons for editing the comment, and we will add a note to the comment recording what we have done.

Thank you again for the time you spend reading and commenting on DrillOrDrop posts. We look forward to your contributions in future.