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Windfarms win over fracking sites – Survation poll

More people would prefer a windfarm than a fracking plant if they had to choose which was built in their local area, according to the pollng organisation Survation.

In a study for yesterday’s Mail on Sunday, Survation found that 68.1% of people would choose a windfarm, compared with 31.9% a fracking plant. Women were more likely to choose a windfarm than men (75% compared with 61%) and younger people were more likely to choose a windfarm than older people. Among 18-34 year olds, only 20% would choose a fracking site over a windfarm, compared with 41% of people aged 55+.

Preference for windfarms was consistent across all voting intentions. The preference was highest among  people intending to vote for ”other parties” (74%) and Labour (70%) and lowest – though still a majority –  among people intending to vote Conservative (55%) and UKIP (54%).

There was also a majority of people preferring windfarms over fracking sites in all the regions of UK. It ranged from a high of 74% in the south to a low of 58% in Wales. The preference was also consistent across all socio-economic groups, ranging from 70% among DE groups to 66% among C1s.

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