Cuadrilla comes under corporate responsibility spotlight

A review of Cuadrilla’s corporate social responsibility performance throughout the world was published yesterday (November 11th 2013).

The review was commissioned by Friends of the Earth Netherlands and carried out by SOMO, the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations, a not-for-profit research organisation which investigates the consequences of multinational corporations’ activities on people and the environment.

Cuadrilla has concession agreements in the Netherlands, operated through its subsidiaries, and has pending applications for two more sites. In September this year, the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs postponed all exploratory drilling for shale gas to carry out research on the impacts of shale gas production.

The report gives details of Cuadrilla’s global activities, ownership and corporate structure, policies on social and environmental impacts, financial performance, its degree of liability for accidents and its experience of shale gas exploration and exploitation.

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