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Cuadrilla shares the stage with Greenpeace at shale gas conference

13th May 2014

Cuadrilla directors are joining leading figures from environmental organisations and the shale oil and gas industry for a two-day conference in Birmingham starting today.

Health, safety and security director, Leon Jennings, is contributing to a panel discussion on planning and permitting considerations for operators this afternoon. Technical director, Andrew Quarles, is part of morning session entitled “Can shale help resolve the UK energy crisis?”

Other contributors today include:

  • Doug Parr, the Chief Scientist of Greenpeace
  • Harry Huyton, head of climate and energy policy at RSPB
  • Tony Bosworth, climate and energy campaigner, Friends of the Earth
  • Tom Greatrex, Shadow energy minister
  • Andrew Austin, chief executive of IGas
  • Representatives of Haliburton, Dart Energy, IGas, the Environment Agency

Alison Stevenson, chair of Balcombe Parish Council,  is speaking tomorrow morning.

The conference, Shale Gas World, is at the Pavilion, at the NEC. The exhibition area has been decorated in the style of a American diner, with a bowling alley, juke box and giant cartons of popcorn, Background music is Elvis Presley.

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  1. Inevitable contamination of huge quantities of water is the issue in my view Ruth. Doug Parr’s speciality?
    Thanks for update.

  2. Hi Nick – he’s just been talking about climate change – I will be posting on this soon.

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