Celtique Energie response to planners on Fernhurst

Drilling plans would have modest impact on the environment, company says

Celtique Energie says its application to drill an exploratory oil well at Fernhurst in the South Downs National Park would have a modest impact on the local environment.

The company was responding to a recommendation bynational park officers that the application should be refused when it is considered by the planning committee next week (September 11th). In a statement, Celtique Energie said its plans were robust and, if approved, would contribute to the country’s energy supply.

Full statement

As part of our application we have submitted a comprehensive Environmental Statement that assesses the potential environmental impacts associated with Celtique’s operations, including landscape, transport and noise, and describes in detail the steps we would take to mitigate them. We are confident in the robustness of our application and hope that the Planning Committee of the South Downs National Park Authority shares this view when they meet to decide on the application next week.

We recognise the importance of the South Downs National Park to the local community in terms of culture, heritage and economic contribution to the region, and reiterate that minerals can only be worked from where they naturally occur. The exploration well is a temporary structure that would have a modest impact on the local area during its relatively short period of operation but would conclude on behalf of DECC whether oil or gas reserves exist in this location that could contribute to the UK’s energy mix.

More details on the recommendation to refuse

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