Cuadrilla injunction case resumes tomorrow

Cuadrilla returns to the High Court tomorrow morning (Wednesday October 8th) to seek an injunction against anti-fracking campaigners.

The company wants to prevent the campaigners from entering land on which it is applying for planning permission to frack for shale gas.

In August, the company and owners of four pieces of land secured an interim injunction, preventing access. But the judge adjourned the case until tomorrow to give the defence time to prepare its case.

Cuadrilla hopes to extend the injunction until its planning applications for two sites at Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood are heard by Lancashire County Council.

The company told the Lancashire Evening Post it was seeking costs. Francis Egan, Cuadrilla’s CEO, said: “We hope the court will extend the interim injunction against illegal trespass on local farmland. We hope that this action will prevent any recurrence.”

The company’s original case was against “unnamed people” and a wide range of anti-fracking groups from Lancashire and the Fylde and beyond. Tina Louise Rothery, of Residents’ Action on Fylde Fracking, said yesterday the company planned to make her personally liable for tens of thousands of pounds in costs.

She said she would be supported by the Nanas, a group of local anti-fracking campaigners, predominantly mothers and grandmothers, who formed a protest camp at Preston New Road during part of August.

“That the Nanas will be together, carrying ourselves with the determination and unity we have shown throughout this, is all I personally need to feel alright”, she said.

The case will be heard at Manchester High Court, 1 Bridge Street West, M60 9DJ, from about 10.30am. will be reporting on the case throughout tomorrow.

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