Celtique appeals against Wisborough Green drilling decision

Celtique Energie has confirmed it will appeal against the decision by West Sussex County Council to refuse planning permission for an exploration well near the villages of Kirdford and Wisborough Green.

The company said in a statement it believed the decision was “fundamentally unsound”.

Geoff Davies, Chief Executive Officer at Celtique Energie said: We are firmly of the view that WSCC has not followed the spirit or the letter of Government policy or good practice in dealing with this planning application, which is totally compliant, comprehensive and of high quality.

“Therefore we have no option but to lodge an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate, for it to take a fair and objective view.

“From our detailed studies we believe that this is an optimal location to undertake exploratory drilling to quantify the amount of untapped oil or gas resources present in this part of the Weald Basin, which we think has the potential to be nationally significant.

“Therefore securing planning permission to explore at this site is essential if we are to prove how significant this resource could be for the country.”

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