Decision dates set for Cuadrilla’s Lancashire fracking applications

Lancashire County Council has confirmed that Cuadrilla’s planning applications for exploratory drilling and fracking in the Fylde will be decided on January 28th and 29th 2015, according to reports by the Roseacre Awareness Group.

The group says the following arrangements have been made with County Councillors:

Friday 23rd January: Presentations on the Roseacre Wood applications heard in the afternoon

Monday 26th January: Presentations on the Preston New Road appllications heard in the afternoon

Wednesday 28th January: Roseacre Wood applications considered by the planning committee

Thursday 29th January: Preston New Road applications considered by the planning committee

Friday 30th January: Available in case any of the applications over run

Cuadrilla is seeking permission to drill up to four exploratory wells at both Roseacre Wood and Preston New Road. It is also applying to hydraulically fracture and test the wells. There are additional applications for monitoring stations surrounding each site.

Roseacre Wood applications

Preston New Road applications

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