Fracking refusal: What the opponents of Preston New Road said

Campaigners outside county hall in Preston

Campaigners outside County Hall in Preston

Pat Davies, Preston New Road Residents’ Group

“Absolutely ecstatic. The community can breathe again. This has had a huge impact on peoples’ lives. We are delighted the committee have spent enough time considering this. I am delighted that Cllr Green was the voice of reason. We also owe a huge debt to Cllr Paul Hayhurst. We owe him.”

Diana Westgarth, Preston New Road Residents’ Group

“This is a victory for democracy and people. Real people, real lives. We have not just been fighting fracking in Lancashire. We have been fighting it in the UK and across the world. We do not want this anywhere. We want it stopped. This is the start. This a building block to stop this.”

Gayzer Frackman, campaigner against fracking in the Fylde

“This is a huge world-breaking decision. Lancashire is at the fracking centre of the world. We sent a huge message: Don’t mess with Lancashire.”

Anne Power, retired teacher, campaigner and voted Local Hero in the 2014 Observer Ethical Awards

“We are crying and laughing. We are all upside down. It is brilliant.”

Monday 12

Anne Power

Tony Bosworth, Friends of the Earth energy campaigner

“This is fantastic news for the people of Lancashire and it is fantastic news for all local communities that are fighting against fracking. The industry has failed to win over the local community and local councillors in Lancashire. We hope other councils will take heart from what happened in Lancashire and stand up to fracking.”

Tony Bosworth

Tony Bosworth

Jake White, Friends of the Earth legal adviser

“I am amazed and delighted. There were three important break-through moments: Cllr Kevin Ellard’s motion last Wednesday, Cllr Paul Hayhurst asking for the council’s legal advice to be in writing and Cllr Michael Green saying he would not abstain. The publication of Friends of the Earth and the residents’ legal advice [at the weekend] was referred to by the committee members in their discussion. That is enormously pleasing.

We can expect an appeal but we live to fight another day. Today we celebrate and tomorrow we organise.”    .

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What the application supporters said

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Scenes from outside County Hall

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