Third Energy advert not misleading, watchdog rules

Knapton Generating Station

An anti-fracking campaigner has failed in an attempt to censure Third Energy over claims about its history in Ryedale, North Yorkshire.

The company placed an advert in a local paper last November headed: “Generating electricity locally for 20 years”. It included a logo for Knapton Generating Station and the dates 1995 and 2015, along with the text “20 safe and productive years”.

The Advertising Standards Authority said a member of local anti-fracking groups complained that the headline claim was misleading. The complainant did not believe Third Energy had been operating for the whole of the period claimed.

Third Energy, which is applying to frack a well at Kirby Misperton in Ryedale, said the advert was “intended as a celebration of 20 years of safe electricity production” at Knapton Generating Station {KGS}. It said the generating station had been producing electricity for 20 years from gas from the Vale of Pickering extracted by a consortium led by Third Energy.

The company said KGS had been operated by Third Energy UK Gas Ltd, which had been formed in 1979. But it did say that during this period the company had various names.

A document submitted to North Yorkshire County Council in 2011, for example, includes a timeline of company history in the region: from Home Oil (1964-1974), Kelt Energy plc (1993-2000), Tullow (200-2003), Viking (2004-2005), US Energy Systems (2006-2005), Silver Point (2008-2011) to Third Energy (2011 onwards).

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that the complaint was not upheld.

The ASA said the newspaper’s readers would have been aware of the generating station and some would have known it was marking its 20th anniversary. The ASA said:

“We understood that more than one company operated under the ‘Third Energy’ brand and that it would not be obvious to readers which specific company the claim “Generating electricity locally for 20 years” related to, but that they would expect at least one of the Third Energy companies to have been instrumental in the generation of electricity at KGS since it began operating in 1995.”

“We understood that Third Energy UK Gas Ltd operated KGS and had done since it opened. The company had changed names more than once during that period, but was the same company registered with Companies House. We also noted that another of the Third Energy companies, Third Energy Trading Ltd, now owned KGS, although it had only done so since 2006.”

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  1. Perhaps the complainant needs to go back and give this to the notwatching couldn’t care less dog….

    Taken from a planning consideration:

    The Ebberston Moor Gas Field was discovered in 1966 (formerly called

    Lockton Gas field) and gas was piped from a nearby wellhead to a natural gas processing plant built

    off Outgang Road in Pickering.******* It operated between 1971 and 1974 and was closed prematurely

    following water inundation.****** Current thinking by the gas field PEDL license holder is that ***** the gas was

    extracted too aggressively and thus not properly managing the water threat risks******


    The project straddled the National Park Boundary and was classed as a straddling ‘County Matters’

    application with two identical planning applications being granted by this Authority and North

    Yorkshire County Council. Those permissions included provision to dispose of ‘produced water’ back

    into the underlying geology by means of water re-injection to a non-drinking water horizon.*****The

    original planning application did not include full details of the water re-injection******(yep hindsight due diligence always of benefit, but when US reports could give foresight the EA prefers to hack it?) but this Authority

    required the information as part of the application process.

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