Cuadrilla fracking inquiry – what’s happening this week?

Inquiry docs

The inquiry into Cuadrilla’s fracking plans for Lancashire goes into week 2 tomorrow morning (Tuesday 15th February), starting with more evidence from the company’s witnesses on the impacts on landscape and traffic.

This week has a special session for people who want to comment on the Roseacre Wood plans. And there will be evidence in support of Cuadrilla from the North and West Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. Lancashire County Council is expected to start giving evidence on Friday.

The hearing, at Blackpool Football Club, is reviewing Cuadrilla’s applications to drill and frack at Roseacre Wood and Preston New Road in the Fylde. It is also discussing two other Cuadrilla proposals for monitoring boreholes around the two sites.

Reporting the inquiry on DrillOrDrop

The inquiry begins at 9.30am tomorrow and DrillOrDrop will be reporting from the hearings all this week.

You can find links to the posts and information on our Inquiry page here. If you want to catch up with what happened last week, try this post on the top issues so far.

This week, we’re planning to continue posting live updates throughout the day with the latest news. We’ll also tweet with the hashtag #frackinginquiry and add updates to the DrillOrDrop Facebook page. At the end of each day, we’re planning a summary of the key points.

Is this the sort of information you want? Are the live updates useful? Do you want a quick summary? What would work better for you? Please let us know.

Who’s speaking when this week?

The inquiry programme may change but the latest version looks like this:

Day 5: Tuesday 16th February

Barrister for Roseacre residents questions Andrew Tempany, Cuadrilla’s landscape witness.

Day 6: Wednesday 17th February

Cuadrilla’s transport witness, Johnny Ojeil, gives evidence and answers questions from Lancashire County Council, Roseacre residents and Clifton-with-Newton parish council


Special session for members of the public to give evidence or make statements about the Roseacre Wood plans.

Day 7: Thursday 18th February
10am start

Babs Murphy and James Bream give evidence on behalf of the North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce (NWLCC). They will be questioned by barristers for opponents of the schemes.

Day 8: Friday 19th February
9.30am start

Paul Matich gives evidence for NWLCC and is questioned by Lancashire County Council and Friends of the Earth.

The first witness for Lancashire County Council, Steve Maslam, gives evidence on the landscape impact of the schemes. He will be questioned by Cuadrilla’s barrister.

This report is part of DrillOrDrop’s  Rig Watch project.  Rig Watch receives funding from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust. More details here

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  1. Have really appreciated catching up with the inquiry at your website when listening to live webcast wasn’t possible Ruth. A big thank you for the coverage so far.
    Is it poss to get some interviews with residents, campaigners, or even with Cuadkilla and resident lawyers and even councillors, to find out how they feel the inquiry is proceeding at all?
    Have the lawyers or residents found there is sufficient info to inform their opposition more clearly as the inquiry proceeds at all? Have any of the submitted objections to the application been useful in exploring ways of either accepting or rejecting the application? Are lawyers and even frackers, learning from US experience, and is democracy really being served at all by this process, which could be a model for future democratic process if TTIP gets signed up to, if we stay in the EU?

    Thank you for all updates so far, really appreciate you are the only journalist keeping us informed and up to date.

  2. I notice United Utilities are not being brought to the inquiry at all? Given fracking will abuse 10% plus of the nations freshwater supplies and potentially pollute twice that amount in the coming decades, what measures are the council deploying to ensure residents freshwater needs are not subjugated to the demands of a thirsty industrial roll out, when already farmers in Cumbria are annoyed that their water for irrigation is constantly depleted, and a Utilities scout was met by me in Cumbria last year, desperate to find new sources of water for the company’s supply chain? Nuclear is a thirsty competitor for frackers how will planners and water industries resolve the conflicting demands?

    In addition, Water Act 2013 demands unused abstraction licences be sold off, how many have been sold off, who bought them, and how will this impact upon fracking demands?

    Also, I haven’t seen anyone address the state of groundwater in the region, as well as taking note of the fact that abandoned wells have not been properly monitored and could exude emissions if fracking is not properly mapped and regulated.

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