More time for comments on IGas shale gas plans at Tinker Lane


People who want to comment on IGas plans to drill a shale gas exploration well near Blyth in north Nottinghamshire have an extra two weeks to take part in the public consultation.

Nottinghamshire County Council announced today it was extending the period for comments on the application for a site off Tinker Lane until Friday 22 July 2016.

The decision follows requests from local residents and has been supported by IGas and the local Conservative county councillor, Liz Yates (pictured left).

The application, ES/3524, is for one vertical exploratory shale gas well to a depth of about 3,300m, together with three sets of groundwater monitoring boreholes and ancillary works. It does not include fracking. DrillOrDrop post on details

This is the second delay to an IGas application in Nottinghamshire this week. On Monday, Nottinghamshire County Council announced it had requested extra information from IGas about its shale gas plans at another site, Spring Lane, near Misson. The council said it would hold another public consultation on the new information and a decision is now unlikely to be made next month. DrillOrDrop report

On the Tinker Lane plans, the council said it was seeking comments from more than 40 organisations, including statutory consultees, neighbouring local authorities and landowners, County Council departments, national Government departments and agencies and wildlife organisations.

IGas applied in May for planning consent for three years. Drilling, which would take place 24-hours a day, seven days a week, is predicted by the company to last for four months.

During the three-month site construction phase, the application forecasts 18 heavy goods vehicle (HGV) movements into the site and 18 out each day. Delivery of the rig is expected to require 13 HGV movements in and 13 out each day. During the drilling phase, IGas estimates six HGVs in and six out each day.

Sally Gill, Planning Manager for Nottinghamshire County Council said:

“Given the complexity of the application and the likelihood of a large amount of interest, we have agreed to extend the consultation period by a further two weeks, following a request from local residents last week, a request which was supported by the local County Councillor Liz Yates.”

Link to application

DrillOrDrop post on details of the Tinker Lane plans

Latest delay to Springs Road, Misson application

Offer to IGas bondholders

Pareto Securities AS announced this afternoon it was offering to buy from holders of IGas’s USD 165 million senior secured bonds. The offer, on behalf of an undisclosed client who is said not to be affiliated with IGas, is open from today until 5pm central eastern time on 4 July 2016. See details here A statement from IGas noted the announcement. Earlier this month, IGas said it was in active discussions with its leading bondholders.

This report is part of DrillOrDrop’s Rig Watch project. Rig Watch receives funding from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust. More details here

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  1. Pareto – Norwegian stockbroker acting on behalf of who? Could a Scandinavian company be trying to enter the UK shale gas business?

    • The main points in the above articles are gas Integrity issues and earthquakes. Sounds familiar. On a brighter note our home grown North Sea gas exports will rise this summer and Winter requirements can be adequately met from our home grown offshore
      resources and our well established energy trading partners as stated in the article. If we do get in a “tight” spot caused by leaking storage facilities and Dutch earthquakes, any shortfall can be met from Norway or our secure import facilities. We could also pick up the phone and reduce the Offshore Industries crippling taxes and produce more home grown but that would be silly, right?

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