Lancashire ‘Nana’ threatened with prison during Buckingham Palace protest


An anti-fracking campaigner has been served with court papers during a tea party protest opposite Buckingham Palace.

Tina Rothery, who has been ordered to pay legal costs of more than £55,000 in a dispute with the shale gas company, Cuadrilla, said the papers ordered her to appear in court next month. Earlier this year, she refused to pay the costs or give details of her finances to the courts. Details

She said:

“They sent a man all the way to London to serve papers. Now I only caught a bit of it before it got caught up in the wind and blew off and apparently I have to serve two weeks in prison for contempt of court but I need to go and defend myself on the 19th of October in court to face that charge.”

This afternoon’s protest by the Lancashire Nana’s campaign group follows their open letter to the Queen. They said it was their final attempt to prevent fracking in Lancashire. A government announcement is expected any day on whether Cuadrilla will get the go-ahead to frack up to eight wells at two sites in the Fylde, near Blackpool.


Referring to the decision, the Nana’s letter said:

“We are a group of UK citizens who feel increasingly shut out of the decision that is soon to be made on shale gas extraction in Lancashire.”


Joint Green Party leader, Jonathan Bartley, with the Lancashire Nanas

This afternoon, the group, wearing tiaras along with their trademark tabards, gathered on the Queen Victoria Memorial opposite Buckingham Palace for tea and cake.


During the protest, Ms Rothery tried to deliver a copy of a report on the social effects of the prospect of fracking in Lancashire but police at the palace refused to accept it.

The new joint leader of the Green Party, Jonathan Bartley, attended the event.

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  1. So leprechaun Egan [edited by moderator] thinks the way to be a “Good Neighbour” and curry favour with the people of Lancashire is to serve papers on a grandmother. The only contempt here is that which we feel for him and Cuadrilla. We don’t like [edited by moderator], bullies[edited by moderator]. You have no social license. You are not wanted. You will never be accepted. Now FRACK OFF!!!

    • What a high standard of debate. Slurring the Irish is still acceptable though Ruth? You would delete the N word but us Irish ( I have a passport so I can be in the EU whatever nimbys in Lancashire say) can be abused. Not very correct.

  2. [edited by moderator][edited by moderator][edited by moderator][edited by moderator][edited by moderator] Egan

    you will [edited by moderator][edited by moderator][edited by moderator][edited by moderator][edited by moderator][edited by moderator]

    Good [edited by moderator] luck!

    • This reminds me of the scence in Ocean Twelves the movie when Don Treadle was in his recording studio talking to his music producer in a thick English accent street smart. It was like every of his second words was beeped out in that scence (censured language)

      Quite amusing sequence that one.

      • Just in case you, don’t realise it, that the post above is exactly as I posted it – Don’t worry Backing Fracking just got all excited about it on their Farcebook page too LOL

        • It’s quite appropriate that the Nanas’ tea party was held beneath good old Queen Victoria’s statue. Just like the old Queen herself, it looks like Backing Frackng “are not amused.”

          • As can be seen from Ken’s and Michael’s reaction all over social media to my post containing all the [edited by moderator][edited by moderator][edited by moderator] tags Backing Fracking don’t really have a sense of humour. 🙂

  3. Noone is above the law. The court of system is there to serves the law and keep society in order. If the court serve you an order you have to at least respond to it. You just can’t say oh they have no social license and so I refuse the court order.

    • I believe climate change targets are legally binding. I hope the shale gas industry and its supporters are working to present an industry capable of operating within that legal framework.

    • Senior members of The Institute of Engineering and Technology held an 18 month investigation into anti-frackers claims regarding the potential health impacts, the risks of irreparable damage to the environment, the inadequacy of existing onshore regulations, the inadequacy of provisions for monitoring, and severe repercussions for the quality of life of people living in fracking zones and upheld them all. This should be enough for any government to believe that fracking is not safe. Should we just stay quiet and wait to see what happens or should we do our best to stop it happening. As a mother in the North West of England, I applaud Tina and all the campaigners devoted to trying to keep us safe. I think Cuadrilla are abusing the spirit of the law in this case.

  4. Tina has gone quite a bit further than ‘protesting’ numerous times and landed herself in court for it. We all live under the same rules and special exemptions cannot, and should not, be made for individuals just because they would like to get away with it.

    We all have beliefs about numerous things and we can all exert our beliefs on others. The law is not owned by any individual companies or groups and deciding to go further than the law allows should result in this type of response. She must remember that someone could do exactly the same to something she favours, be that choosing to protest against a wind farm or solar, etc. They would have no right to behave how she has just because they decided they did not want a wind farm near them.

    It is a lesson to us all, not just to Tina and those with her beliefs. We all have a right to protest, but we must do it within the law.

    • Interesting attitude, firstly Ms Tina Rothery would probably invite you to use her first name if you were her friend, but i dont think that is the case. Secondly all Ms Rothery has done is to bend a few legal social codes, she is not invading your backyard, or polluting your environment, or destroying your livelihood and driving you out of your home and your county. What choice has been left Ms Rothery and her fellow protesters when all their efforts to make their protest through all the legal and planning protections LAWS are ignored and stamped upon? What do you expect disenfranchised people to do in those circumstances? Sit back and let the industrial fracking imperative growl over her land, her air, her water? No, the fracking industry singles out individuals such as Ms Rothery and makes legal accusations against her to punish her for being brave enough to stand up to the insanity of the industry. The pro fracking agents all crow and crow and crow about protesters breaking the law, but when you invade our countryside with polluting and dangerous industrial processes, is that not contrary to common law? The industry will not win the argument by attacking everyone who stands up to you. Fracking has no credibility, socially or environmentally, or legally.

        • Pro fracking vicars! i like it! you are right, the law only seems to be enforced against ordinary people, preferably with extreme predjudice, But throw a few millions into the governments coffers or be one of the unholy cabal, and you can do what you want, what a hateful evil place this country has become? Operation Paperclip has a lot to answer for.

      • The trouble is Phil. As much as you have drunk the cool aid Tina and yourself are ignoring the best scientific advice and making up your own ideals based on interpreting the poorest quality research you can find from a completely different country using data from entirely different geology. You are making assertions, and plenty of them, and attempting to support them using data relating to different events and processes. This is why Tina stands with grandmas who have had to educate themselves on google by picking and choosing what they want to believe and is not standing next to an army of geologists and engineers desperate to stop something they themselves understand better than almost all.
        Once wells start being drilled and fracked and will be among the most scientifically studied wells of this type in the world and the data comes back saying they are safe you are not going to have much of a leg to stand on; and I think you know this.

        • Do you know Ms Tina Rothery personally? How do you justify using her first name? Are you a friend of hers? I think not. Cool aid? Are you on some psychotropic drug or other? I have said this before and i will say it again, once the fracking feeding frenzy starts, there will be no controls, no monitoring, no on site presence, everything will be hidden from view. Any study will take years of bureaucracy drowned in appeals consultations and time wasting and then it will be all too late, the damage will be permanent and cannot be undone. fracking isnt just an industrial operation, it is ecologically insane, it has been ecologically insane all over the world, and it will be ecologically insane here. Scientific study? by who? The environment agency has been warned off and funding withdrawn, who pray will be these fictional scientific experts be? Another paid for corporation no doubt? Will it be another Chilcot? or like the investigation into child sex abuse, now with its 4th incumbent wasting millions of British tax payers money and not even addressing the real issues and ignoring the sufferers? That sounds familiar doesn’t it? Is this what you expect us to take lying down (no pun intended). Poorest quality research, how the h… do you know what research i have looked at? Are you psychic, or just delusional? OK, you said it, you name this poor quality research you have imagined up and we shall see shall we?? Name those ‘poor quality’ reports on the subject of fracking and i shall refer your comments to the authors and give them you details, but, oh, you dont have any details do you? just a blank page, which just about describes your post,

  5. We are told by the industry that they have the highest motives in their selfless efforts to save us from energy starvation. This despicable action tells the truth behind all those fine words and assurances. Crush and destroy opposition is their game, The higher your profile, the nastier they will get. Fair means or foul? There has been a notable absence of fair in all their dealings, This is what we can expect from these people, and we are expected to believe all their assurances of gold standard regulations?? The next step will be to declare that anyone objecting to fracking will be declared insane and sanctioned, a trick used by Stalin and Hitler and not unknown here either.

    • I understand what you are saying here Garry. Just a couple of little points.

      Did you know that Cordrilla tried to have to right to protest or say anyinth negative about fracking banned as part of the action taken against the Nanas?

      That Tina was in court becasue she put her name on the responce to a legal action against a whole occupy protest. It wasn’t just her?

      That Cordrilla denigned funding the action until pushed on the matter. And that, becasue of the ability to pay for leagal reprsentation, Tina was Duped into their legal cost?

      Whether you are for fracking or against it, what has happened here, and to many people trying to have their objection heard is dreadful. The system is stacked towards those who can afford the best lawyers, not the best arguments. Remember, this £55,000 is Cordrilla’s legal costs, not a fine imposed by the courts. Leagal costs against someone who admitted climbing over a fence, legal costs that they first said they were not funding. That is not a fair system.

      Have you also noticed that they haven’t taken the same action against the Thompson sisters who climbed over the same fence?

      • Yes, you are right Colin, the process is divide and conquer, one by one, with extreme prejudice. Soon the internet will be sold off and sites like you tube turned over to the trolls under the guise of You Tube Heroes!! That will spell the end of free speech on the internet, look it up. Free speech will become a thing of the past. Slavery anyone?

  6. Here is a text book example of too much reliance on wind and solar renewables and how it can go wrong. Blackout to half of South Australia state today during a high wind storm. A state with 40% renewable generation and little backup capacity. The industry had said of this potential blackout before but noone think it will happen but it did in Australia just today. It causes a lot of fury and questions in both the public and among policy makers.

  7. Wind turbine blades can be upgraded by using a vortex torus around the edge of the blades, that stops 90% of the noise, prevents the blades from overspin and regulates the speed so that the blades never reach a dangerous speed. generation is maximised at all wind speeds. look it up.

  8. There is also a new development of vertical bladeless towers that use the vortex effect and are harmless to birds, silent and efficient. there is also Swedens Sea Twirl which is ocean based and does away with spinning blades and has a sort of impeller effect. These are the technologies we must invest in ASAP. Clean silent and efficient, beat that.

  9. I find the protest venue – Buckingham Palace – to be very interesting symbolically. After all the land being messed with is ‘Crown Land’ (beyond a certain depth beneath out homes etc), and I suspect the mineral rights are ‘Crown owned’ as well. The history of fracking to date has seen local people and communities lied to, duped and exploited, basically being treated with contempt and sometimes beneath contempt. These people here are are Crown subjects. I’ve never had very strong feelings for royalty, nor against royalty, but in this era when the Royals aren’t allowed to express an opinion on anything with a political implication we’re seeing them marginalised to a point where they appear to be living in a separate reality. If they can do nothing in terms of curbing the anticipated damage that the fracking industry can and will cause in this land then I’d reckon they will thereafter be seen as marginalised to the point of irrelevancy, certainly in my mind at least.

    Here’s an interesting case study from Australia (also with laws based on Crown/Sovereign UK laws). The whistle blower Simone Marsh gives a stunning witness to how legislation got steamrollered through, how local and opposition voices got ignored and how environmental impact assessments were overridden (altered or ignored). NB. CSG (coal seam gas) mining uses fracking and the majority of issues seen here are the same as those the UK will be facing with shale gas fracking …

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