Industry reaction to Cuadrilla fracking announcement

FrancisEganFrancis Egan, Chief Executive, Cuadrilla

“We are very pleased that we can now move ahead with our shale gas exploration plans which will start to create new economic growth opportunities and jobs for people in Lancashire and the UK.

“As a Lancashire business we are proud that the county will play such a vital role in securing vitally needed, home-sourced energy.

“We are confident that our operations will be safe and responsible and the comprehensive site monitoring programme planned by regulators and independent academics will in due course conclusively demonstrate this.

“We hope this will reassure the minority of people whom remain sceptical about shale gas exploration.” (Source: The Independent)

Earlier today, Mr Egan said:

“The country needs gas. The country is running out of gas, and without some form of energy development, we’re going to end up importing all of our fuel from overseas, and we’ve seen that just last week with the ridiculous situation where Scotland is importing shale gas from America, which frankly is crazy.”

“The fact is that this is a temporary development. There is traffic, obviously, you can’t do this without it, but we’re talking about 25 trucks a day at peak. That’s for a maximum of six weeks spread out over a two-year period.” (Source: Good Morning Britain, pre announcement)


“We believe that this ruling can be one of the first steps towards the regeneration of UK manufacturing. Shale gas extraction can provide the secure supply of home grown energy for British homes and industry and raw materials for British manufacturing and we look forward to delivering these benefits in the future.”

ken-croninKen Cronin, chief executive of the industry body, UK Onshore Oil and Gas

“The approval of the application at Preston New Road is an important step forward towards determining what gas resources we have under our feet, with the aim of developing a sustainable onshore natural gas exploration industry in the UK. We need the gas to heat our homes, produce electricity, supply our industries and to reduce our dependency on imports. The onshore oil and gas industry is committed to producing this gas in the safest and most environmentally sensitive way possible and to creating jobs and opportunities in the supply chain.

“With respect to Roseacre Wood, the decision document highlights local transport issues which will require further consultation. All other issues as in Preston New Road have been addressed.”

Lancashire for Shale

“The Lancashire fracking decision means shale gas exploration is set to re-start in Lancashire after Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid, approved Cuadrilla’s plans on appeal.”

Lee PettsLee Petts, managing director, Remsol consultancy

Sajid Javid MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has today given the green light for fracking to resume here in Lancashire. I think it’s good news for the economy but also the environment.

I realise that not everyone sees it this way, but when you consider it thoughtfully, it’s pretty apparent that there are manifestly good reasons why, as sustainability professionals, we should support shale gas in Britain.

More details here

John Standing, Backing Fracking

“It’s fantastic news for Lancashire. I hope we will one day see a supply chain hub established here that can support jobs in local companies and become a centre of excellence for the industry. Lancashire needs a boost and shale gas can be part of that.”


Breaking news of the announcement

Key points in the government decision

Reaction from shale gas opponents in Lancashire and around the UK

Community Secretary’s ruling

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  1. Ken Cronin writes “With respect to Roseacre Wood, the decision document highlights local transport issues which will require further consultation. All other issues as in Preston New Road have been addressed.” Well pardon me but all the issues have not been addressed at all. May i suggest Mr Cronin, that you ask the residents about their issues before you make that statement.

  2. Disgusting. Goodbye local democracy, goodbye Paris Climate Change agreement. Hello selfish greed by the industry, vested interests – smash, grab & run. If the industry are so confident about their supposed “gold standard regulation and monitoring”, they should be legally required to live full-time next to the nearest houses to the intended site.

    • And HELLO NATIONAL DEMOCRACY! Hurray for the “will of the people.” Democracy has spoken and given a strong endorsement to the idea of trying to extract onshore domestic gas. A big win for the poor who suffer from fuel poverty. A big win for the environment. A big win for Conservative voters who hold a majority in Parliament. A big loss for NIMBYs.

      • So hballpeenyahoocom, over 34,300 objections from local residents at Kirby Misperton to fracking licences being granted, 34 (just thirty-four) in favour – and the local council vote by 7-5 to grant the licences, because central govt. are so corrupt that they threaten to withdraw numerous subsidies in future from local councils if they won’t agree to give the go-ahead.

        Your concept of “democracy” on this renders all your other comments null and void. Perhaps you should return to counting up the value of your shares in the oil & gas industries.

        • That resource is owned by everyone in the country – from wealthy freeholders to poverty stricken single parents living in tower blocks and old folk living in sheltered accommodation .

          Hundreds of thousands of existing jobs in the chemical industry and steel are dependent on onshore gas production going ahead .

          Local democracy is a red herring .

          You better make your mind up whether you are going to boycott oil and gas workers who turn up at your local churches , ostracise members of your community who apply for jobs in the industry and chastise children who show curiousity and fascination for the machinery .

          • Are you seriously suggesting Apartheid, Striebs? Shame on you.

            ‘Hundreds of thousands of existing jobs in the chemical industry and steel are dependent on onshore gas production going ahead’ . source please.

            Unions have produced an evaluation of jobs in the renewables industry entitled 1,000,000 climate jobs. Worth a read

          • “Local democracy is a red herring ” You have to be kidding! Maybe you think ANY democracy is a red herring? Democracy is local, or it is nothing, it is not just the privilege of the rich and powerful. Government is employed by us, we are not employed by the government. If the government turn their borrowed powers against us then we will simply take their borrowed powers away from them and get rid of them and employ some one who is actually democratic.
            Are you not ostracizing many of us by your comments that local democracy is a red herring? i don’t ostracize anyone, not you, not anyone, that is a practice only the stupid, the extremists and the rich and powerful employ.
            Machinery is only a tool, its what humans do with those machines that is the human reaction. A gun is just a machine, used for evil, it is a weapon of destruction, used for recreation, target accuracy or so on, it is a harmless machine, though not to be used carelessly, just like any other machine. The gun has no power in itself for good or evil, sitting in a locked drawer or gun cabinet, it is just another machine. its what we do with machines that make them harmful or not.

        • Sorry where did you get the information that central government had threatened local councils with withdrawal of subsidies? Could you provide the evidence.

          • Mark – friend of a friend was actually on a local planning committee not so long ago. Said they were told by central govt. to agree, or have various local subsidies withdrawn. Can’t/won’t name names, obviously.

  3. “minority of people who remain sceptical ” you wish [ edited by moderator ] Egan ..This is the man who said there had not been one single incidence of contamination of water in the U.S. ..Proof that our government is totally corrupt and run by the oil and gas industry .

      • The phrase ” No extensive systemic contamination ” has been disputed by the EPA ‘ s ( known in the U.S. as Everything Polluting Allowed ) own scientists as misrepresenting their findings. Wonder how much the sick slick PR company got for those three words. There had been hundreds of incidences .Some never make it past corrupt authorities , payouts include gagging clauses . These oil and gas companies spend millions of pounds lobbying key decision makers. Never Ever compare these Cowboys with their Ponzi schemes and off shore companies with the early pioneers of energy industries.

  4. See the video’s I put on the next post … NIMBY’s on your terms no doubt but, if you can bear to watch real human beings offering real accounts of there exposure to your favorite industry you may learn something. These cases have ‘systemic issues’ written all over them.

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