More dates to meet the fracking regulators


Picture: Environment Agency

Regulators of fracking have organised another 19 meetings to explain their role to people living in shale gas areas.

The sessions, between now and March 2017, are planned for north west England, the East Midlands and Yorkshire.

They are hosted by the Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive, Oil and Gas Authority and Public Health England.

The organisers have described the sessions as informal drop-in events at which people can talk to staff from the organisations about who does what.

Some of the dates and most of the venues have yet to be confirmed. DrillOrDrop will update this post when details become available. The dates will also be included in DrillOrDrop’s Drilling Diary.

Previous events have been held in Derbyshire, Cheshire and Nottinghamshire. These have run from 2pm-7pm.

October 2016 events

12 October 2016
2pm-7pm, Christ Church Aughton, Long Lane, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39 5AS
Nearby licence areas: PEDL262 and 164 (Aurora), and 165 (Cuadrilla)

18 October 2016
2pm-7pm, Scarborough Bowls Centre, Peasholm Rd, Scarborough YO12 7TT
Nearby licence areas: PEDL343 and PL77 (Third Energy) and PEDL347 (Cuadrilla)

November 2016 events

1 November 2016
Blackburn, Lancashire (to be confirmed)
Nearby licence areas: PEDL267 (Aurora), 269 (Hutton Energy) and 165 (Cuadrilla)

23 November 2016
Crewe/Nantwich, Cheshire
Nearby licence areas: PEDL293 and 295 (IGas), 292 and 294 (INEOS), and 297 (Norcros Group)

24 November 2016
Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire (to be confirmed)
Nearby licence areas: PEDL 303 and 307 (INEOS), 202 (Alkane)

29 November 2016
Nearby licence areas: PEDL 146 (IGas), 282 and 283 (INEOS), 287 and 342 (Cuadrilla)

January 2017 events

11 January 2017
Altrincham, Trafford, Greater Manchester
Nearby licence areas: PEDL296 and 294 (INEOS), 193 (IGas)

18 January 2017
Melton, Leicestershire
Nearby licence areas: PEDL312, 254 and 204 (Hutton Energy), 201 and 306 (Egdon) and PL220 (IGas)

26 January 2017
Market Weighton, East Riding of Yorkshire (to be confirmed)
Nearby licence areas: PEDL287, 288, 342 and 346 (Cuadrilla)

February 2017 events

1 February 2017
Bolton, Greater Manchester
Nearby licence areas: PEDL264 and 265 (Hutton Energy), PEDL193 (IGas), PEDL265 and EXL253 (Alkane Energy)

7 February 2017
Wakefield, Yorkshire
Nearby licence areas: PEDL275 (Hutton Energy), 273 (IGas), 274 and 279 (Alkane Energy); 272 (INEOS), 276 (Cuadrilla)

15 February 2017
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire (to be confirmed)
Nearby licence areas: PEDL307, 303, 308, 309 and 311 (INEOS), PEDL310 (Alkane Energy), PEDL118 Egdon Resources

16 February 2017
Lancashire (to be confirmed)
PEDL165 (Cuadrilla), PEDL262, 267 (Aurora Exploration), 264 (Hutton Energy), 263 (Warwick Energy)

22 February 2017
Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Nearby licence areas: PEDL276 (Cuadrilla), 277, 169, 161 and 43 (Alkane Energy), 139 and 305 (IGas)

March 2017 events

1 March 2017
Long Eaton, Derbyshire
Nearby licence areas: PEDL302 (Warwick Energy), 306 (Egdon Resources), 254 and 255 (Hutton Energy), PL220 (IGas)

8 March 2017
Warrington, Cheshire
Nearby licence areas: PEDL133 and 145, EXL273 (IGas), PEDL294 and 296 (INEOS), PEDL191 (Egdon)

15 March 2017
Nearby licence areas: PEDL301, 300, 304 and 272 (INEOS), PEDL298 (Warwick Energy), PEDL273 and 305 (IGas), PEDL276 (Cuadrilla)

21 March 2017
Nearby licence areas: PEDL303 and 307 (INEOS), PEDL302 (Warwick Energy, PEDL306 and 201 (Egdon Resources), PEDL 255, 254 and 204 (Hutton Energy)

30 March 2017
Ribble Valley, Lancashire
Nearby licence areas: PEDL263 (Warwick Energy), PEDL267 (Aurora), PEDL165 (Cuadrilla)

Finding PEDL areas

Over the past few weeks, the Oil and Gas Authority has been assigning Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence numbers (PEDLs) to recently-issued licence blocks.

DrillOrDrop will post a piece on the new PEDLs soon. In the meantime, you can use the UK Onshore Geophysical Library’s  online interactive map to search for PEDLs near your home. The web address is:

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  1. The Environment Agency and HSE share roles in regulation. They have stated they have sufficient staff to cover the need.
    There are plenty of experienced qualified people who have been laid off from drilling in the North Sea if there was a shortfall of specialists.

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