Picture post: Tina Rothery contempt of court case

Anti-fracking campaigner, Tina Rothery, is attending a court hearing in Preston facing a prison sentence for contempt of court.

Ms Rothery has refused to provide financial details to the court in a dispute over legal fees with the shale gas company, Cuadrilla.

A private section of the hearing began at 12 noon. A public section will continue after that.

A large group of supporters are outside the court:










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    • Yes, well looking at the photograph they look just about as unrepresntative as one can get. Do the younger ones not have jobs, if not, why should we, the tax payers, pay to have people who do not work to demonstrate against the population at large

      • Representative of what? Younger ones? Jobs? If not? You sure you are not looking at some other web page? There is nothing in your post that makes any sense at all. But that is I suppose something we are used to by now from PF’s.

      • The shock of ordinary people taking annual leave and shift swapping to attend a rally seems to be too much to handle for Victor Walker.

  1. Let us hope the Judge doe’s the correct thing and put’s her in Prison! She has broken the law ! Anti Fracking protestor’s think they are above the law! They are NOT!

    • Well Malcolm as you are probably aware from your horse racing losses, you can’t win ’em all LOL.

      It sounds as though the DJ wasn’t over-impressed with Cuadrilla’s statements this week. Fracking companies seem to think they are above the law! They are NOT!

      I look forward to hearing more detail, but as we pointed out endlessly, this was never going to end well for Cuadrilla.

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