What’s happening this week?23-29 January 2017


Photo: Ros Wills

In this week’s events listing: continuing protests outside Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road, plus a Solidarity Saturday event nearby, 10 meetings, two debates and a Meet the Regulator drop-in. 

Please let us know (click here) if any of these details are incorrect or if other events should be included. And click here for our event listing for the rest of January and beyond here.

Monday 23 January 2017

Roadside protest, 8am, A E Yates Ltd, Cranfield Road, Lostock Industrial Estate, Lostock, Bolton BL6 4SB. Details

Continuing rolling roadside protest against Cuadrilla’s operations at Preston New Road, 9am-3pm, Preston New Road, Westby PR4 Details

Frack Free Exmoor, Quantocks and Sedgemoor, presentation and screening of Groundswell Rising, 7pm-9pm, Victoria Park Community Centre, Park Drive, Bridgwater Somerset TA6 7AS. Details

Sheffield Against Fracking free screening of the film, Living with Fracking, Norfolk Street, Sheffield, S1 2JB. Invitation only.

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Continuing rolling roadside protest against Cuadrilla’s operations at Preston New Road, 9am-3pm, Preston New Road, Westby PR4 Details

Westminster Hall debate on UK decarbonisation and carbon capture and storage, 2.30pm-4pm, Westminster Hall, Houses of Parliament, London SW1. Details

Extraordinary General Meeting of Eckington Parish Council, 7pm, Eckington Civic Centre, Market Street, Eckington, Derbyshire, S21 4JG

Frack Free Greater Manchester monthly meeting, 7.15pm, The Green Fish Resource Centre, Manchester M4 1LE. Details

Fracking in the Gowy Valley. Audio visual presentation by Frack Free Cheshire, 7.30pm, The Boshaw Centre, Village Road, Dunham on the Hill, Frodsham, Cheshire WA6 OLX. Details

Frack Free Mansfield meeting, 7.30pm, Friends Meeting House, Rosemary Street, Mansfield NG19 6AB. Details

First meeting of Frack Free Southport meeting, 8pm-9pm, The Bold Hote, 583 Lord Street, Southport, PR9 OBE. Details

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Continuing rolling roadside protest against Cuadrilla’s operations at Preston New Road, 9am-3pm, Preston New Road, Westby PR4 Details

Westminster Hall debate on the sale of the Green Investment Bank, 4.30pm-5.30pm, Westminster Hall, Houses of Parliament, London SW1.Details

Mosborough Against Fracking monthly meet-Up, 8pm, The Alma, 76 South Street, Mosborough, S20 5DF

Thursday 26 January 2017

Continuing rolling roadside protest against Cuadrilla’s operations at Preston New Road, 9am-3pm, Preston New Road, Westby PR4 Details

Meet the Regulators drop-in session, with representatives of Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive, Oil and Gas Authority, and Public Health England. 2pm-7pm, Market Weighton Community Hall, Station Road, Market Weighton, East Yorkshire, YO43 3AX.

Are we going to be fracked? presentation, 7pm-9pm, Shireoaks Village Hall, St Luke’s Church, Shireoaks Road, Shireoaks, S81 8LX. Details

Are we going to be fracked? presentation, 7.30pm, Green Lawns Community Community Centre, 8 Warren Walk, Marsh Lane, Derbyshire S21 5RX. Details

Friday 27 January 2017

Continuing rolling roadside protest against Cuadrilla’s operations at Preston New Road, 9am-3pm, Preston New Road, Westby PR4 Details

Film screening of Fractured Land followed by discussion, hosted by Friends of the Earth Central Lancashire, 7pm-9pm, Mystery Tea Shop, 23 Cannon Street, Preston PR1 3NR. Details

Saturday 28 January 2017

Preston New Road Solidarity Saturday, 10am-2pm, Maple Farm, Preston New Road PE4 3PE. Details

Sunday 29 January 2017

Fracking information event at Bempton and Buckton Community Hall (see also 22 January 2017), 2pm, High Street, Bempton, Bridlington YO15 1HS

Film night and meeting of Frack Free Totnes, 7pm, Royal Seven Stars, The Plains, Totnes TQ9 5DD. Details

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  1. Why didn’t you publish the news about Church of England’s support for fracking if you’re meant to be unbiased? Was big headline on the 19th.

    • Thanks for your comment, Mr M.

      The story was covered in the Daily Headlines https://drillordrop.com/news-update/ on the 17th January, with links to the original paper and press coverage.

      Ruth felt that the story didn’t merit an individual article as the research presented nothing new, but instead reviewed sources which have been well covered on DrillOrDrop. The report suggests that it is possible to construct a “robust planning and regulatory regime” but also calls for the voices of affected individuals and communities to be taken into account.

      • Thanks for the reply Paul. Whilst I actually agree it doesn’t warrant it’s own article I feel the article written about the apparent 8yr old writing a letter is probably even less worthy of it’s own space.
        Hopefully we can revert back to the general good reporting we had in 2016! I’ll stay tuned for now.

        • Mr. M, obviously you haven’t considered the fact that Oliver’s letter had the sad face with tears streaming down. I think that this alone justifies Ruth’s decision to give the letter headline coverage. If you donate 10k GBP, you too may get some say in what merits a headline story, but at this point this site is funded by anti-fracking mafia members and they clearly call the shots!
          [Comment from moderator:] DrillOrDrop is an independent website and it is grateful for donations from individuals of all persuasions to help fund reporting. Donations also pay for this site and the space for hball and others to express their views (and sometimes be rude to their hosts! ) [\Comment]

          • Gracious as ever pennywise, you are perhaps a little psyched up by the Baltimore Beast anti Trump rally when Madogger Madge said she was seriously considering blowing up The Whitehouse? Never mind she can always dedicate her next satanic cd to Blagging Fracking and Frack Lies Matter.
            You know it really is not very pleasant to bite the hand that posts you, particularly after you were voted Gas Of The Year?

  2. Fascinating, one wonders perhaps whether any one church has sole jurisdiction and alone represents the voice and the opinion of a such a being as a creator by whatever name, and there are many thousands of those, billions perhaps. There are so many religions and few if any of them agree on anything any of the others say, indeed long and bloody wars have been fought over that very issue, each crying “god on our side”.
    i dont recall any specific endorsement of any particular religion by such a being of any one of them, except perhaps by their own priesthood and the kings and queens that used them for their own justification and by inference, deification.
    There are many books and it often only after long and arduous research that many, if not all of these, seem to have been extensively redacted, reinterpreted, rewritten and revised over many thousands of years to suit one view or another, usually that of a power elite priesthood.
    There are some texts that appear to be original at least in that are as what was written by man at that time for whatever reason. The Gnostic legacy of the Nag Hammadi texts and the Dead Sea Scrolls, and perhaps further back to the Egyptian carvings, the Hermetic and Greek library writings and Buddhism, the Ancient Hindu Sacred texts and legends going back to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and further back into pre recorded history. Those are only some of the written ones and not all of them, there are also many spoken traditions, many of these have been lost, but some still remain.
    I don’t recall any of them referring to any industrial process at all in any way whatsoever, let alone a specific untried and untested potentially dangerous one as the fracking issue.
    So what we are left with it seems is that the report this refers to is from a paper released by one bishopric source of one particular denomination of many such similar one throughout the world, i think i will wait for a consensus from all of them, one way or the other.

    Perhaps this link is the reason that the C of E has interests in promoting fracking?


    There is always a deeper story behind the headlines.

    • …. good link. Just as I thought would happen. CoE’s hotline to God may be faulty though – they were a bit slow off the mark (govt may over-rule late registration).

  3. I wonder if it came down to a knock down drag out fight for land and mineral rights between the government and the C of E, who would come out on top and what would the news headline be?
    It would also be interesting to know what land planned for oil and gas drilling is on C of E property and whether any horizontal drills are planned under them?
    Would a finding in support of the C of E mean that not only would the oil and gas companies have to apply to the C of E for drilling rights under their property, but that the drilling and extraction companies would be subject to the moral and ethical considerations of the C of E too?
    There are some interesting anomalies in the British Legal Court of Law structure and Legal Procedure that would indicate that, if declared at the right point in the proceedings, god trumps a judge in all cases? Since a court of law is mans law, not gods. Then it gets difficult because technically god owns all the land the seas and the entire universe, man is simply the caretaker, and not a very good one.

    • No, I believe it’s like this… O&G is all Crown property, which these days means State owned, regardless of mineral rights. However, if you are one of the few individuals/bodies who might have title to mineral rights (duly registered) then you can stake a claim against the fact that drilling (and perhaps especially fracking) is encroaching upon and disturbing your mineral deposits. Interesting to see how this will play out.

        • Wet gas wells contain many compounds

          If the church has manorial rights they would own all minerals except oil and gas. Who owns the other liquids and their compounds from a UK shale well. Would it be the churches radioactive material? Is there value in that material or could the church be responsible and liable for environmental damage from ‘their’ minerals. The industry would have to have the agreement from the church to bring up liquids with joint ownership. The church may not agree to do that as most of ‘their’ compounds would be unusable and dangerous.

    • Just love the BBC and their unbiased reporting, last week Trump was the ‘the worst President ever’ and he wasn’t even President yet. Have the BBC done an about turn? Or is it fake news? Perhaps Trump will endorse this new law by the North Dakota legislator Keith Kempenich, a state representative, to allow cars to run people over people without prosecution, and outlaw people wearing masks, or perhaps Trump will build a wall around them? They would have to pay for it of course. Maybe make it legal to shoot native tribal people, its been an unwritten law for more than two centuries.


      The trouble is, that its the native peoples that are on their own sacred tribal land, its the pipe layers and hired unmarked thugs and their illegal pipeline who are there against the The U.S. Army Corp and the Obama Administration who “denied a key easement needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)” last month, but president-elect Donald Trump’s administration is not expected to be as sympathetic, reported EcoWatch.

      Look at the missile launcher that was overlooking the peace camp, the so called security had to move it after it was filmed, but of course it wasn’t intimidation, it was surveilance…….yeah.

      Not really off subject at all, and it does, once again, illustrate the mentality of the O & G industry towards anyone who stands up to them.

      Sage against assault rifles tear gas armoured vehicles with heavy machine guns and missile launchers……America the Brave, provided of course they are behind kevlar and guns and are persecuting unarmed natives.

      Soon coming to a country near you.

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