Bolton company quits supply contract with Cuadrilla’s fracking site



Photo: Phil Malone

The Bolton company, Armstrong Aggregates has announced it will stop supplying Cuadrilla’s fracking site at Preston New Road near Blackpool. But Cuadrilla said the contract had already been fulfilled. 

Armstrong, which had been providing materials from Montcliffe quarry in Horwich, issued a note this afternoon confirming it had decided to terminate its contract with Cuadrilla and the haulage company A E Yates.

The handwritten note, signed by Director David Armstrong, said:

“We have made the decision at 1pm today to terminate all work at Wood Plumpton with A E Yates and Cuadrilla.”


Photo: Peter Yankowski

The note was late re-issued replacing the words ‘Wood Plumpton’ with ‘Little Plumpton’.

A spokesperson for the company said the decision had been taken for “purely commercial” reasons.

Opponents of Cuadrilla’s operation have been protesting at Preston New Road and the A E Yates site in Lostock. This morning, a group carried out slow-walking protests at Moncliffe Quarry.

River Rain, of Bolton Against Fracking, told The Bolton News:

“We started at 6.30am on Monday and were supported by local residents from Horwich and the Woolston Anti-Fracking group.

“We blocked off the road to slow down trucks going in and out of the quarry.

“In the afternoon, the company came out with a signed note saying that they had terminated their work with A E Yates and Cuadrilla and the mood among all of the protesters was amazing.

“It can be quite demoralising when you are always fighting against big corporations and we realise this is only a small victory.”

“But to have a Bolton firm end its involvement with the Little Plumpton site is a positive for us, even though we know another firm will be brought in in their place.”

A Cuadrilla spokesperson said:

“Contrary to any work being terminated we can confirm that all the stone required from quarry operators Armstrongs has been delivered to our Preston New Road site and that therefore the contract has been fulfilled and the work completed.”

Updated 7/2/2017 with a statement from Cuadrilla

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  1. Who would have predicted that Ruth would give headline coverage to this story? LOL. Church of England is small news as compared to a local firm terminating its contract. For that matter, the 8 year old, Oliver, with his crying face letter, was an obvious headline story too!

    Does anyone know if there is another aggregates firm in the UK? Or does AE Yates have a proprietary technology in their delivery system and is therefore irreplaceable. Just wondering. ;o)

  2. I think the aggregate score is 1-0 Peeny.

    PS I don’t think AE Yates are irreplaceable but I don’t think they supply aggregates to themselves either.

    • John – Third Energy, I-Gas, Cuadrilla, Europa, UKOG, Angus – that’s six – nil aggregate score is it not? And more planning permission goals on the way soon…..

  3. It seems that some people when they don’t like the facts, blame the journalist, if they don’t like the personal comments they attack them also.

    I was very interested to hear that a contractor has pulled out, yes of course they can be replaced but it does show the protestors have had an impact.

  4. Slow walk in front of supplier for Caudrilla site!!!
    Isn’t this intimidating and harassing legal legitimate business? What is the UK coming to? This is just like the mobs and mafia telling if you don’t do what I tell you I am going to destroy your business make your customer uncomfortable. This is turning into a joke. The right to protest don’t mean the right to harass and intimidate.

    • Yes, what is the UK coming to? That’s the real point TW! The community said “No”, LCC said “No”, but that counted for nothing. You’re right, it would be a joke; that is, if it was funny! As at this moment in time we still have a democratic right to protest and protest we will. And if by protesting the companies involved begin to appreciate what the contracts they have entered into are doing to communities, then democracy ultimately prevails!

      • Your type of democracy amount to communism if you are not aware of the fundamental premise of your democracy. Paying income tax for example or paying for medicine or power line or mobile phone tower next to your house I sure the local and their council will object. But without these things the whole nation will lose its function and livelihood. That’s what’s communism does. And Nimby is just a selfish version of communism.

    • As a retired midwife who does not want to see my country and my children’s future destroyed. I assure you I was not part of a mob yesterday morning but a group of wonderful people ,retirees , people between shifts , on days off , students and protectors ( the conscience of our country ) who are doing the job our police and politicians should be doing representing the people . Not supporting Ponzi schemes for companies registered off shore who will never pay corporation tax or be responsible for the pollution and devastation left behind . . .

      • Beautifully said Eliza and thank you for your efforts on our behalf, please pass my gratitude on to your fellow friends and colleagues, we are indebted to you all, you have my support and that of my family and friends.
        Well done.

    • [Edited by moderator] When there is no-one left to protect what YOU want protecting, then you will remember your post here! JUST the sorts of comments made in Nazi Germany before the roundups! [Edited by moderator]

  5. No problem, plenty of quarries up here who will be happy to supply Yates & Cuadrilla. Intimidation of local contractor is disgraceful.

    • I agree completely. They have all the right to protest and slow walk on Caudrilla but no local business. This is amount to harassment and stand over blackmail. No businesses in UK if anyone can become like this. If I don’t like say windfarm should I be allowed to slow walk in front of their sub contractor. This is ridiculously despicable. One word come to mind – the Mafia.

      • MAFIA! Well yes I’m sure we ALL remember the slow walk massacre of 1933 in Chicago! FFS! Get some perspective!

  6. Paul-intimidation commences when legitimate arguments fail. It is just a part of the process. Those with blinkers will see it as a victory, the wider audience will see it for what it is. The records over the last year will be there for all to see.
    I did suspect such tactics would come out a little later but it seems the groups are so confident that fracking will be an absolute disaster and uneconomic, that NO tests should go ahead, and prove their point. (I think I need to point out, that is an ironic statement!)

  7. Perhaps A E Yates FG/FGB and Cuadrilla, Ineos, Third energy et al, ought to try a slow walk in front of landowners who will not allow seismic testing on their land, or supply materials to them. It certainly seems to be a less contentious and socially acceptable way of ethical procedure than illegally threatening them with prosecution and forcefully occupying enforcement if they don’t fold and give into the invasion of their land?
    What we read here on behalf of the PFO’s is true hypocracy, its OK if their industry uses intimidation and threats of legal enforcement and run crying the government to to back them up to gain access to private property, but its not OK for local people to exercise their legal right of protest?
    The real joke is not only the irony of the PFO’s ridiculous stance, but the myopic “holier than thou” hypocracy perpetrated throughout their behavior range.
    Its like dealing with a spoilt child who wants all the toys.

  8. PhilC-you simply have no concept of the regulations that apply in the UK. I would suggest pontificating about what you do not understand gives you some sort of buzz, but your arguments have no relevance to the facts. But that is “democracy” in action.

    • Ha! There are some very raw nerves amongst the PFI’s today?
      Congratulations by the way to the two groups who showed such bravery to stand up for us in those slow walks.
      Perhaps the PFI’s thought that the English were all docile and all they would need is a few stuffed brown envelopes in some party political pockets to get their own way? Instead of some docile compliant and dumbed down push overs, they have found themselves waist deep in an angry hornets nest of protest and they don’t like it! Not one little bit! Why don’t you run to Teresa to rub it all better?

  9. Fascinating looking at the comments section in particular from the viewpoint of November, 2019!
    Two Swarms of earthquakes have struck the Fylde, causing fracking to be halted by the Gold Standard Monitors. All now classified by the British Geological Survey as Hydrofracs by the way which means caused by the Licence Holder of PEDL165, Cuadrilla. About 100 family homes have suffered damage according to A.J. Lucas, the Australian investment outfit backing Cuadrilla.
    Tory PM Boris has now banned fracking allegedly because of concerns about safely and the environment! His friend Andrea Leadsom however hopes to see Cuadrilla back in action soon!
    What a mess!

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