Police investigate video of officers joking about arrest tactics for Lancashire anti-fracking protesters

Louise Robinson arrest 3

A livestream video which shows Lancashire police officers joking about the arrest tactics for anti-fracking protesters is being investigated by the force.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police confirmed to DrillOrDrop that the incident had been referred to the professional standards department.

The video was filmed on a phone when a protester, Louise Robinson, was arrested on Friday 25 August, near Cuadrilla’s shale gas site on Preston New Road at Little Plumpton.

Ms Robinson is seen being arrested and put into a police van for an alleged public order offence.

Police confiscated the phone but it continued to livestream while Ms Robinson was taken into custody.

It records officers suggesting the arrest was a useful tactic to divert the attention of protesters when delivery lorries were approaching Cuadrilla’s shale gas site.

In the video, at about five minutes, one officers is heard saying:

“It was probably better to get her when she was away from the big group … I think it happened at just the right time to allow the vehicles to go in. It kind of like distracted them. I think we should do that more just as they’re coming in.”

Ms Robinson was later released without charge after what another protester said was about eight hours in custody.

A second video of the incident, this time filmed by Ms Robinson on her phone, also showed the arrest.

This phone was also confiscated by police. When the phone was returned, Ms Robinson said the video was missing. It was later retrieved from a cloud storage platform and showed Ms Robinson being gripped on her arms by officers and complaining about a red mark caused by police.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police said:

“We are aware of these videos and they have been referred to our Professional Standards Department.

“At this stage it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

Both videos can be watched online

Opponents of Cuadrilla’s operation at Preston New Road have complained about increasingly aggressive policing at the site. One protester suggested that police were targeting women and older or disabled protesters.

We put this to Lancashire Police. A spokesperson said: “We would not comment on this.”

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    • So we see the truth of the matter, police arrests are nothing more than deliberate fabrications designed create diversion and to allow vehicles to enter or leave unmonitored.
      That is not keeping the peace, that is outside of the police charter and is little more than a misogynist corporate managed and promoted diversion tactic.
      Time for the compromised police to be withdrawn and replaced with publically responsible and retrained personnel, not mere corporate lackies.

      • It is absolutely acceptable behavior on the part of the police and it should be encouraged by society. Those trucks and their drivers have every right to enter and exit the facility unobstructed. The police are simply doing their jobs.

  1. What a load of crap!!! The first video of the arrest she becomes sweet and charming, yet the second video shows her true colours and why she was arrested under Section 5 Public Order. How many expletives and how much abuse was directed at 322? As she is supposedly a professional person then she should act in a more professional manner. The cycle path IS part of the carriageway and NOT the path, as seen by the kerb edge and even her filming shows her in the road. Everything the officers did in these videos was an excellent example of strategic policing. Arrest a main trouble-maker when away from the main group, therefore preventing a possible riot scenario. The actions of most protesters at Preston New Road is deplorable at the best times with threats of violence and abuse directed not just towards police but to the public too.

    • Ha! Ha! If anyone is jumping to conclusions it is your statement here:
      “yet the second video shows her true colours and why she was arrested under Section 5 Public Order.”
      And here:
      “Arrest a main trouble-maker when away from the main group, therefore preventing a possible riot scenario”
      The shouting behaviour demonstrated by your post is just the same attitude you accuse Louise Robinson of, and who was I hasten to add, was released without charge, for an “alleged public order offence” (unspecified)but not charged at all, in fact, and not under any act, certainly not under Section 5 Public Order act.
      Neither is true, the lady was not “the main trouble maker” and she was not doing anything, her only crime it seems was that she is female, and she was isolated from the main group and was therefore an easy target.
      Do try to remain on the realms of reality, not the displayed frantic fantasy as your post would indicate.

      • Phil, remaining within the realms of reality…… there is a substantial difference between my post and the arrestee. Firstly, my post is not laden with expletives or derogatory name calling. [Edited by moderator] I did say “a main trouble maker” not “the”, as I am aware that there are several prominent activists at the site. Within the realms of law, she was not targeted because she was female at all, thats imply sexism. [Edited by moderator] The extreme use of expletives used is sufficient within the Public Order Act to warrant her arrest.

  2. Well well, what a fascinating demonstration of shouting frack rant from a predictable source?
    The anti anti multi id transparent reaction is always amusing and good for a laugh!
    Or is it just texas style explosions from the epithet flooded fracking volatile implants?
    At one mention of corporate lackies……hey presto! Out pops the industry unfunny bunnies as if by tragic fragick magic?
    Perhaps the police would prefer, rather than wrestling with targetted women protesters, and illegally detaining people in order to provide an operational diversion, they would prefer to operate the apparent practice of infiltrating and ‘sleeping’ with the protesters as we hear on the news today?

    • That’s jumping to conclusions that I’m something to with fracking…… what if I’m just defending police actions, who are not “corporate lackies”? I’m certain that every police officer in the country would rather do it the current way, as opposed to your latter suggestion. Intelligence gathering is far easier these days (and less risk prone) than having to have sexual liaisons with anyone

  3. Nothing will come of it and the antis will cry……..”Death to the ‘System’. The ‘system’ is simply behaving in a mannered and respectable way.

  4. If you brake the law the police should arrest you.
    If you want to protest do it in a law abiding way .
    Breaking the law just brings discredit to your campaign

    • John Derwin,
      [Edited by moderator]
      please read the whole story before commenting.
      The lady concerned was released without charge after being kidnapped for several hours. She will be joining the queue to take private prosecution against the Constabulary for false and forceful arrest.

    • It’s the police who have broke the law here and wasted public resources all to prop up a [edited by moderator] oil syndicate. Anyone defend the police or the oil cartels clearly needs to have a long think about their life and integrity. These people are fighting for your grandchildrens future. Wake up and please try acting your age.

      • Lol there are a hell of a lot worse things that your grandchildren will face other than oil and gas exploration.
        Humans cannot stop the inevitable that is climate cycles. We can’t even slow it down so just enjoy the present and not panic about the future.

  5. I am very much in support of the protesters and everything they stand for and infuriated by the polices response, your case however is minimised by the aggressive, angry shouting and swearing by this lady, calling the police ‘spastics’ is offensive and lowers the impact of your protest, such a shame as your are doing an amazing job and have my thanks

    • Thank you Lou , I don’t like the swearing and insults but find myself acting like a crazy fishwife
      after a few hours of seeing the disgraceful behaviour of the police . Despite the bad language though ,those brave protectors at the roadside have more integrity in their little fingers than anyone of those thugs who call themselves police officers.

  6. irrespective of what the Police do….
    as a protester if you act in a calm and law abiding way you will gain the respect of the general public and not be considered as some sort of agitator and outcast in society.

  7. As a grand father of a lovely lad who has a different chromosome make-up to myself, and most of the population, this “lady” is no lady. This is simply disgusting behaviour. Did she check whether any of the police officers were in a similar situation to myself? No, she was simply being disgusting, and any who support her are the same. Another Inconvenient Truth-but that’s the facts and I just hope when the filming is reviewed she is charged. Goodness, I remember that sort of abuse 50 years ago but thought our society had became more educated and caring.

  8. I am totally against fracking but am so fed up with the so called ‘protectors’!! At first I was in agreement with them and fully supported their actions. I’m now totally disgusted by their behaviour! Their dreadful bad language, anger and verbal abuse and accusations of police brutality towards the Police is not only rude and disrespectful but against the law. It’s a disgrace. I’m sick of hearing swear words and derogatory words like “spaz” and “retard”!! I’ve watched lots of footage and it is very far removed from a peaceful protest, which is what I’d hoped for. If the “protectors” behaved like this towards the police on a boozy Saturday night out, they would be restrained and arrested and no doubt charged. Instead they spend a few hours in a cell and are then released without charge! The police are doing a difficult job whilst being harrassed and abused themselves! The site is now operational. The permission was granted. So why don’t the Anti-fracking protesters disband and go home and lobby parliament against opening any more sites! Leave the Police to carry out their jobs…. not guarding and keeping the highway clear outside a Cuadrilla site, even though we don’t want it there!!!

    • I’m sure these people have been polite and tried to show respect to these police and workers, only to be comfronted with the usual thuggish behaviour we all know the police are consistently guilty of. I’d be swearing at these idiot too if they assaulted me and used their bullying tactics to oppress this legitimate and worthwhile protest. [Edited by moderator] I can’t believe my taxes are being used to uphold this crime and I personally applaud these people for their patience as I wouldn’t be able to control myself in this hostile situation, I’d most certainly retailiate against the police as they have clearly sided [edited by moderator] against the publics will and have totally forgotten they are our public servants not the army, so why are the acting as mercenaries [edited by moderator]

    • Martin Collyer…..I absolutely agree with you! One of my gorgeous grandchildren has a very rare genetic syndrome. We’ve tried to raise the children in our family not to use the kind of words this so called ‘lady’ used. I’ve heard similar words used on other recodings too. She should be ashamed of herself and any others who have used derogatary words should think on too! You are right our society hasn’t moved on as much as we’d like!! How very sad!!

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