Ready to frack – Third Energy tells residents

171105 KM Eddie Thornton2

Third Energy’s KM8 site, 5 November 2017. Photo: Eddie Thornton

Third Energy has told people living near its Kirby Misperton gas site in North Yorkshire that it is preparing to frack.

In a letter distributed today, the company said it had completed the workover phases of the KM8 project and was laying out the hydraulic fracturing equipment – described as the frac spread.

Third Energy director, Alan Linn, said this comprised:

  • Water tanks
  • Containers holding frack fluid additives and sand
  • Blenders that mix the water, sand and additives
  • Pumps
  • High pressure hoses connected to the well head

171108 Third Energy

In the letter, Mr Linn said the company had experienced “a series of incidents which are both illegal and in some cases potentially dangerous”. He said:

“This has forced us, with regret, to step up our security provisions”.

Mr Linn said:

“We respect the right to lawful and peaceful protest but we have the equal expectation that local residents should be able to go about their daily routines and legal business without hindrance.”

The letter said off the site, the company had installed 12 surface seismic monitors, vibration monitors and a micro-seismic array. These monitors would provide data on seismic events and measure fracture height and growth.

The company said it was posting local  informationon the Kirby Misperton People Facebook Page and on the KM8 portal of its website.

The Business Secretary, Greg Clark, has to give the final approval before fracking can begin at Kirby Misperton. At the time of writing, no decision has been announced.

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  1. Happiness is very similar to complacency John. I recall a guy waving some paper saying “Peace in our Lifetime”.

    I also remember that the lights always turned on. I also remember that when OPEC decided to hike prices FOUR FOLD, the price of doing that was off into orbit, and the whole UK economy was trashed.

    Perhaps I have a longer memory. I suspect so, because from your text you forget when it was much about coal, and how energy supplies could be controlled by a few who withdrew their labour. You ready to step in John and man the ships from Qatar? Or, protect those ships from middle east conflicts so that they can make the passage? Don’t rely on Donald doing it for you-he has his own energy sorted, the Pacific his focus. Why do you think Putin is so active in mid east? Oil and gas is a powerful weapon. All looks pretty secure to me!

    A bit like a prelude to “I didn’t see that coming!” Just hope there are some who do.

    • Sadly all this reminiscing is missing the point, again Martin.

      There is a crisis called Global Warming. Countries including the UK have agreed targets to reduce CO2 emissions.

      Clean energy generation is here and is working, increasing daily. It is the focus of the future, if we are to have one.

      Oil and gas is on the way out hence the desperate posts from supporters and investors on here and elsewhere as they watch their money slip away from them.

      “I didn’t see that coming!”, no clearly you didn’t but now it is here, jump on the ark before you drown there’s still room, or stay and party in denial and be wiped out; your choice.

        • It’s two minutes to midnight
          And the world is undone
          As many are living
          Like they’re the only one.

          Forgotten, compassion and sharing resources
          Thousands of pounds, no education, just ‘courses’.
          Earth’s lungs are now choking
          And we are to blame
          For failing to put out the eternal gas flame
          And oil and it’s offspring love to ignite
          Too late for us now to set things right?
          But hope on the horizon
          The stately white giants
          Turning slowly and surely
          With increasing reliance
          Stand up for the many
          Who have listened to science
          Move away from the moth light
          With peaceful defiance

          Take the hand of your neighbour
          And help them to see
          That the world’s about all of us
          Not just about ‘me’.

          ‘I call on governments at all levels, NGOs, the scientific community, the business community, labour organisations and all of civil society to join me in a grand coalition to save our Earth and the people and other living things that call it home.”‘

          H. E. Mr. Frank Bainimarama, Prime Minister of Fiji. Bonn 2017

          • I am impressed Sherwulfe!
            The most apt poem I have seen on the subject anywhere.
            I hope you don’t mind, i have copied that and put on my hard drive under Drill or Drop.

  2. I remember the 3 or 4 day week, and the lights went off. Candles were ok, but they do not drive the central heating pump, on the coal fired boiler, or the gas boiler. Fortunately everyone in the village had a coal fire ( cough cough ), but you could not buy it so easily. Paraffin fires were dusted down for a good dose of CO.

    Back to today….off grid watch

    Coal 12.5% ( good Russian coal, cleanly extracted for sure, some American in there as well )
    Gas 52%
    Nuclear 15.5%. All home grown.
    Wind 10%. All home grown
    Solar 0%
    Biomass 3%. Mainly home grown
    Exporting to France 2%, importing from Netherlands 1%
    Plus a bit of other stuff

    Add whatever is being used by transport and non electric heating, still a long way to go.

    Good oh for offshore wind ( by tender process ) , ok if onshore ( anywhere is ok by me, and no bungs allowed ), ok with solar ( was good today when it was light ).

    • Yes, Hewes, and another important point is how much has been invested and subsidized to render that full 0% Solar contribution.

  3. Interesting hewes62.

    The other elephant in the room is how we can rely upon Norwegian supplies. I spent quite a lot of time in Norway, and I’m sure, if it was up to them, we could.

    But-and it is a big but-have a discussion with someone who has done National Service there, and exercised on their northern borders, rehearsing their defence plan against an attack from the north/east. Then look at current military activities in the Baltic, and the unease within USA about carrying a EU defense burden. That is certainly not a stable situation to rely upon.

    • Martin

      Yes, Norway are keen to supply us with gas, and we are a favoured customer.

      There is an armed police unit based adjacent to the East Coast terminal .. where the bulk of the gas comes in.

      It is there to prevent terrorist attack on that and the other two terminals. Any disruption to supply is frowned on.

      Vulnerable people could be affected by a disruption.

      Norway wanted to put their own armed chaps there, but it was refused, of course.

      Maybe supply will be interrupted by those who wish to keep it in the ground?

      • ‘Maybe supply will be interrupted by those who wish to keep it in the ground?’
        A very disturbing post from hewes62.
        It concerns me that you stoop to such levels against persons you clearly know nothing about to keep yourself in the pro-fracking gang. Where it is now expected of some to lower themselves to nonsense because they are not able to empathize with others, I am shocked you think it is okay to suggest an act of terrorism on this blog.

        • Yes Sherwulfe, it beggars belief that hewes62 could sink so low as to use the terrorist label. Talk about dredging the bottom of the barrel, that one is sub-subterranean, which is appropriate and predictable i suppose?

          hewes62 your attempt to tar any protest with the terrorist label just shows you have not got the slightest notion about what is being protested about, and what is being protected and why? it beggars belief that such a comment can even be considered?

          hewes62 the protest is about protection, protection of everyone, even those who cannot, or will not protect us, dont you understand what the word protection means?

          Protection means to protect everyone, you, me, everyone, that is what protect means, that means we don’t and will not ever stoop to anything that your disgusting terrorist labelling attempt is trying to imply, we leave that sort of insanity to the fanatics, perhaps that is where such thinking originates?

          What is in your mind, or not in your mind, that you could so misunderstand what this whole protection issue is all about so fundamentally?

          I think that comment suggests more about the state of mind that it comes from than anything any protest is about.

        • Sherwulf
          They expected terrorists, but they may get RTP instead.
          They expected ram raiders or people popping a rocket over the fence, but may get people hugging lorries travelling to site.
          They wonder if they should shoot someone who looks like a bomber, but may just get people wrapped up against the cold.
          That was my point, if slightly cryptic.

          I think we have to be careful not to jump to conclusions that align with our internal view of the opposition, something which works both ways I guess.

          As Phil C says below, comments suggest more about the state of our mind that it comes from than anything any protest is about.

  4. Never mind Sherwulfe, your wind turbine investments may come good one (windy) day.

    Meanwhile oil prices are rising due to instability in Mid East, petrol prices are rising for the same reason. I’m sure those who might invest wisely in oil and gas are quite content with their investments at the moment. I’m sure in Norway they are pretty chuffed as well, benefitting from their Wealth Fund. Not so certain Tesla investors are quite so happy.

    And those poor surviving penguins down in the Antarctic must be just waiting for the sea ice to shrink a bit so they can try and rebuild their colony next breeding season. Climate change can be so fickle.

    • Once again Martin, you have demonstrated your lack of real knowledge.
      This post comes to you from a computer powered by wind 🙂

  5. Hewes62-sorry, but unless your morality is less than that promoted by some other posters, the anti argument falls apart. Same situation on most internet discussions. Part of the process.
    Next, it will be off shore tax havens at your door, from posters who can readily avoid tax on £40k/year without breaking into a sweat. Hey ho.

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