Updated: Protest camp evicted from Horse Hill oil site

171202 HH eviction HHP7

Another eviction began early this morning to remove anti-drilling campaigners who occupied the Horse Hill oil site near Gatwick Airport. The final campaigners were removed at 5.45pm.

The campaigners said unidentified security officers began removing equipment and belongings at about 5.30am. They alleged that people had been assaulted and a woman was hurt.

This is the second attempted eviction since the campaigners established a camp at the site about 48 hours ago. DrillOrDrop report.

The campaigners, who call themselves Horse Hill Protectors, said they had established their camp at the site to raise awareness of climate change, air and water pollution and industrialisation of the countryside.

Horse Hill, near Horley, was granted planning permission last month for two additional oil exploration wells and extended flow tests on these and the existing well.

Yesterday, DrillOrDrop reported that the group had installed tripod structures, a scaffolding platform and tree houses, as well as pitching tents on the site. We’re updating this post with new developments at Horse Hill.

Live updates

5.45pm Campaigners evicted

The final campaigners, who had locked themselves to the gate, are removed from the Horse Hill site, more than 60 hours after the occupation began. No arrests reported. The campaigners tweet:

“Everybody out, no arrests, tidied up, point made. So much love to the locals, activists and LOs [Legal Observers] who supported the camp.”

171202 HH eviction HHP.21jpg

171202 HH eviction HHP17

Photo: Horse Hill Protectors

171202 HH eviction HHP19

Photo: Horse Hill Protectors

171202 HH eviction HHP20

Photo: Horse Hill Protectors

171202 HH eviction HHP187

Photo: Horse Hill Protectors



2.45pm: Statement from oil company

Stephen Sanderson, chairman of Horse Hill Developments Limited & UK Oil & Gas plc, said:

“I have no issue with peaceful protest. But this was far from it. These activists gained unlawful access to our well site premises, behaved in an aggressive and threatening manner to our staff, and caused criminal damage. We have used all available legal means to secure the site so that our lawful business at Horse Hill can safely continue. We apologise to local residents for any noise or disruption these events may have caused.”

2pm: Campaigners locked to gates

171202 HH eviction HHP15

Photo: Still from video by Scott Breen

171202 HH eviction HHP16

Photo: Still from video by Scott Breen

12 noon:  Tower demolished

171202 HH eviction HHP14

Photo: Scott Breen

10.30am: Campaigners locked-on in the scaffolding tower

171202 HH eviction HHP12

Photo: Ross Monaghan

171202 HH eviction HHP13

Photo: Horse Hill Protectors

171202 HH eviction HHP11

Photo: from live video by Horse Hill Protector

8am: Specialist rescue team attempts to extract campaigners from tree house

171202 HH eviction HHP8

Photo: Horse Hill Protectors

171202 HH eviction HHP10

Photo: Horse Hill Protectors

7.50am: Large numbers of security officers

171202 HH eviction HHP7

Photo: Horse Hill Protectors

7.40am: Specialist rescue team on site

171202 HH eviction HHP6

Photo: Horse Hill Protectors

7.15am: Specialist bailiffs

Campaigners report the arrival of a team of specialist bailiffs

171202 HH eviction HHP5

Photo: Horse Hill Protectors

7.10: Police on site

Campaigners say two Surrey Police officers are at the site and a large number of security staff.

6.30am: Long day predicted

The campaigners tweet:

“Up in the high places, up in the trees, got lots of  food, going to be a long day.”

171202 HH eviction HHP3

171202 HH eviction HHP4

Security officers at occupied Horse Hill oil site, 2 December 2017. Photo: Horse Hill Protectors

5.30am: Security guards arrive

Campaigners at the Horse Hill site report the arrival of security guards

171202 HH eviction HHP2

Security officers at occupied Horse Hill oil site, 2 December 2017. Photo: still from video by Horse Hill Protectors

171202 HH eviction HHP

Security officers at occupied Horse Hill oil site, 2 December 2017. Photo: Horse Hill Protectors

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  1. Poor Sherwulfe. These amazing facts come from the pilot who takes the oil tankers into the Solent to Fawley Refinery, including the small one from Wytch Farm (careful you avoid that trap-is it a tanker or not?)

    Clearly not speculation, but factual. I know it is unusual on DOD, but get used to it. Do you base all your bets on random selection? Avoid poker.

    Must do better.

      • No betting Martin, just community working together….

        A little poem to enlighten our night 🙂

        Investor Blues.
        Once upon a time there was a Bunny
        Who had an idea to make some money.
        He set up a business making stuff
        And people could not get enough.

        So, he had to make the company bigger
        But the bank loan was an enormous figure.
        His friend, the Fox said ‘Sell some shares’.
        So, off he went to float his wares.

        A Bull was thinking on that day
        I have some cash to put away
        The bank is not the safest bet
        Perhaps some shares will ease the fret?

        So. Fox he worked the buy and sell
        Of course, he took his share as well.
        And for a time, they churned out the stuff
        A dividend to the Bull enough.

        And Bull he had another friend
        His name was Bear and he bucked a trend.
        He bought some shares and settled in
        And dreamed of the day his ship would come in

        And each year as things went well with inflation
        The Bunny made more as he sold to the nation
        But Bear he asked, ‘What ain’t so funny,
        Another company makes more money?’

        ‘How is that?’ asks Bull to Bear
        That profit is to trade a share?
        Fox said, ‘As profits rise the share price too
        So, when you sell, more money to you’.

        So back to the annual meet they went
        To ask the Bunny where his money is spent.
        My staff have wages and holidays too
        An annual bonus and a trip to the Zoo.

        ‘No, no, no!’ said Bear, we can’t have this
        I want more money for doing this.
        You must make more profit, cut back the fun.
        They must work harder, everyone.

        The next year things have changed a bit
        But the Bear wants more, as on his bum he sits.
        He cries, ‘Cut the costs, shave off the staff.
        I need more money to make me laugh’.

        A skeleton staff try to make the stuff
        But exhausted, are not good enough
        The product spec. is shaved again
        The customers call only to complain

        And soon the company sadly falls
        Not meeting standard the bailiff calls.
        And just before as he gets wise
        The Fox sells his shares to a pension guy.

        So now the shares they hit the dirt
        And the owner flees before losing his shirt.
        The company dithers as the sharks’ attack
        Creating more false hope for the ordinary jack.

        Who shouts and screams, ‘It will get much better?’
        As he slowly morphs into a losing debtor.
        So, the moral of this little tale
        Is don’t get greedy, or you will surely fail.

  2. All that protesters rope and tarpoline made from oil and the drive diesel van .What hypocrites you idiots are .All from imported oil from halfway around the world by diesel power oil tanker

  3. Yes, I know the pilot, Sherwulfe. I do tend to follow the rule that I only comment on subjects if I am aware and sure of what I am stating. I have given that information before on DOD. Mortified you haven’t been absorbing that!

    A rarity on social media, I know, but I’m an old fashioned sort of guy. Before social media, when down the pub, and a silence descended I didn’t see the need to fill the “space” with twaddle either. That was my mum’s advice. “Better to keep your mouth closed sometimes and let some think you are foolish, than open your mouth with nothing intelligent to contribute, and prove that you are to everyone”.

    • Yes Martin, have heard your mum’s advice before; sadly you have not taken it.

      ‘I do tend to follow the rule that I only comment on subjects if I am aware and sure of what I am stating.’ A better approach would be to consider both sides of the argument, read the facts put in front of you from this blog, do your own research using unbias information and use these facts links/ references to demonstrate that you are credible. There’s a big gap between being aware and having evidence. If you did this I’m sure more commentors would be able to see your side. At the moment we are just getting many, many posts of empty rhetoric.

      Being an ‘an old fashioned sort of guy’ I would be mindful of stating ‘knowing friends’ or ‘having a job in’ . Many on here have created personas that don’t exist. Too many ‘friends’ or ‘jobs’ becomes incredible. It’s the world we live in I’m afraid. It’s a steep learning curve. Are you willing to take it?

  4. Sherwulfe-thanks for your comments, but do excuse me chuckling about your interest in considering both sides of the argument! I’m sure poems of yours present your credibility and I do not expect information I supply from the horse’s mouth to be as credible to you, in comparison.
    Yes, many on here have created personas and some hide behind strange identities, but as I state, I’m an old fashioned sort of guy. I post my comments with experience as a base, not Giggle. Embrace it as a new experience-it’s what makes life more interesting.

    Off to the footy, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    • Martin, you really need to get to grips with this blogging thing. The important information is at the top of the page, the articles, well researched and presented by Ruth et al. The stuff at the bottom is for us to make comment on the article as we see fit and providing other information if available. However, when the sock puppets kick in it becomes a free for all, a game of words. You need to catch up, you are being left well behind.

      If you want to be credible you need to add credible stuff, if you want to play with words, you need to be able to use them. So far we have only seen name calling and supposition from you.

      It is interesting that you have become defensive about the content of my poems, says a lot psychologically.

      Would suggest you use Google for information; that Giggle platform is not worth its salt 😉

  5. yeah protesters drive a diesel van and use imported oil from halfway round the world…remember torrey canyon disaster?

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