Two INEOS appeals to be heard at public inquiries

Notice at Marsh Lane 170426 DoD

Opposition to INEOS Marsh Lane plans. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Appeals by INEOS over two shale gas planning applications are to be heard at public inquiries.

The company said its proposals for exploration wells in the villages of Marsh Lane, Derbyshire, and Harthill, south Yorkshire, had not been decided within a reasonable time. It is appealing against non-determination.

Both the planning authorities involved, Derbyshire County Council and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, deny there has been any unreasonable delay.

The chair of the Rotherham planning board, Cllr Alan Atkin, told RothBiz the council had scheduled a decision for November. But INEOS had asked for an extension to overcome recommendations to refuse the application.

The leader of Derbyshire County Council, Barry Lewis, told the Derbyshire Times

“We reject the suggestion that there has been any unreasonable delay on our part and we’re extremely disappointed that this decision affecting our communities will now be made by central Government.

“Our planning process is a democratic process. It would have been wrong of us to deny local people and statutory consultees the opportunity to comment on the additional information – which was not included in INEOS’ original planning application.”

He said the consultation and analysis of major planning applications like this took time. He told the paper:

“INEOS says it prioritises local consultation and is disappointed that the decision will not be taken at local level – and yet it is the very organisation which has pushed to have a local decision taken out of local hands.”

The two councils are still expected to discuss the proposals at planning meetings in early 2018.

Harthill Kerry Eades 170410

Harthill in south Yorkshire. Photo: Kerry Eades

Appeals listing

The two appeals are now listed on the Planning Inspectorate website to be decided through public inquiries.

The Marsh Lane appeal reference is App/U1050/W/17/3190838. Link here

The Harthill appeal reference is APP/P4415/W/17/3190843. Link here

Appeals can be heard by written representation, an informal hearing or a public inquiry during which witnesses give evidence and can be cross-examined. Inquiries usually take longer to reach a decision than appeals by written representation or hearing.

Groups or individuals can apply for what’s known as Rule 6 status, which allows them to present evidence to the inquiry and cross-examine witnesses for the council and the company.

The inquiry is a public event and interested people or groups can make statements at the discretion of the inspector.

The first key date in the INEOS appeals is 20 December 2017 when the council must submit key information to the planning inspectorate.

Comments by interested parties are due by 17 January 2018. There’s no information yet on where or when the inquiry will take place.

Decisions on appeals can be made by a planning inspector who chairs the inquiry. The appeal can also be recovered by the Communities Secretary, who will make the final decision following recommendations from the inspector. This happened in the case of Cuadrilla’s appeal against refusal of planning permission for its Lancashire sites at Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood.

There’s no information yet on whether the Secretary of State will recover the appeals.

Information on the appeals process

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  1. Well, as house prices rose more in this area, than any other, over the last year it OBVIOUSLY indicates there is a rush of people to take advantage of property with an income stream attached, and move to a community with extra funding! So, result of this is already obvious.

    (Just trying the anti approach of attempting to connect unconnected titbits to “prove” a point. I can see it could be addictive.)

    Suspect the house price thing is connected to HS2, but that would spoil the opportunity!

  2. For your information and education, here is Ian R Cranes videos for Monday at the Liverpool and Leeds canal, where Osprey Oil and Gas are making noises to frack locally. Ian is highlighting the fracking waste debacle that this country simply cannot handle that enormous amount of radioactive waste in any way whatsoever, any more than USA is, they dumped 75 billion gallons of highly toxic frack waste in the Gulf of Mexico, yes 75 billions of gallons, and the poisonous dispersant to sink the Deep Water Horizon disaster oil slicks as the accountability depended upon the size of the slick, sunk is sunk it seems.

    This is is why the entire fracking industry is so secretive about where and how fracking waste is to be “processed and disposed of”, its because they either simply dont know, or there is some plan to dump it somewhere.

    Today’s video recounts that Gregg Clark will offload, sorry “delegate” his parliamentary responsibility onto the OGA, who are a quasi government public limited company who are all ready fully in the hands of the ohandgee corporations.

    So, big things brewing on all sides of the fracking scene, Gregg Clark offloading…..sorry, delegating responsibility for the Kirby Misperton decision onto the deeply compromised OGA, who are little more than an easily disposable front for the ohandgee industry.

    Exxon at last revealed about their initial support, then the about turn suppressing and obscuring the real global effects of the oil and gas boom on the climate which began way back in 1976 that continuous dependency would effect climate change.

    So the public have been fooled into all that endemic climate change denial for three decades and now the global climate is wildly fluctuating, which confirmed the Exxon scientists predictions.

    Now the oceans are turning acidic and cannot absorb much more CO2, wildlife is perishing everywhere and the ohandgee industry are going to dump even more poisonous toxic fracking waste in the Gulf of Mexico?

    This oceanic acidisation is exactly what happened in what is known as the great Permian extinction 250 million years ago, when less than 5% of all life in the sea and 33% of life on land survived and nearly all flora perished entirely.

    Following the release of papers that reveal that due process and the precautionary principle is being ignored by Gregg Hands in his tax payer funded jolly to Brazil to lobby on behalf of BP and Esso.

    Also the Paris Agreement deciding to implement the stopping of funding for new ohandgee exploration and exploitation including UK attendees Barclays Bank. China banning plastics,

    As Ian R Crane says Do Your Own Research.

    PS, Also Ian makes a pleasant reference to Ruth Hayhurst and Drill Or Drop, I would thank Ruth and Paul myself for providing this website that is so informative and enlightening, I am sure you will all agree, no matter what position you hold on this subject.

  3. Well it didn’t take long for the BEIS report on the security of natural gas supply to look like a naive bureaucrat had authored it, did it? The Telegraph now reports that “Frozen Britain facing energy crisis.” According to Emily Gosden “Gas price catches fire in markets’ perfect storm.” Who ever could predict such a thing? Certainly not an analyst at BEIS. However, the business community was certainly correct in their assessment that the BEIS report had missed the mark, and that short term prices could spike and supply could become short. While most agree that the UK won’t run out of gas anytime soon, the dwindling domestic supply of gas is exposing the nation unnecessarily to price shocks and potentially to fuel rationing – and this has real human impact. It can cause greater fatalities from energy poverty and it can cause greater fatalities to businesses who depend on low cost energy. Time to get crackin’ on the frackin’.

  4. I just hope the bureaucrat has not received his end of the year assessment yet! And I trust he is not also responsible for the security of UKs gold reserves.
    With UK gas storage reduced dramatically, and much of the EU dependent upon Russian gas, could this really be a surprise to anyone? (That is apart from the eco warriors who have “forgotten” winter weather, as it doesn’t fit their narrative.)

    The current rate of inflation, much about the reduction in the value of the £, and anticipated to drop back will now be held high for a few more months. Businesses that might have been about to reward workers with a decent pay rise now likely to pull back to compensate for higher cost energy. The real world does have a habit of re-emphasising consequences.

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