INEOS “won’t take no for an answer”, says Labour MP at Prime Minister’s Questions

Theresa May was asked in parliament for her reaction to the complaint of a Cheshire woman who was “door-stepped” by land agents acting for the UK’s biggest shale gas company.

In a question to the Prime Minister this afternoon, the Labour MP, Mike Amesbury, said the agents for INEOS Shale were seeking access to farmland in his Weaver Vale constituency to carry out seismic surveys.

He said the agent posted a pre-named contract to his constituent, Alison Davis, which would give the company rights to use the land.

But Mr Amesbury said:

“Alison had already rejected this request when she was door-stepped a few days earlier.”

He asked Theresa May:

“Does the Prime Minister know what it feels like to get an unsolicited letter from a group who won’t take no for an answer and will she join the Welsh and Scottish governments by saying no to fracking in England?”

INEOS has faced criticism in seeking to take legal action against the National Trust, which has refused access for testing at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire (link).

In Yorkshire last week a group of 15 landowners, holding more than 80,000 acres, backed the National Trust and said they had:

“no wish for our land to play any part in extracting gas or oil”.

The Prime Minister sidestepped Ms Davis’s complaint and replied:

“May I say to the honourable gentleman that shale gas extraction could be a very important part of ensuring energy security in this country and I’m sure all his constituents and the constituents of others represented in this house will want to ensure that the government is doing everything it can to ensure we maintain our energy security and we don’t see the lights being turned off.”

DrillOrDrop asked INEOS whether it supported the behaviour of the land agent and whether it was standard practice. This post will be updated with any response from the company.


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  1. Fracking is not allowed in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Irish Republic, France, Germany, need I go on but our government and that includes some Labour members think it’s OK for us. WHY?

    • our government aren’t stupid to waste the opportunity shale gas poses to our energy security and economy. England’s high standards in regulating fracking will hopefully lead to smooth practice by all companies involved with little impact on surrounding areas.

      • You are absolutely correct in saying that the government arent “stupid”. However, what they are, are corrupt. They simply don’t give a fig about climate change or democracy. Do you seriously believe that this is all about cheap energy and security. It has never been about cheap fuel and security. The companies have to invest in vast amounts of money and because the nature of this industry and the sheer numbers of investers it has to rely on, they want their pound of flesh in return. This will never be a cheap or secure form of energy. It just costs far too much to even extract, moreover, it is a very reckless way of getting energy and the consequences are huge both environmentally and financially. It is purely amd simply a way to keep the dying oil and gas industry afloat.

        • Precisely One flew over the cuckoo’s nest, great name btw! Well said.

          It is always interesting to realise that Big Oil and Gas make far more money than most countries and pay little attributable tax anywhere by use of “creative” means, and their collective turnover probably rivals that of the major continents.

          So there must be some very exclusive and unaccountable rice bowls that are so jealously guarded, that no individual country would be allowed to stand against them.

          The penalties of doing so are probably threatened to be terminal, in just about any way you wish to understand the word.

          It is that simple fact that illustrates this governments and all other governments roll over and play dead attitude towards Big Oil and Gas, and the perhaps the result of opposing such forces is tantamount to political suicide?

          However, trends towards change in understanding are moving away from that hegemony, and what we see, i suspect, is the last attempt to propagate the existing status quo while moves are made to move on to the next control mechanism in the agenda, which seems to be AI and digital currency and all its present terminological confusions, ans also the emerging centrally processed “smart grid”.

          We see moves everywhere to destroy cash and sink everyone into AI and digital money systems under whatever name they appear in, look at what China and Saudi Arabia did to move that further recently.

          That apparently simple move, once completed, will put us all at the mercy of a central digital control mechanism, that is unprecedented in scale and power, and the withdrawal of that will give such future power bases totalitarian control over every aspect of our lives. Objecting to the process and protesting may become impossible in the near future, because we have all ready seen examples of the penalties levied against individual whistle blowers such as withdrawal of the rights to travel on airways and to take away driving licences, in the near future that may extend to freezing assets and the ability to pay for anything unless we comply to the censorship and conditions that are showing themselves on you tube at the moment.

          There is rarely an end that is visible in such political and corporate machinations, but there are enough pointers to indicate that Big Oil and Gas is just the tip of the visible iceberg of a far more pervasive and determined move towards other agendas, declared or not.

          We can cripple this by objecting and protesting against fracking, which has emerged as the catalyst that illustrates much deeper and much more worrying trends in agendas that underlay everything we do as a society in a country under this government.

    • SNP are over a barrel with the green party propping them up, no surprise there. Macron got an LNG consignment the other week from Russias new Yamal Port! Germany, well; burns more coal than the whole of Europe put together I think. Their wind project , World leader?

    • It is interesting to see all this sudden polarization and politicisation emerging out of the fracking folly morass now the Tories have stated they are making social media a forum to “win hearts and minds”?

      Apparently anything goes to convince the uninformed and the uneducated that fracking is really our friend and it’s the other enemy that is all to blame?

      What a farce politics is, it’s nothing more than smoke and mirrors to divert the lazy away from the real issues.

      It’s not about party politics guys and gals, it never was, they all belong to the same secret clubs and pay allegiance to the same financiers who make sure they tow the line, or else.

      Forget politics, it’s just another Big Brother illusion for the masses.

      You think you belong to some exclusive club or other of party politics which will make everything fine and dandy for your personal political illusions?

      No, dear friends, they are just using you to get their own jollies off the biggest kick back of all.

      Big Power. The ultimate gold rush. To which you can, in this context of the fracking scam, add Big Energy, the means to this particular end.

      You are being owned folks, Left, Right and Centre, Top to Bottom, Inside and Out.

      The target is, in this and every other context, and has always been, you and me and our stupid in the room gullibility.

      They laugh all the way to your bank.

      Its all about Power over you and me and our tax paying cash cow slave status.

      Talk about Dumb! They see us as nothing more than just raw meat on the hoof, waiting for culling.

      And we even pay for the abattoirs and the sharp knives.

      Wake up.

        • Simple, don’t fall for pathetic party politicking pros and cons of who said what to whom or why, its all illusion to keep you off balance and introduces irrelevant personalisation and hero hate and worship. All of politics is compromise and no morals or ethics are allowed to stand in the face of party policies and whips, representation has ceased to matter centrally, even though some still try to raise their heads above the parapets, we see where that gets us, nowhere fast.

          That only serves to confuse the issues, concentrate on the real issues of pollution and the apparent immunity of the operators to local authority regulations and conditions.

          Its the equivalent of a driver encountering an icy road and heavy traffic and concentrating on a soap opera on the mobile phone, entertaining briefly, but ultimately distracting from the oncoming jackknifing toxic waste tanker.

          • So what your saying Phil is Jeremy Corbyn voted against increased regulation in the shale Industry? Especially in National Parks and in the vacinity of Drinking water…

      • Kisheny, the temperature will freeze tonight, it’s winter. duh
        However, we the people, won’t freeze as we have heating, unless you are one of the poor buggers left out on the street; if you want to be useful, best to divert your ‘energy’ into finding a warm bed for these fellow humans, dismissed by a greedy self-centered state.

    • Why John, because fracking is a safe technique used in over100,000 oil and gas wells In the USA and has led to a situation where cheap energy has made a significant contribution to the US economic recovery. It’s good to see the PM supportive. Fracking could be the most important advance in UK energy policy since the North Sea.

      Evidence for supply security problems… From the National Grid’s document Winter Outlook 2017/18….

      “We expect there to be sufficient gas available from a wide range of sources to meet winter 2017/18 demand. ”

      BUT this morning the supply is unable to meet demand and large users are being asked to turn down usage.

      Today we are significantly dependent on medium term storage which lasts, I gather, 10-12 days at full output without refilling. There are no LNG cargoes due in the UK in March. It’s possible that the less cold weather due early next week will ease things but if not, I would expect a significant run down of supply to industry in order to protect domestic supply. Not a way to run UK plc

  2. The government has some explaining to do, having given the nod and handed out many exploration licenses -with fracking inmind. One can see the appeal (politically) of the much trumpeted ‘energy security’, the inward investment of many billions of pounds, and the resulting speculation on 4000 plus wells producing massive amounts of gas (along with profits for the capital investors). But where was the detailed scrutiny by parliament including (looking at) many hundreds of pages of consultation documents generated from investigations by other nations, and US States, which helped them decide that Fracking risks outweighed the benefits? Where are the honest statements informing the country about how fracking wells would eventually have to creep all over the countryside? that each well has a short life span and fracked gas is a polluting non-renewable resource etc. One gets the impression that a lot of this has been engineered behind closed doors. For whose benefit is the big question.

  3. Labour, oh I remember them ten years ago issuing all those exploratory drilling licences to kick off the dash for gas. Labour ten years on, we will stop fracking! Really? Then when the shale revolution creates wealth and prosperity for the U.K they’ll claim the success. You can even see signs of this in the way they vote in the commons. Diane Abbot voting against greater regulations in the shale industry! Luckily the tighter restrictions were put in place. We demand the strictest regulations in the World, without doubt.

    Here are the latest two official records showing the statement in the commons how Jeremy Corbyn voted with regard to Fracking.

    Jeremy Corbyn voted against requiring a more extensive set of conditions be met prior to consent for hydraulic fracturing being given.

    A majority of MPs disagreed and voted to require a more extensive set of conditions be met prior to consent for hydraulic fracturing being given.

    Jeremy Corbyn voted against greater restrictions on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract shale gas in National Parks, the Broads, areas of outstanding natural beauty, World Heritage sites, and near points where water is abstracted for domestic and food production purposes.

    A majority of MPs disagreed and voted for greater restrictions on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract shale gas in National Parks, the Broads, areas of outstanding natural beauty, World Heritage sites, and near points where water is abstracted for domestic and food production purposes.

    Please everbody on these forums at least on the issue of political allegiances don’t be hoodwinked like the students were.

    See for yourselves…


    • Interesting, but your points don’t stack up Kisheny not least because if correct GottabeKidding would be Jeremy Corbyn’s best friend. Then there’s your links to the voting records. The first and second records are 1/ On 26 Jan 2015: Jeremy Corbyn voted to explicitly require an environmental permit for hydraulic fracturing activities. And 2/ On 26 Jan 2015: Jeremy Corbyn voted to ban the exploitation of unconventional petroleum for at least 18 months and require a review of the impact of such exploitation on climate change, the environment, the economy, and health and safety be carried out and published in that time.
      … these points don’t tally with the following two or your generalised assumptions.

      [Typo edited at poster’s request]

      • This is the latest official vote on fracking by Jeremy Corbyn:

        On 16 Dec 2015: Jeremy Corbyn voted against greater restrictions on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract shale gas in National Parks, the Broads, areas of outstanding natural beauty, World Heritage sites, and near points where water is abstracted for domestic and food production purposes.

        His vote speaks for itself, no generalised assumption required…

        If you have an official link from the House of Commons that is different from this please supply it.


        • Isn’t it more relevant what MPs say now and what they vote for now. Most MPs and parties were supportive of fracking back in 2015 but following more scientific evidence emerging on both climate change and the negative impacts of fracking, all parties apart from the Conservatives and DUP now oppose fracking. Time moves on and political opinion, just like public opinion can and does change. The point you make is irrelevant, slavery was once legal and supported, as was the death penalty but now they are no longer legal or acceptable to the majority, just like fracking.

        • The Labour party is not just JC; the membership decided not to support fracking on Climate Change grounds in 2017 and this still applies.

        • Anyone who followed the draft Onshore Hydraulic Fracturing (Protected Areas) Regulations knows it is simply the wording on They Work For You that is misleading with this vote. The reason so many voted against these regulations were simply that they weren’t strong enough, with the government going back on it’s pledge to ban fracking in SSSIs and allowing fracking under AONBs, National Parks etc. https://environment-analyst.com/dis/brownfield/36683/sssi-fracking-ban-u-turn

        • Well done Kisheny. Labour are hypocrites in their politics. Promise everything to get votes and dump them the next day.
          They handed out shale license and now want to ban them….they are sending great message to the business investment “Trust us….put in your money….but dont be so sure that we wont turn around and stab you in the back for votes…..”

            • Hi David I am very pleased that the House voted against fracking IN not UNDER as you state incorrectly protected areas.

              The point I am trying to make is that Jeremy Corbyn the Labour Leader and Diane Abbott the Shadow Home Secretary did not help your cause by incredibly voting against this. How could anybody vote against greater restrictions on hydraulic fracking or extracing anything in National Parks or where water is extracted from for domestic and food production. I certainly wouldn’t and I am sure 99.9% of the U.K wouldn’t either.

              Obviously Jeremy and Diane didn’t need a debate as their minds were made up? They voted exactly what they wanted…

              Diane Abbott voted against greater restrictions on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract shale gas in National Parks, the Broads, areas of outstanding natural beauty, World Heritage sites, and near points where water is abstracted for domestic and food production purposes.


              Jeremy Corbyn voted against greater restrictions on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract shale gas in National Parks, the Broads, areas of outstanding natural beauty, World Heritage sites, and near points where water is abstracted for domestic and food production purposes.


      • Ah Kisheny, the old chestnut of Labour MP’s voting against greater restrictions. Rather misleading, I’m afraid.
        As I recall, Labour, Lib Dems and Green MP’s voted on 16 December 2015 against ‘greater restrictions on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract shale gas in National Parks, the Broads, areas of outstanding natural beauty, World Heritage sites, and near points where water is abstracted for domestic and food production purposes’ because they didn’t want fracking UNDER protected areas at all.

  4. This Governments’s own report on Energy Security for the next two decades stated that our energy security was NOT reliant on either Shale Gas or Bio methane, perhaps our Prime Minister needs to be properly briefed by Greg Clark, it was his department that produced the report.

    • In 2010 a report was produced that looked to provide the needs of the UK with energy. This included unconventional gas extraction, including shale. To date no shale gas has been produced in the UK and the world has moved on.

      It’s now 2018. Offshore wind power is now comparable with fossil fuel prices (in 2010 the technology was in it’s infancy and development costs expensive). Now, like the mobile phone which started as a 30cm ‘brick’, 20 years later is a tiny ‘computer in my pocket’. The oil and gas industry is like your land line, it was perceived to be good in it’s day (apart from the wars and pollution) but now it’s past it’s use by date, no longer fit for purpose.

      TM has just spouted the Cameron 2010 response; ironic as they did not agree about anything; I suspect the words do not come from her but the party sponsors.

      Its so pathetic that pro-frackers cry ‘give shale a chance’ whilst not giving the renewables a chance by their lobbying and party ‘donations’; perhaps they know the truth, that clean energy is the death knell for economic slavery and big yachts?

      • O.K it’s 23:50 hrs 28th February 2018. It is -5°C . 52.5 million people here in the U.K use gas central heating to keep them warm. Please get your wind turbines and solar panels to heat our houses.

        • Kisheny, nobody is saying we need to get rid of natural gas immediately. But even government accepts we have to get rid of it or replace with renewables and biogas and hydrogen to “increase the pace of decarbonisation to meet the carbon budgets for the period 2023-2032″. Source: ‘The Clean Growth Strategy’, published October 2017.

        • There are 66,442,085 people in the UK, that means according to your statement (link please) that 14,442,085 people are not using gas to heat their homes, almost 22%.

          We have enough gas reserves to meet our transition needs. This is the simple argument against shale; the more complex is the damage to the environment, health and contribution to climate change.

          As wind power and storage are implemented over the next ten years, then homes will switch back to electric heating systems. Better insulation and smart heating will sit alongside solar, wind and tidal. It’s already happening.

          Technology has leaped forward faster than any have predicted and has left the O&G produces with their pants down. Forward thinking companies have moved into the future markets, other cry ‘fake news’ whilst running around like headless chickens as their investments plummet.

          Money will dictate the move as sadly common sense cannot. But make no mistake, move it will.

          • Wholesale gas prices have more than doubled at the moment.

            We have enough gas reserves to meet our needs? Who do you mean by WE. The Russians, Qatar, U.S.A? WE also have very little gas storage in the U.K and declining North Sea production (where I work half the time).

            I love it when people say so matter of factly that wind (I was part of the team that installed Hywind off Peterhead) and storage, no problem. The battery storage alone is a white elephant. Yes and we’ll just switch everybody to let’s say air source heat pumps. Tidal, like the Swansea £1.3 Billion nightmare which will put an even bigger financial burden on society than Hinkley point C.

            Totally agree technology is moving fast, electric vehicles will be the norm sooner than we think, taking petrol and diesel out of the energy mix. Great. We just need electric to pick up the slack, oh; err…

            I can’t wait for this move…

        • It is 08:45hrs 01/03/2018. Very cold outside. Just checked my boiler is on. It is. North sea gas and Norweign gas arriving safely at my door.

          No UK shale produced in last 8 years. No gas been cut to UK houses through lack of supply.

          If you do not like importing LNG or worried about supply I suggest you rally the Government to stop exporting millions of therms of indigenous North sea gas.

          Click to access Gas.pdf

          Page 45 table 4.1

          And in case you think UK shale would be British owned


          Those who are concerned about the effects of climate change from imports need to concentrate on producing home grown goods to replace the billions of products we drag over here from China.

          There is no gas supply problems. The Government tells us so.

          Absolutely no need for an unreliable, expensive, dirty and dangerous new fossil fuel next to peoples homes.

          • That’s U.K, Norwegian, Russian, Qatar, Dutch U.S.A shale gas keeping you warm. We will need to import more and more gas in the coming years. The wholesale price of gas has more than doubled at the moment.

            Absolutely a need for reliable, cheap, clean and heavily regulated fossil fuel next to peoples homes.

            Russia and OPEC have now confirmed an alliance, if Russias neighbour Norway joined them we would be in a World of hurt. I have done approximately 60 trips to Norway working in an oil and gas capacity and am extremely aware of our heavy reliance on Norwegian gas. On one particular live pipeline job Gordon Brown the then chancellor of the Exchequer required hourly updates on its progress.

            Reliance on imported energy rises back up to 1970 levels



          • Tesla big battery project was a project. If it was viable in Elons current state California he would do it but due to the seasonal demand for energy, the famous duck curve it would be uneconomical to have battery storage on such scale.

      • and yet again….
        …a storage issue, not supply…..
        You may recall we often run out of grit for the roads at this time of year. Its a simple conundrum. In the UK we have, as yet, very few extreme weather events. Such is then we do not have the permanent resources to cover the larger peaks in weather change. Again, nothing to do with supply, just management.

      • Dear me Kisheny, you are on the same round-about…

        You have ignored the reference to import/export figures on gas.
        You have ignored the fact that we trade with the countries providing LNG.
        You have ignored we are the second biggest arms dealers in the world.
        You have ignored the potential of renewable energy.
        You have ignored the commitment to the Climate Change Accord

        You prefer to support the destruction and industrialization of the countryside
        You prefer to support the erosion of human rights
        You prefer to support choices for the populous against their preferences

        Just who is paying you?

        • Hi Sherwulfe. I think its one of the the newly hired Tory Twitter Tweeties, The avowed aim was said to be hoping to win hearts and minds? But this particular department just seems to be trying to intimidate and obfuscate every debate with multiple potty posts?.

          I said there would be a concerted attack on Drill Or Drop, very transparent isnt it?

  5. Now that was a little burst of hope over reality!

    I actually watched this pathetic question as I really wanted to see how Labour would “sell” their Customs Union “idea” before PMQs. The “expert” Minister turns up late for the interview-and you could rapidly see why, must have drawn the short straw and not been given the easy interviews-and could not give any sensible explanation as to how or why their “idea” would work, doing a good impression of a rabbit in the headlights. Put it out, edited, onto social media and it will excite those who will be excited, for a while, but it will then get further serious analyses and will be established as total fantasy aimed at the gullible. Can we reclaim a refund off our taxes?

  6. “Excite those who will be excited….total fantasy aimed at the gullible”. Nope, on the right track.

  7. Does that burn well when we run out of gas, Sherwulfe? Trouble is, I suspect it could soot up those chimneys of the large properties in Yorkshire but perhaps there will be some Tiny Tim types who will welcome the opportunity to warm their cockles whilst they shin their way up and scrape it off, and be grateful that there has been a little, very little, sharing of the resource.

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