Picture post: Anti-fracking opponents rally outside Roseacre Wood inquiry

180410 RW inq 9 Refracktion

Outside the Roseacre Wood inquiry, 10 Aprill 2018. Photo: Refracktion

Rain failed to stop opponents of Cuadrilla’s fracking plans for Roseacre Wood from gathering for a rally outside the re-opened inquiry this morning.

The hearing, at Blackpool Football Club, is expected to sit on 10 days over the space of three weeks.

It is focusing only on highway safety. This was the reason behind the refusal of planning permission by Lancashire County Council in 2015 and the recommendation for refusal by a planning inspector in 2016.  Click here for the background to the inquiry and click here for live updates from day one

Barbara Richardson, chair of Roseacre Awareness Group, one of three main parties at the inquiry, told supporters:

“National interest does not outweigh public health and safety”.

180410 RW inq 6 Barbara Richardson refracktion

Barbara Richardson, speaking outside the Roseacre Wood inquiry, 10 April 2018. Photo: Refracktion

Maureen Mills, a member of  West Lancashire Borough Council, said:

“Roseacre Wood is not on a main road. There is no safe route into Roseacre Wood.

“The inspector carries a huge responsibility on his shoulders. We can only hope that the inspector takes to heart the grave responsibility he has for our countryside and our lives.

“The human consequences of what is happening in this country are dire.”


Cllr Maureen Mills outside the Roseacre Wood inquiry, 10 April 2018. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Natalie Bennett, former head of the Green Party, said:

“We do not need this gas. It is not a sensible energy policy. We should be defending local lives and local livelihoods.”

180410 RW inq 7 Nathalie Bennett Refracktion

Natalie Bennett outside the Roseacre Wood inquiry, 10 April 2018. Photo: Refracktion

Anti-fracking campaigners from Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire joined the rally. Kelly Jennings, from Woodsetts in Rotherham, is attending the hearing following the refusal of plans by INEOS to drill a shale gas exploration well in her village. She said:

“We don’t want this. It is not safe. It is not good for our communities.” 


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    • Yes, well done everyone, i think dont think the fair weather frackers like getting wet? They dissolve and get wash away if faced with unpolluted water, or a little slow walking?

  1. What a gathering!

    Meanwhile the pro frackers are not needlessly consuming the existing fossil fuels to achieve a ‘photo of a gathering. I could have posted a picture of my dog and his friend today as a more meaningful “gathering”. And, I would have exercised my body at the same time.

    Has it really come to this? Looks like another “decline and fall” episode. History.

    • Au contraire TW, all people who attended did care; others are off on other missions; not a pro fracker in sight, those few are either on here or off on a yacht ride somewhere…….

  2. I know a farmer down the road from here who is renting fields out covered in solar panels.
    Foreign investor, Chinese panels and a team of Bulgarians installed them.
    So in a nutshell agricultural land not growing food, no work for local people and subsidised by us the energy user and all monies going out of the U.K. No one is complaining about this…


    • Where about Kishney I am local to this site and unaware of any fields covered in solar panels. One or two smaller arrays installed but none that could be said to ‘cover’ fields

        • were those fields at singleton ever used to grow crops, they might have been used to graze sheep and they still can be even with solar panels
          what crops can be grown in the field where cuadrilla are drilling

          • Work on wind farm sites, for example, has highlighted local effects on temperatures, changed humidity levels through turbulence, higher concentrations of biogenic gas (CO2, methane and nitrous oxide), and changes in patterns of cloud cover and rainfall. It’s clear that PV panels will cause shading and changes to wind flow, and in principle is likely to alter temperature, change the rainfall distribution (which impacts on soil moisture) and the wind flow over the land.

            But we just don’t know enough about what happens to the soil, plants and wildlife in areas where ground mounted PV parks are constructed. The phenomenon is still a new one and rapid development is taking place on the basis of ignorance. But the effect the PV panels have on the local climate and what impact this has on the plants and soil is very important.

            Soil is the most significant player in storing carbon – containing more than vegetation and the atmosphere combined – and the interaction between soil and plants regulates carbon storage and the release of greenhouse gases. So the expansion of solar parks matter for the carbon cycle, the growth rate of plants, the amount of carbon locked up in the soil, the release of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere and the types of species that can live in the new conditions. Mass use of solar farms over time will increase the areas affected and the scale of the new phenomenon

            • ‘Chicken Licken’ springs to mind….

              Please put links or references to your statements.

              ‘But we just don’t know enough about what happens to the soil, plants and wildlife in areas where ground’ – the good news is that we do know what happens to these where shale gas is extracted and it’s not a good outcome. Like to add that fossil fuel creates a little itty bitty change to the climate Earth wide…..

              Though we do agree on solar ‘farms’ – I prefer roof mounted.

  3. Local councils happy to allow lots of housing on green belt around Kirkham Wesham, Inskip etc etc. None of these new houses have solar panels installed or grey water harvesting systems. But all have gas central heating! Where does this gas come from?

    • Kishney housing development around Kirkham and Wesham isnt on Green Belt it’s classified as Strategic Housing development sites and those areas are clearly shown on the the Local Plan. Green belt near Kirkham is to the South of the A583. It is the Governments responsibility to require builders to include sustainability into new builds through the Building Regs not Local Planning Authorities or even the house builders themselves.

      Also Singleton isn’t anywhere near Roseacre Wood, you might have been a bit closer if you had referenced the site next to Wareings on the A583. And as per HRB’s comments can you confirm the previous usage and agricultural land classification of the land ‘covered’ in the solar array at Singleton. I am willing to bet it was 3b and most likely previously used for grazing and silage. Hey (pun intended) but don’t let that get in the way of your anti renewable pro Fossil fuel diatribe.

      Oh and gas for residential use comes from the European wholesale gas market.

      • Great piece crem. Maybe I should have used the term lots of green fields around Kirkham and Wesham. Next site at the bottom of Dowbridge. Every town in the area is expanding into it green fields.

        Gas from UK Norway Holland Russia Qatar

        I install offshore wind farms. I am pro renewables and gas. The problem is the U.K gas production is in decline making us extremely vulnerable…

        • Kishney all conurbations are expanding, that is inevitable in a country that requires 200,00 odd homes to be built annually. The development on Dowbridge at Brook Farm is a Pig farm and non utilised former agricultural land and again isn’t classified as green belt it is classified as countryside, one might say part of the site is brown field.

          Extremely vulnerable to what? The market? do you imagine this will change even if the unconventional gas industry ever gets off the ground? Here is a clue it wont, price will be dictated by the market just as it is now and that’s with a high percentage of input from the UKCS, granted that will decline but shale is unlikely to offset that.

          • Gas price 12 year high recently and the consumer, US are paying now with price increases…
            As for green countryside being swallowed up? You seem happy with that… If you frame it in a Governmental legislative stance and you go along with Governmental policy why question them on our future energy needs being met by shale gas?

            • Kishney we have a on going need for new housing in the UK, so land has to be developed. Do I prefer green field to brown field? nope not at all. But developers need to build where there is demand and that is why the local plan sets aside development land for housing so people are aware that is where major development will take place.

              Should I question Government policy on shale? Of course I should, the Government cannot seem to make its mind up and the BEIS appears to think its a lame duck hence scaling back predictions of the industry’s roll out in its recently released ‘double secret’ report.

              Gas prices being at a 12 year high would in all likely hood encourage exploration but industry is complaining that as well as planning difficulties (naughty planners not rolling over) its the low price of gas that is holding back the development of the shale gas industry.

          • I was working like crazy on the UKCS last year to install a pipeline that will supply only 5% of the U.K gas need. You must be privvy to information I am not.

            I always talk to the engineers and clients on site to formulate my opinions. I must have missed a trick and should have googled it like yourself and I take it you believe everything the Government issues with regard to how safe and secure our supply is and the quantities we get from places like Russia.

            The day after the Salisbury poisoning we received an LNG cargo into Milford Haven straight from Yamal Russia, oops; that didn’t get mentioned on Sky News… I especially liked it when the Government Minister closed his eyes when he said we don’t get much gas from Russia, whilst it was being offloaded in Wales…

          • Yes the Big Bad Russians…

            The ones who use nerve agent on British soil and support a regime that kills men women and children by chemical weapons.

            Is this your gas supplier of choice?

            Maybe Norway who stamped on Greenpeace the other week in court to allow them to prospect for oil and gas in the melting Arctic circle

            Or maybe Qatar with their floggings and stonings and three years prison for the spreading of fake news…

            U.S.A shale gas? LNG, carbon footprint anyone?

            We need to take responsibility for the energy we use…

            EDF now increasing prices after British Gas… Prices will increase unless we utilise our own gas…

            • ‘unless we utilise our own gas’ – we already do this thanks, and export as well; no need for another dirty fossil fuel that would not be cost effective anyway which has no social licence.

              …whoa, there is goes again, that gas, gone in a puff of toxic smoke….

              20% of demand today from clean energy, better than nuclear and no toxic waste; just need more and the gas can be stretched over decades and everyone happy.

              Plastic demand dropping, call for recyclable plastic; JR will be looking at the numbers now, pretty soon will be dumping the great shale race…..

            • “Yes the Big Bad Russians…

              The ones who use nerve agent on British soil and support a regime that kills men women and children by chemical weapons.”

              Dreadfully sorry to disappoint you kisheny that is simply not true, look at Michael Shrimpton’s and Dr Chris Busby’s analysis, experts in the area of chemical and biological weapons.

              ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4utEI2EU64 )

              ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsaFxTp5_Xs )

              Sorry if that deflates the anti Russian propaganda bubble?

              Never mind, you can file it under “more facts i dont want to acknowledge”?

          • Our gas production is dropping year on year as you are fully aware. We rely on other Countries for our energy.

            Renewables 20%, great: why didn’t you mention gas at a mighty 53% and heating your home, cooking your food etc etc…

            Plastic demand dropping, fantastic news. Electric cars on the rise. Just came back from Norway yesterday:

            Pure electric cars and hybrids, which have both battery power and a diesel or petrol motor, accounted for 52 percent of all new car sales last year in Norway against 40 percent in 2016, the independent Norwegian Road Federation (OFV) said.

            This will happen in the U.K sooner than you think. With petrol and diesel being removed from our energy mix electricity and it’s infrastructure will have to rise exponentially (Trucks running on CNG)

            We need people like JR who is a realist not a fantasist Sher…

          • Phil C you’ve put your cards on the table finally.

            You deny the Russians were behind Salisbury?

            You deny Russia is supporting Assad in killing men women and children using chemical weapons in Syria?

            You back this up with youtube videos???

            Ahh Mr Busby, extract from The Guardian:

            Busby appears in a video broadcast on YouTube. In it he makes a number of wild allegations. Among them is a startling conspiracy theory: that the Japanese government is deliberately spreading radioactive material from Fukushima all over Japan. The reason, he says, is that when clusters of childhood cancer start appearing in Fukushima, the parents of the victims will want to sue the Japanese government.

            “But the only way that they can say that they’ve got high levels of cancer is to have a control group in an area that’s not contaminated, for example the south of Japan. So I believe that the project to take this material and burn it all over Japan is to destroy all of Japan, to increase the cancer rate in the whole of Japan, so that there will be no control group to which you can compare these children in the Fukushima area.”

            He produces no evidence to support this claim. Given that no radioactive waste has been removed from Fukushima prefecture, and there are no plans to do so, it is hard to see how he could.

            He then goes on to promote expensive new pills and tests which, he says, will protect people in Japan from these alleged horrors. Scientists contacted by the Guardian describe these treatments as useless and baseless.

            So how many people on this board stand with Phil? Please show your support for him…

            • You havent even begun to address the issue kisheny?
              I dont think you would know cards on any table if they were staring you in the face?

              I dont deny anything kisheny, it is you who make the unsubstantiated accusations.

              Its not me who says that, its the evidence from Michael Shrimpton and Dr Busby, that denies it. Or is that too subtle for you?

              Prove it wrong kisheny, all you do, as usual, is try to c.a. (I am not allowed to say character assasinate) Dr Busby with some wild insane tirade about Fukushima?



              What has that got to do with it?

              Do try to actually refer to the subject rather than some wild diversion elsewhere of your claims in particular.

              And what about Michael Shrimpton? Do you have anything similar to c.a (!) him too?

              Dear oh dear, kisheny, that is so desperate and doesn’t even begin to address the Skripal poisoning issue? Why not”

              Terrible attempt, try again.

              And while you are at it, also try and disprove Exxon treason and falsifying evidence of climate change from oil and gas from 1976?

              No luck there yet?

              Didn’t think so?

            • Ps I don’t see much support for that anti Russian propaganda here at all?

              At least not from anyone not all ready prone to such proclivities?

  4. You are making it up as you go along crembrule! Here is a clue-the market is dictated by how many “importing” countries remain as “importers”. If you move to more “using” countries no longer being importing countries then the cartel has problems. Where is the proof? Fracking in the USA.
    If you remain in the sector that is subject to the whims of the market (the cartel) you can have the joy of revisiting the 1970s with the risk of 400% price increases, three day weeks, price controls, capital controls and many people out of work. I think they call that “extremely vulnerable”.

    If you are no longer an importing country, why would you be dictated to by the outside market? Ahh, the EU might impose structures upon us. But, we will not be a member of the EU.

    Ever grown your own food? If you are self sufficient the outside market is irrelevant. If you produce a surplus to your own requirement then you might want to sell some at the local market, or your gate, and then you set the price. If you are a really nice person you may want to supply at a large discount to the market price to help some souls make ends meet. May upset some on the market! Spud the potato merchant or Qatar, same difference. And before the usual suspects suggest that means no trade with Qatar, they mix up trade with barter. USA still trades with oil/gas producing countries.

    • I’m making it up am I Martin? must be just me then. Oh but hang on me and the Task Force on Shale who stated in their 2015 report “However, it seems that the impact of a shale gas industry in the UK alone would not be sufficient to reduce prices in Europe”.

      Click to access task-force-on-shale-gas-final-report-economic-impacts.pdf

      I could dig out more quotes from other pro frack worthies such as Lord Browne formally of Cuadrilla but to be honest I cannot be bothered, why don’t you “Giggle” it Martin

    • What we do NOT need is people like JR who avoid 540 million in taxes that could have saved lives, take grants from governments to finance yachts and who’s company borrows money that interestingly amounts to their ‘personal’ wealth. He is not a realist. [Edited by moderator]
      You say that gas is running out, so why the tardiness? Put up as many renewables as we can, as quickly as we can; that stretches out the gas; insulate all homes now, not in ten years time and the gas we have can be used in moderation. Why pander to the profiteer; get the common sense book out and start acting instead of pouring out the 1%ers rhetoric from their bought media voices.

      If you are so bothered by the rest of humanity Kish, dump these ‘pretenders’; talk to the real people and find out what they really want; stop reading the ‘marketeers’ sites and get out there.

      If you continue the script we will know for sure you are just another ‘sockpuppet’.

  5. i notice Sherwulfe that this government have stopped the home insulation scheme, and not i might add, because it wasnt a good idea, which it was, but that it was essentially high jacked by the energy producers who were falsifying claims for insulation that never actually got done? Vast amounts of money was claimed but very few homes were insulated, and those that were insulated had all sorts of problems due to totally inadequate methodology and completely inadequate operation that actually made things worse?

    Now here have we heard that before?

    [Typo corrected at poster’s request]

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