Cuadrilla applies for government consent to frack second Lancs shale gas well

pnr 180727 Ros Willls2

Dismantling of Cuadrilla’s drilling rig at Preston New Road, 27 July 2018. Photo: Ros Wills

The shale gas company, Cuadrilla, announced this afternoon it had applied to the government for consent to frack its second horizontal well at its Preston New Road site near Blackpool.

The application, which was expected, comes 10 days after the company was granted fracking consent for the first well by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. That consent was announced on 24 July 2018 on the final day before the parliamentary summer holiday. DrillOrDrop report

The second well, drilled through the Upper Bowland shale at an approximate depth of 2,100m below the surface, extends laterally for some 750 metres. It was completed in mid-July.

Cuadrilla said today it expected to start fracking at the site within the next two months.

Claire Stephenson, of Frack Free Lancashire, said:

“Unsurprisingly, Cuadrilla are seeking to frack the second well at Preston New Road. This comes a day after the shocking revelation that the UK government buried a critical report showing fracking will increase air pollution in our communities. The government is already in a legal battle, of which they have lost three court cases so far, on their failure to act on illegal levels of pollution. Today, new research shows air pollution – even low levels – correlates with early symptoms of heart failure.

“The UK and fracking industry have been entirely ignorant in the face of new research on fracking, preferring to carry on full-speed, regardless of democracy, climate change and local community wishes.

“Our resistance to their plans will be ongoing.”

Richard Marshall, an opponent of Cuadrilla’s proposals at Preston New Road, said:

“Hot on the heels of yesterday’s suppressed HGM report on known toxic air pollution, this announcement from Cuadrilla adds insult to injury.

“They are obviously willing to forge ahead with their plans fully aware of the serious detrimental health impacts on our community.

“Our local representatives, councillors and MP’s must insist that Cuadrilla’s operations cease until at least all the recommendations from the recent AQEG report have been met.”

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  1. Good morning ladles and jellyspoons, what a beautiful Sunday morning, the sun is all ready hot and the mist (or is that fog from Poole?) is slowly lifting off the water.
    Sitting here on the veranda with a cup of filtered coffee and croissants i think of how long we have before these climate change fluctuations really get serious?
    In the end it all comes down to water doesn’t it? The basis of all life from the very beginning and what are we doing to water everywhere.,
    Not pretty is it? How long before all the fresh water water gets bought up and monopolized and the rest poisoned deliberately and fresh water becomes the new oil? Remember water is the basis for the next fuel?
    Its all ready here isnt it? The slow march to a corporation owned planet is well under way, and like climate change accelerating rapidly. The cry of the corporate greed and avarice is so loud now, only a fool could ignore it, or like some here, seek to profit from it by any and all means.

    This is from the Dave Matthews Band
    Apologies for some very slight alterations, remarkably few though.

    “Don’t Drink The Water”

    Come out come out
    No use in hiding
    Come now come now
    Can you not see?
    There’s no place here
    What were you expecting
    Not room for both
    Just room for me

    So you will lay your arms down
    Yes I will call this my home

    Away away
    You have been banished
    Your land is gone
    And given to me

    And here I will spread my wings
    Yes I will call this my home

    What’s this you say?
    You feel a right to remain?
    Then stay and I will bury you

    What’s that you say
    Your father’s spirit still lives in this place
    I will silence you

    Here’s the hitch
    Your horse is leaving
    Don’t miss your boat
    It’s leaving now

    And as you go I will spread my black wings
    Yes I will call this my home

    I have no time to justify to you
    Fool, you’re blind, move aside for me
    All I can say to you my new neighbor
    Is you must move on or I will bury you

    Now as I rest my feet by this gas fire
    Those hands once warmed here
    I have retired them
    I will breathe your own air
    I will sleep more soundly
    Upon these poor souls
    I’ll build hell and call it home
    Cause you’re all dead now

    I live with my justice
    I live with my greedy need
    I live with no mercy
    I live with my frenzied feeding
    I live with my hatred
    I live with my jealousy
    I live with the notion
    That I don’t need anyone but me

    Don’t drink the water
    Don’t drink the water
    There’s blood in the water
    Don’t drink the water

    Welcome to the future.

    Well folks have a good peaceful Sunday with family and friends.

    Just remember, unlike those who are stealing the very rights of the land beneath our feet, we are many together, they are a greedy few and weak and full of ignorant bluster.
    This land is ours, we are the gentle wolf that is love and care and hope for the entire planet, theirs is nothing but the angry wolf of fear and greed and despair and hatred bickering how they will gamble for our clothes.

    • Holyrood is planning to replace 150 TWhours of gas (4p per unit) with renewable electricity (16p per unit) which will triple consumer bills in Scotland, the 27 countries of the EU are to obtain a huge competitive advantage via lower energy bills from the use of US shale gas.

      In addition, it will require around 60,000 MW of wind turbines to phase out the use of gas in Scotland. Assuming a 70/30 split between off-shore and onshore plant, such a project has a capital cost of around £250 billion adding to Scottish industry costs.

    • Oh martin! Sorry! Quite accidental i assure you? Honest guv! Maybe it will get relegated when the cheque arrives?

  2. The minority is even not that noisy any more, with the majority doing their standard silent bit. Must all be waiting for something?

    Interesting that what they are waiting for was never going to happen. Now it will. What will then happen? Maybe John will be right-he has to be one day-maybe others with their predictions of vast industrialisation across the country. Probably, somewhere in between, simply because that is the standard. After all, we will need something to replace the demise of the anaerobic digester businesses going into liquidation-see today’s Sunday Times. The “alternative” energy sector certainly has more than it’s fair share of finding alternative ways not to be profitable-even with large subsidies.

    • Well it was a beautiful clear blue hot sunshine morning, then a bank of fog, or smog, rolled in from the south west?
      I think I’ll go in and watch The Bentley Effect again until the sun burns the fog rhetoric away?

      Well, have a good day, I’m off to spend a day exploring the local attractions.

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