Picture post: Tinker Lane protest, arrests and rig delivery

181108 Tinker Lane FFTL

Two people locked themselves together this morning outside the entrance of the IGas exploration site at Tinker Lane in north Nottinghamshire.

They were protesting about the imminent drilling for shale gas at the site near Blythe. Two men aged 31 and 45 were arrested on suspicion of obstruction, a 35-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of breaching the peace and a 51-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of committing a public order offence.

There were complaints about the use of force by police.

Today also saw the delivery of parts of the drilling rig. Tinker Lane will be the first site in the East Midlands to be drilled for shale gas.

Photos: Eric Walton

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  1. Guessing E. Midlands isn’t as exciting to travel to for the antis? Looking a rather sparse err ‘crowd’ 🤔.
    Soon be two sites fraccing, best divvy up the 50 protestors wisely.

  2. So says that ancient English family called refracktion! Or, more appropriately based upon output, aka reaction.

    [Edited by moderator]

    But just to add some balance. There are many people living locally to this site who have absolutely no problem with it, and some are very positive about it.

    The current Government energy policy is no better and no worse than previous Government energy policies. They have always been based upon placating vested interests and thus lose real focus upon science and economics. Remember the push for diesel? Refracktion does.

  3. Oh yes you do!

    You may feel you are a “celebrity” like Posh, but to the majority you are a label on a chat site.

    Perhaps I will rename myself as Eddy Stone symbolising the light I shine to enable the majority to navigate through the anti fog? No. But if you feel stating someone has no personal integrity simply because their views are different to your own is reasonable, without personal knowledge of that individual, I can understand the draw towards a fictional persona.

    Meanwhile, Sola TS carrying 625,000 barrels of oil from Equinor Sture in Norway to the northeast of ENGLAND fortunately acquired no serious damage when it nearly sank the Helga Ingstad yesterday. But, no problem. Let’s keep on buying oil and gas from overseas and trust next time the luck will continue. But of course that will not be a serious point, although it is perfectly easy to identify the large numbers of ships that are still seriously damaged at sea every year.

      • Used to be Chad and a few random words, in my youth. Then Santa knew that knowledge was a problem and provided an encyclopedia at Christmas.

        Now it is an emoji, in place of Chad (how far we have come!) and poor old Santa doesn’t know whether an encyclopedia is required or new batteries for those living off grid! But then, Santa only calls upon the good boys and girls so we might not see the difference.

  4. By the way-Sola TS left behind the taxation to add to the Norwegian Wealth Fund-already over $1 trillion value-so that they can enjoy in Norway what we in the UK can not. (Nice people the Norwegians. Their farmed salmon much better than Scottish-sorry GBK. Farmed in much deeper waters-makes a difference.)

    More Overseas Aid for the wealthy.

  5. I trust Mr. Taylor learns to spell before he completes his CV in readiness for his redundancy.

    All that money we lavish upon him, surely a dictionary is not outside of the budget?

  6. [Edited by moderator]..trying to get a response from the police, who incidentally are doing a sterling and professional job, then the arrests and restrictions being imposed wouldn’t be necessary.

    Time to introduce these “people” to the consequences of their actions.

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