Oil company reveals plans for new Surrey well site


UK Oil & Gas plc has given details of a proposed new well site in Surrey.

The company, which is the major investor at the Horse Hill oil site in the county, said it was preparing to apply for planning permission for exploration at Dunsfold, a small village, just over 8 miles south of Guildford.

In a letter to residents, UKOG said it wanted to drill and test a hydrocarbon well, to be called Dunsfold-1. If the well were successful, UKOG said it would drill and test a sidetrack, Dunsfold-1Z.

190215 UKOG Dunsfold plans

The proposed well site is north east of Dunsfold, the company said, but there are no further details of the exact location. Villagers have since said the site is locally-known as Pratt’s Corner.

1902 Dunsfold Surrey

Local people have posted this map online with the proposed location marked by the red circle.

The company said:

“The surface location is very much governed by the subsurface extend of the potential hydrocarbon resource, although other considerations, such as proximity to a good highway network, distance from residential properties, ecology and visual impacts are all taken fully into account.”

The wellsite is in UKOG’s licence PEDL234, which also includes Broadford Bridge, near Billingshurst in West Sussex. That well was suspended in March 2018. Part of the reservoir had been described by UKOG as “unproductive because of low permeability”.

UKOG said in its letter

“massive hydraulic fracturing (commonly known as “fracking”) is NOT required and will NOT form part of this project.”

On the site location, UKOG said:

“Following a detailed review and assessment of the licence area, including a review of drilling and testing of the exploratory well Broadford Bridge-1/1z in 32017-2018, UKOG has identified a potential hydrocarbon resource to the northeast of Dunsfold.”

North east of Dunsfold is Dunsfold Park, a former wartime Aerodrome, which had been earmarked for a 2,500-home eco village. This project was refused planning permission and dismissed on appeal. At the time, the Secretary of State said the development would generate a considerable amount of additional road traffic and would have a severe and unacceptable impact on an overstretched local road network.

A revised scheme for 1,800 homes was approved by the government in March 2018.

UKOG said it had held discussions with Surrey County Council about the “scope and range of environmental impact assessments that would be needed to support the future planning application for the well site. It added:

“Further environmental assessment work is underway, including ecology, hydrogeology, noise, transport and landscape and visual impact”.

A public meeting about the proposal is on Wednesday 27th February from 3pm-7pm, at The Winn Hall, Dunsfold Common Road, Dunsfold GU8 4AJ.

An updated document from the Oil & Gas Authority on company work programmes showed that UKOG had committed to drill three wells in PEDL234 by 2021.

The first, is a commitment to drill and test an exploration well through the Kimmeridge limestones on trend with the Godley Bridge 1 Portland gas discovery by 31 December 2019.

The company has also agreed to drill a further exploration well in the licence area through the Kimmeridge Limestones by 31 December 2020 and an appraisal well or side track by 31 December 2021.

Updated 19/2/2019 to include map posted by villagers of the proposed site and to add approval of revised housing scheme

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  1. WELL, WELL, WELL what a surprise.

    48 GEOSCIENTISTS who wrote to the government ………… MANY of them have links to the Oil and Gas industry .

    Desperate measures from the Fracking industry

    Exclusive: The pro-fracking letter writers with links to oil and gas industry ( video )

    This industry , will PAY, SAY and do anything to get its own way , against the will of the people .


    Climate scientists have links to climate research funding!

    What a surprise.

    (Hope you don’t play footy, Jack. You seem to get directed into blind alleys very easily.)

    • HEY MARTIN ,

      You keep BANGING on about UK Tax Revenue , as if you are really concerned.

      In YOUR favourite newspaper TODAY. Take a look who is planning to avoid paying 4 BILLION in UK TAX , and his senior executives are also looking to avoid paying 400 MILLION in UK TAX.

      YOU must be very angry and disappointed with your Pro-Fracking chums , or will you flip flop and try and cover their backs on the matter ??????

      Let’s see how angry you really are , your thoughts please

      Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the UK’s richest man, quits country to save billions

      • Did you read this piece, Jack??

        All from “sources”, nothing concrete, with figures “calculated” eg. speculation.

        I suspect we will see the reason for this piece very shortly. My bet is reference the location of a car plant and a certain, useless, Minister in charge of Business.

        But, there will be more. Remember not so long ago Labour admitting they were “researching” how to avoid capital flight ahead of a government led by JC? Well, here is the answer. NOTHING can be done about it. I would expect all global business to make similar moves, but it will be the privately owned ones who may do it quicker as they have no share holders to consult and delay. So, then, ahead of elections some voters will realise extensive spending plans will be paid for from their taxes.

        So, good job we have nice companies like UKOG striving to fill that gap!

  3. All this protesting against small oil test or production sites.
    It’s very one sided with a very vocal protest movement being brainwashed with inaccuracies considering the huge amount of land being concreted over to build new houses & warehouses.
    Once the oil has been extracted (NOT using fracking) the site will returned to it’s original state which it more than can be said for land being built over.
    The actual site will probably be invisible unless you go looking for it, which is more than can be said for the protestors who litter and break the law to suit their agenda.
    This country still needs oil, is it better for the planet not to import this from many thousands of miles away or is it simply a case of `not in my back yard`!
    You only have to look at Wytch Farm to see how a well managed oil production site is run. This is smack bang in the middle of a tourist hotspot, yet many will not even be aware of it’s existence.

    • Ha! Ha! Here we go, as predicted….from your favourite contributors Paul, no, no, don’t thank me, i know how much you need your Ian R Crane fix and David Kesteven who presents The Fracking Farmhouse, we know how much you like to see Jelly and Oscar?

      And from The Fracking Farmhouse,

      And perhaps the growing opposition by the public and children towards these desperate efforts to continue the climate change deterioration and now to move if not rip up the TLS goalposts, they have a far more accurate and far more incisive view:

      “But as we have previously publicly said, the threshold could be “frozen” or “adjusted downwards” as the increasingly better informed public gains experience with the arrogance and manipulations and machinations of the fossil fuel industry tax haven migrants.”

      “vini emi vici” = Literally “I came I bought, i conquered”

      Perhaps it would be more accurate to say: “vini emi ignis incendium semaphorum corruptus”

      Such fun!

      Always a pleasure

      Have A Nice Day.

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